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Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for those offer to help and support. I really appreciate it. As I’d noted if I update story then this would be on Wednesday and Saturday.
Really sorry but last week and this week is not very good…things happen in my life (new job, car crash….) which will made it really hectic for a few weeks at least…I think.

Anyway, I’ll able to finish 2b of FYJT tonight but will not post it. I’ll send it ruevedette to edit first. I’ll send War Prisoner to Yona this week too so I’ll post them on Saturday. I’m not sure if I able to work on Mo Flower this week.

Just a quick question, since the story going to edit (take some time for editor)…I thought it would be best just to post everything I got for that week in one day, how about Friday? Cheers