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Still Waters Run Deep


Still Waters Run Deep

By Mnemea

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Pairings: (I loved the HP/SS pairing so the story is about their love. Enjoy!) HP/SS, HP/LM, HR/RW, DM/GW, NM/LM (and many other pairs later).

Summary: Harry’s lost more than just the battle when Voldemort springs a surprise attack on No. 4 Privet Drive. Will the wizarding war end there? Or perhaps the wizarding world will now be forced forever under Voldemort’s brutal regime.

Thank you Suraiyah for beta my story. I hope this is better than before.



Island Of The Mighty (125 A.D.)

The maiden lay peacefully within the coffin where she would rest for eternity. She lay surrounded with strewn lavenders and roses, the tenderness of the petals serving only to enhance the beauty of her face. She was dressed in a pink silk gown, the very same she wore when he first spied upon her.

Mourners wept, as the coffin was gradually lowered beneath the earth where her beauty was to wither away unseen. Even the earth grieved for the loss as it was shrouded with the grey cloak of sorrow. He felt an ache, an emptiness that he did not, could not, understand. Twiddling his pointed fingers, he moved away from his hidden location in the thick willow tree to return home.

‘By the mother of Goddesses, it was never meant to go so far! Who would have known that she was delicate and would pine unto death? The poor creatures are so easily wounded and even those managing to live to old age, their beauty faded and died. It seems great cruelty. Yet it was the same quality that made them more alive than the Faeries. Is that then the reason? The quickness of their lifespan must be what gives them the passion and heart unknown to our kind.Read the rest of this entry

Chosen One

Chosen One

By mnemea

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot.

Pairings: none.

Rating: PG

Summary: AU. A dying race is in need of hero. But the Chosen One was not their choice. In every generation a legend is born. Will Harry accept his destiny?

AN: This chapter is part of a new revised version of the earlier story I started ages ago. Lately I got really bored waiting for fanfic updates so I decided to continue on with this story.

Please forgive any small errors or discrepancies that may have resulted from miscommunication between myself and my beta Metzy (who helps me around the edges when my English needs a little tweaking). Sometimes my vision and her edits don’t quite meet in the middle.

Metzy is working through the earlier chapters of this story and should catch-up to the newer chapters soon, so bare with us.

Please note only Prologue and chapter 4 are beta, please wait if you don’t want to read bad grammars.


The forest is silent, gloomy and dark; as it has been for the past thousand years. Few live who remember the good times. The time when things were not as they are now. The bright times. The Golden Age.

Rarely do people leave their homes these days, and none dare venture into the forest anymore; for the forest is not safe night or day. Tonight however, an unusual event is happening as three lonely figures stand guard over a lone man lying gently on the ground.

The man is barely breathing, and with a rasp struggles with the final words of the ritual.

Scattered on the ground surrounding him is a fine powder, almost like the dust of a thousand gemstones, gently pulsing with a rainbow heartbeat. The colours grow brighter and brighter with every seconds that passes.

“It is…done!” Read the rest of this entry

Home is where you can go back.

Home is where you can go back.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot.

Pairings: Severus/Harry (slash but not the main plot of the story)

Rating: M

Summary: AU. Tom Riddle adopted by Harry and later by Severus when they are bonded; Tom has lost his memories and become a baby again instead of being dead after the war.

AN: I’ve not read the seventh book and it’s been a while since I’ve gone over the other six books so the story is definitely AU. I read enough fanfics to be spoilers over the ending so I have a gist of it. It’s not that I don’t have books, I got all here, the last was given by a friend but Severus’ death really suck so in my head I denied his death or resurrected him somehow.

Thank you very much Metzy78 for beta the story. She added ideas onto the story that amaze me.

Please forgive any small errors or discrepancies that may have resulted from miscommunication between myself and my beta Metzy (who helps me around the edges when my English needs a little tweaking). Sometimes my vision and her edits don’t quite meet in the middle.


Tom was so, so cold and his body would not stopped shaking. His small fingers clutched the sweater closer, cramping the fabric in front of his chest hoping it could somehow help to reduce the cold. He had copied it from one of the warm looking people that he had spied on hurriedly passing his hiding place, but it had given only a small amount of relief.

A grating noise started to irritate him. It was even worse than the machines noises that came from the factory across the street, a small tear creeping into the corner of his eyes when he remembered that first blissful hour it had ceased and he had managed to finally get some sleep before the noises had resumed louder than before. Tom listened carefully trying figure out where it was coming from and was shocked to realise it was his own clenching and chattering teeth.

Tom was scared. He had thought he could survive without his caretakers when he magically disappeared from the orphanage. Out here he could get away from the bullies and the whispers from the other kids. It was such a happy time for him at first. No curfew, no harassment and he had bought as many lollies and all that he wanted just from the begging he made on the street. He learned to copy from the street entertainers and even sang a few songs that he picked up here and there. Read the rest of this entry

Whose Son?

