FYJT Vol 4: The Vicissitudes – Chapter 1 Part B

Chapter 1

Part II

“Do not hesitate to shout, Rong Tian is still very far away.” Ruo Yan patted Feng Ming, shows his vile visage, “If you irritated me, you’ll not be well tonight.”

The night wind outside was harshly roars and inside the room voices were spoken coldly whirling echoes.

When it was precisely in the moment of peril, a voice from an imperial bodyguard, who had stood outside reported “Your Majesty, an emergency have arise.”

Ruo Yan pleasure was disturbed, he sprang up suddenly from the bed but his hands were not forgotten to firmly hold onto Feng Ming’s hand. He was enraged with angers, “What is the military emergency situation? Go away, disturbed me once more, and I’ll be beheaded you!”

“Report Brother King, the tribal of the east Earth Moon has suddenly revolted, they killed the royal officials and those on liaison duty at the garrison, and the granary and treasury were robbed clean. In the capital, the Earth Moon’s spies has ambushed and plotting to burn the basilica. It is imperative, pleaded Brother King to return to the palace immediately.” Miao Guang pitches were usually like silver bell, but at this moment it was sound quick and dignified.

The report seems to soothe Ruo Yan angers slightly, though his beastly vicious looks still is upon Feng Ming ashen face appeared without a drop of blood, and ordered “Royal Sister, comes in.”



Miao Guang pushed the door open, stolen a glance at Feng Ming frightening appearance, although she was uttered shock inside, did not dare to open her mouth and knelt quietly at one side.

“I’ll return to the palace. Royal Sister will stay here and taking care Feng Ming.” Ruo Yan was gazing directly at Miao Guang, his voice became deeper and hissy advised “Be careful, do not make any errors.”

“Brother King, be at ease.”

Ruo Yan nodded slightly, bent down and aggressively biting on Feng Ming’s lips, laughed grimly, “Today I’ll let you go, but next time Duke Ming should not be counting on this good fortune again.”

Ruo Yan immediately went off for the day, leaved only Miao Guang to care of Feng Ming.

Since that night Feng Ming was especially more terrified, he knew the “Art of War” cannot deterred Ruo Yan’s lust hence his mind is now focused on how to escape instead.


“On the other day Duke Ming has mentioned a style of clothes, which I have command it to be done quickly.” Miao Guang saw Feng Ming was overwrought with anxiety so when new dawn arrive she had entered his room and tried her best to cheers him. “This is made by our best tailor base on your design, what do you think?”


Feng Ming just finished a small breakfast, still troubled as his head poke up to see Miao Guang clothed in a British Victorian noble styles that had worn at the Court of St. James which, Feng Ming had drew yesterday. The flower buds of silk decorative around the borders with tight corset at the waist, and fluffy skirt underneath. It almost like he had taken another twisted into a different space times.


Although Feng Ming extremely anxious he cannot help but laughed at the unexpected turn of events, “Your Highness, I almost did not recognise you. Indeed, very pretty, the graceful body shape is clearly revealed.”


Miao Guang was flattered by Feng Ming compliment, heart swelled, laughing sweetly and spinning around and rotated into a circle, when she finally stopped; she turned and looking at Feng Ming quietly, suddenly sighed faintly “Alas, you’re finally able to laugh. Do you not know how much I’ve been worrying about you. You did not laugh nor angry, and telling me story so languid.”


“Really? I always have been energised.” Feng Ming flatly denied, intentionally showing cheerful smiles, “The fluffy skirt must be in dome-shaped to be beautiful, did you make the petticoat that I had drawn for underskirt?”


“It’s done, that thing used iron bars with cotton to construct, really is not good to wear as an underskirt.” Miao Guang frowned, said “It’s supposed to be wearing inside, then why it required cotton to stretch over it?”


‘If I tell you why it needs to be done, how it is possible that I am able to escape?’

Feng Ming lied outrageously, “The dress is for British noble woman, especially used for marital women, the underskirt represents how the future husband and wife living together. The more solid binding of underskirt hoop and cotton would demonstrate the strength binding of their marriage.”


“I see! I did not know it was so meaningful.”  Miao Guang widens with understanding.


They chatted for a while and finally returned to the “Art of War” topic, “Duke Ming…”




“Duke Ming for the last several days, you’ve not write a single word on the Art of War…” Miao Guang hesitated as she taken a look at Feng Ming.


When the Art of War was mentioned, Feng Ming looked coldly and ready to revolt “If Ruo Yan does not abide by our agreement, why should I write them.” snorted, “I should not even write the Art of War that had done three days prior.”


Miao Guang knew her brother behaviours well and those who anger him would never have a good ending. She hesitated for a moment, timidly tried to persuade him, “Duke Ming don’t have to fight against Brother King? Brother King has always admired you, now that you’re before him it would be difficult to bear. Let alone…” She paused, whispered softly in his ears “Brother King will come tonight.”


Feng Ming body shaken, turned his head to look at Miao Guang.


“Miao Guang is not deceiving Duke Ming.” Miao Guang nodded, “The last time when Brother King leaved he was very angry, this time he’ll return, if you do not handle him properly, … likely will suffer greatly.”


The danger of Ruo Yan comings was threatening of him being forces again, he remembered of the maidservant legs’ flesh which had bitten away by the fishes and Feng Ming began his panic-struck attacked.


Feng Ming tried subduing from being scared which his face had turned ghastly green, he now lost interest in laughing with Miao Guang.


