War Prisoner: Chapter 2

Chapter 2



Inside a small tent, the aroma of meat had spreads in every corner, a shyabu-shyabu dish was presented exquisitely and delicate on the table, a pot with few charcoals burned brightly next to it. Although it was blustery outside, but the tent feels like spring time, very warm.



Beside the table, were sat two people, one was the young man who had heard the song in the desert, and the other was a stunning beauty, eyebrows shaped like mountain, eyes were like autumn water in spring, attitude seems splendid and elegant temperament, gestures appeared to be untold thousands of pleasant styles.



“Master, the intelligence just received, I’m not sure if it is any use?” the beautiful woman smiled openly, like pearl sound, while poured wine colour of amber nectar into his glass.



This young man was none other than Wan Yan Xu, the King of Kim Liao Kingdom, when he saw his favourite confidant maidservant asked, he gave an enigmatic smile, he taken a piece of meat from the pot and place it into his mouth, chewed slowly, long before opened his mouth, “Zi Nong, what news did you gained?”



Zi Nong respectfully replied to the query, “Your servant saw Su Yi Generals secretly saw, Alas, he was very handsome, fine-features, it is unbelievable that it’s the same Invincible General who has won many battles.” She immediately chuckled.


Wan Yan Xu expressionless, lightly laughed, “Really? Then you’re more fortunate than I, I’ve not seen him once, just overheard a song he’d played.”



Zi Nong’s eyes widened then arisen, speechless said, “What? He’d played a song? Your servant heard rumours that although he is a General, he also proficient in poetry and painting, it was actually true? Why Kim Liao’s men are beaten in battles by such a scholar’s hands? “



Wan Yan Xu eyes’ light were coldly flashed, tone was chilly, “This man is a great accomplisher in both civil and military field, indeed three years ago, the last battle between us, I’d violated Father ordered and disguised into the enemy army, I’d witnessed his strategist plan, hence a few days later Kim Liao army had fallen apart, Alas, unfortunately I was inexperienced at the time, Father would not listened to my advice, if not we would had not lose in that field. Consequently, Father died in the end with much regret.” When he just finished, a sound “ pop” echoes, the cup in his palm had been crushed, instantly the wine aroma was spreading. He eyes glazed with coldness, whispered and teeth grinded, “If this avenge is not done, I vow not to be a man.”


Zi Nong quickly replaced his glass, smiled and said, “Master, no need to be impatient, Kim Liao today’s is greater than three years ago, until the army arrive, do you not believe you’ll have your revenge?” Then she once again poured the wine into Wan Yan Xu’s cup, when she saw him slowly calmed down, finally felt relieved.



The sand covered misty dew at the dawn of day; a few men were rushed on horseback to arrive where Wan Yan Xu had camped last night. Su Yi who led the party, saw tents were neatly piled on the ground, but there was no one around, and a big flag was deeply ruffled, containing four characters “This is our ground again.”



Su Yi stared at those words for a long time, suddenly reined his horse around, coldly spoken “We have arrived too late, Wan Yan Xu already gone.”



Lieutenant Qin approached the flag, raised his voice “General, it seems they had leaved in a hurry and forgot the banner.”


Su Yi sighed and said, “They did not in such a hurry to leave the flag behind, do you not yet understand? This flag is actually a war declaration message, Alas, Wan Yan Xu, Wan Yan Xu, this man’s courage, indeed incomparable by anyone, even as the enemy, I could not help but to admit, he is indeed a wise Emperor. Kim Liao has such sovereign, I’m afraid ……” the rest of the sentence was not spoken because he could not bear to say them, because he did not dare to think it was an outcome.



“Heralded to our forces, stepping up their training, tightly in security, if I do not guess wrongly, there will be imminent battle soon.” His sword shape eyebrows knitted together, Su Yi commanded, then turned to Qin to ask “The wages and food from the capital is still not arrived?”



The Lieutenant had shaken his head, given a worried look. Su Yi sighed, looked up at the sky, thoughtful, ‘The God has done me no harm, but let my fate to be ended by the benighted King and those greedy ministers?’



Inside the General Camp was brightly lit, Wan Yan Xu was attentively studying a map, Zi Nong brought a trace of snack and tea as she pulled the curtain aside to enter, softly advised “Master, it is already late in the night, pleaded sire to take a rest, the war is imminent soon, so keeping in a good spirit is the most important thing.”


Wan Yan Xu vision was still on the map, in a deep voice said “You go to sleep, I really cannot sleep, for these three years my thought have always been on this coming war, if it is a fight, I’ll certainly not permitted Su Yi to respite.”



Zi Nong said “Master aspiration, how can your servant do not know, but this war Master had intimate knowledge and carefully plan, why ……” Her sentence was not finished but Wan Yan Xu sternly said “As a general, there is no such thing as “intimate knowledge and carefully plan”, the battlefield always changing, even all the escape routes have to be consider. Su Yi precisely because of this advantage have always been victorious, those lessons are there, are we going to continue repeating them?” When he finished then picked up the cup to take a sip.



Suddenly there came echoes of intermittent sound outside.



Wan Yan Xu stood up and stretched, Zi Nong followed, doubtful said, “That Su Yi is still in the mood to play the flute during this time?”

Wan Yan Xu shaken his head and said “It cannot be him, in this critical juncture, it is very imperative that the army sprit is not to be falling apart, he’ll never played this nostalgic tone. In addition, this flute sounds like extremely sorrowful and great despair.” He pondered for a moment, suddenly smiled and said “Qi King is stupid, it seems that Qi soldiers’ spirit are low, ha ha ha, Su Yi, I very much would like to see how you’ll fight tomorrow.”



After that in a low voice he commanded Zi Nong “Heralds to all Generals. Tomorrow on the battlefield, alignment the soldiers properly if possible captured enemy then do not slaughter them, I’ve use for the prisoners at some point later.”



End Chapter 2



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  1. Thank you so much for the hard work .I really like all the stories that you are translating.. Please continue…..
    Since the English is my third language. I am sorry that I can’t help you proofread.

  2. Thank you!!! for this new chapter.
    I feel so sorry for the general! He knows his army will be salughter and He can´t do anything because the king hadn´t supported them with the necessary provitions they need for years.

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