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Hand of Gods

Hand of Gods

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Pairing: Hikaru/Sai, Hikaru/Akira, Hikaru/Akari (oneside), (past paring later)

Warning: Slash

Rating: T to M

Summary: The cycle of rebirths of Sai and Hikaru and the people who stumble into their lives.

AN: Thank you, Hiyami & Rayvern for previous betas the story.

First, I’m not expert in history much less Japanese history so this is fanfiction, no flame please.

Apologies to all historic Igo players, I’m about ruins some of the great characters in history in the name of fan-fiction.

Final warning, I’m not an Igo player…loved to watch but will lose the game within five seconds and I’m sure that no one could able to beat my record.

Key: Anything in italics are thoughts e.g, ‘I wish this would end already…’. Everything else is normal text and “Blah blah blah” is normal speach


Ok, here’s the anime timeline for those of you who can’t remember or can’t be bothered to remember them so it’ll be easier to follow the story:

2000- Hikaru turned 12 (met Sai at the end of his school year school)

2001-12 years old- Haze Middle School Go club


2003- Hikaru is 14 (1st shodan) –Sai disappears (May 5 2003-Japan Golden Week- on Children Day)

2004- Hikaru returns to Go-Profession

2005- 16 years old (start of story)


Past (Heian Period)

Tsuyujima the Emperor’s Igo instructor POV

I hate him, Fujiwara no Sai. His pretty girlish face did nothing but fuel my anger towards him. Simply put, he eclipses me in everything and that is not acceptable.

I remembered the first day he débuted in Heian’s Court. He was presented to the Emperor by his uncle, the head of the Fujiwara clan and the real power behind the puppet who is the Emperor. Fujiwara no Sai was asked to play an Igo game with the Emperor, it was to be expected, but the outcome was not.

The game had gone into yose and he had lost by half a moku. I sighed with relief and tried not to smirk. The rumours were wrong after all. A genius Igo player he was not and for that I am grateful; maybe he had gained his ‘reputation’ through the use of his clan name and the power that it brought. The Emperor shook his head and asked for another game.

Disappointed perhaps…’ Read the rest of this entry