Whose Son?

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot.

Pairings: none.

Rating: T

Summary: AU. X-over & alternative universe; the law of the universe have shaped destinies, allowing three sides to have an equal claim on Harry Potter, but whose son is he? Who will Harry choose: Potters, Voldemort, or the Demon King? Harry’s twin is proclaiming as BWL.

AN: Thank you very much Pyrrhicvictoly for beta the story and metzy78 like to concentrate betas on other stories.

Have you ever wondered that from Harry Potter descriptions, he could be a child of Shibuya Yuri and Wolfram von Bielefeld? It has been on my mind for a while.

This chapter is beta by Pyrrhicvictoly.


Another Dimension (Shin Makoku)

Yuri Shibuya, the 27th Maou of Shin Makoku, the King of the Demon Race, was sitting on his throne and attending his court, but his mind was elsewhere. It was on his first born and only son, the child that they had lost.

How often had he been thinking of Tristan von Bielefeld-Shibuya for the past eight (earth) years? Tomorrow would be the anniversary of Tristan’s death. It still hurt a lot, if not more, than when the child died in his arms. They could have another child, but Yuri could not move on. The child’s death was a shock to the royal family. However, the most important part of all was Tristan’s soul. Where could the soul have gone?

Earth (Godric’s Hollow)

Harry Potter watched the family leave their house; he was alone again. He had freedom that other kids did not, but he would rather be in their shoes. Harry had no one; he may as well have been classified as a piece of furniture in this household.

“Master Harry, would you like something for snack?” Tippy bowed, the house elf flashing a pitying glance at him. Harry caught the look and it made him very mad, his eyes narrowed at the house elf in disgust. Read the rest of this entry

Seal My Fate

Seal My Fate

By Mnemea

Disclaimer: Simply put. I own nothing but the plot of this story.

Warnings: none

Rating: R

Paring: HP/SS, HP/OW, DM/BZ, HG/OW

Beta: LadyB

(I would like to thanks LadyB for beta my stories; she had put a lot of works and times into it and I very grateful. You’re the best beta. I’ve learnt a lot from you.)

Archive: Part of the From Dusk till Dawn Severus Snape/Harry Potter Fuh-Q-Fest in 2004

Challenge 77. AU – Draco Malfoy has come to Hogsmeade in search of education, but instead he falls for the beautiful younger daughter/son (character of your choice) of Albus Dumbledore. Problem: his Love has an older brother, Harry, who is possessed of a headstrong (and shrewish) disposition and Dumbledore has declared that his oldest must be married before he’ll give the younger’s hand in matrimony. Help arrives in the form of his father’s old friend, Severus Snape – a nobleman, sadly fallen on hard financial times, who has come to Hogsmeade in search of a rich spouse. Who, exactly, will tame who? (10,000 words challenge and it started below – I wrote a bit more, couldn’t keep to the limits).

AN: Having a break until next semester so I wrote a few stories and re-read some of my old one. I decide to post this one. Hope you’ll like it.

Harold James Potter-Dumbledore eyes twinkled just like his father’s. After all, he had hated it for years until he finally realised how useful it was, if not directed at him.

The eyes twinkled saying, “I know” but I’m not telling you.

Harry, as he was known, tried to suppress his laughter since he happened to be shamefully eavesdropping on a private conversation, which was coming from his father’s study. Nevertheless, he could not help himself, and a smirk spread across his face. Mainly, because he knew what was coming, his father’s patience had come to an end, and only a fool would continue to badger him.

“You have not been listening to what I have been saying for the last half hour, Mr. Malfoy. The answer is NO!”

“Why sir? My position, wealth, and education in society are beyond reproach …”

“Mr. Malfoy, your arguments will not change my decision. I’m sure you know the way out; you do understand that I am too busy to see you leave. Good day to you, Mr. Malfoy”

“I’m afraid I can not depart until you agree to a marriage between your daughter, Blaise, and me, sir. Or at least further explain to me why you refuse this match?”

‘At least the brat had begun to ask the right questions; too bad the outcome would be the same. One thing I can give him credit for is his stubbornness. Others would have left long ago.’ Harry chuckled at his thoughts.

“All right, Mr Malfoy!” Albus Dumbledore sighed and looked up from his books. “Our local customs state that unless the eldest daughter or son is wed, none of the younger siblings will able to. The only exception to the custom is if the oldest child becomes a priest/priestess. I’m sure, however, that my son, Harry, is neither inclined to marry nor become a Man of the Cloth any time soon. If you wish to further acquaint yourself with our local customs, I believe you can find the information in the Town Hall, scribed in the old laws book. Now, please leave; you have interrupted my work long enough with your trivial questions.” Read the rest of this entry