HP fanfiction

Chosen One

Summary: AU. A dying race is in need of hero. But the Chosen One was not their choice. In every generation a legend is born. Will Harry accept his destiny?

Prologue – Chapter 4



Still Waters Run Deep

Summary: Harry’s lost more than just the battle when Voldemort springs a surprise attack on No. 4 Privet Drive. Will the wizarding war end there? Or perhaps the wizarding world will now be forced forever under Voldemort’s brutal regime. AU

Prologue – Chapter 7



Home is where you can go back.

Summary: AU. Tom Riddle adopted by Harry and later by Severus when they are bonded; Tom has lost his memories and become a baby again instead of being dead after the war.

Prologue – Chapter 3



Whose Son?

Summary: AU. X-over & alternative universe; the law of the universe have shaped destinies, allowing three sides to have an equal claim on Harry Potter, but whose son is he? Who will Harry choose: Potters, Voldemort, or the Demon King? Harry’s twin is proclaiming as BWL.

Prologue – Chapter 1



Seal My Fate

Challenge 77. AU – Draco Malfoy has come to Hogsmeade in search of education, but instead he falls for the beautiful younger daughter/son (character of your choice) of Albus Dumbledore. Problem: his Love has an older brother, Harry, who is possessed of a headstrong (and shrewish) disposition and Dumbledore has declared that his oldest must be married before he’ll give the younger’s hand in matrimony. Help arrives in the form of his father’s old friend, Severus Snape – a nobleman, sadly fallen on hard financial times, who has come to Hogsmeade in search of a rich spouse. Who, exactly, will tame who? (10,000 words challenge and it started below – I wrote a bit more, couldn’t keep to the limits).



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