“I am a bit sleepy, want to take a little nap.” Feng Ming said lightly to Miao Guang “That clothes although is very beautiful but dressed all day long will be tired. Your Highness better changed and that piece of long skirt worn last time also not half bad.”

“That clothes and ornaments wearing by the commoner of Li Kingdom, if Brother King knew I’d worn them, would call me naughty.”  Miao Guang had been very agreeable to everything Feng Ming suggest lately, she immediately called her maid to change the clothes in the inner room, after she walked out “So you really think that fluffy dresses suited me well?” In her arm carried a large skirt, so was the maid behind who hold similar shape of an umbrella underskirt.


“Hmm.” Feng Ming already laid on bed and eyes partially closed.


“Duke Ming is tired, I’ll leave now.”  Miao Guang was reluctantly to part and looked at him for a while, when she turned around Feng Ming called her back.


“Princess …”




“That new skirt, could you leave it behind?” He saw the glimpse of Miao Guang confusion expression in her eyes, Feng Ming immediately used his playacting talent, sighed heavily, stared outside the window “I… … I am missing my family a little bit, when I saw the clothes …”


“Is it truth that Duke Ming came from United Kingdom which, I’d not heard off before?” Miao Guang was especially astounded.


Feng Ming sworn inside how his lie have gone beyond the limit, he promptly withdrawing, turns his head around and leaning against the pillow, wave the hand away and said “If Your Highness is reluctant, let it be, Feng Ming is just a prisoner, I have no right to make any request.” His face has shown a forceful bitter smile.

“That is not true, if Duke Ming like them, then I’ll leave it here.” Miao Guang taken a look at that pile of clothes and could not think what was odd about them.


She heard that when Duke Ming was confined in Bo Jian, he was able to find a mean to leak the information outside. This had caused a great deal of trouble to Bo Ling. However, Bo Ling could never be compared to Ruo Yan, even if Feng Ming able to reveal the location, Rong Tian could not done a thing about it.


Miao Guang contemplated the question over and over again for a while and could not find any possible omissions, she decided to do a good deed for him, and ordered for the clothes to put down, as she withdrawn quietly.


When everyone gone, Feng Ming used the corner of his eyes to double check, ensure that nobody was peeping, and immediately changed from his deject appearance, wildly jumped off the bed.

“Ha ha; finally is able to trick her.” He ran to the spot where the petticoat Miao Guang had leaved behind, checking the item intently careful for a while.


In this escapade the opponent was too clever, so Feng Ming was painfully manoeuvred his best deceptive ability. Not merely tried to become her friend and encouraged Miao Guang’s sympathy for his flight, he also needs to ensure that Miao Guang without being suspicion to make the underskirt out of her own wills.


The underskirt in his story was contained an iron frame and covered with cotton which is now became a parachute, it is good fortune that Miao Guang was not from his time, otherwise Feng Ming cannot fool her, anyone who saw this would immediately knew what antic he was being up to.

“I was going to persuade Miao Guang to make the frame denser, pitifully Ruo Ryan is coming tonight. I may as well take a risk.” Feng Ming muttered as he worked on the underskirt making it into a layers parachute.


“Ruo Yan, you’re mistaken in believed that by ensures all the furniture in the room was fastened, so I’ll unable to make use of them to escape, that you could hold me here?” Feng Ming used all his strength to tear the clothes apart, as the same time gritted his teeth firmly “Keeping guards all roads around Xuan Ya, only allowed me to be freely inside a room, like a bird with injured wings in a cage to amuse you.” Snorted, “I show you how I’ll fly today. Who tell you to be conceited?”


Feng Ming continued to mumbling and gradually made a simple parachute.


“It’s accomplished, ha-ha!” Feng Ming feels out his work, this saving life item which he had been worked hard by his own hand. ‘Hopefully this gadget is useful; otherwise Duke Ming was capable to be the most expensive piece of meat pie.’


He pushed the door open and carrying the parachute outside, as two imperial bodyguards cautiously arrived to meet him “Isn’t Her Highness said Your Grace is taking a nap?”


Ruo Yan had ordered unless there is danger then the imperial bodyguards are not allowed to come near his room, at least fifty steps, and not allowed to within Feng Ming’s sight for ten steps. This was a precaution against Feng Ming great beauty, he was afraid that Feng Ming used his charms on them. Therefore, the two bodyguards were a bit far away from Feng Ming, they knew of their King monopolises and intensely desire for Feng Ming, and did not even dares looked at Feng Ming carved face but  heads bowed to the ground.


“I’d enough sleep; I need to go out for a walk.”


“What is in Your Grace hands…?”


“This new clothes belong to Miao Guang, today she had brought it here for me to see. I thought you’ve already seen them?” Feng Ming was at ease flashed parachute before the guards.


‘I believe they wouldn’t have a clue to this type of science and technology.’


“Duke Ming takes Her Highness’ clothes along for a walk?”


Feng Ming coldly snorted “Why? Am I not able to? Or both of you wanting to take me back inside the room?”


“We would not dare to be forceful.” The guards lowered their head promptly, “His Majesty has ordered to treat Your Grace with respect and great care, and must not be rude. As long Duke Ming do not leaves this mountain, you could do whatever that pleasing to Your Grace.”


Feng Ming was only then loosens a bit of his fists which had tightly clenched beneath the sleeves, his face laughed like an extravagant arrogance Duke Ming of Xi-Rei “If so, I’ll take a walk. If you’re needed to keep a track on me, you’re welcome to follow.”


“We would not be so bold” The two guards lowered their head once again with great respect.



Feng Ming walking alone was not for the first nor the second times either, at the beginning there had been some kept a watch on him in secret, but after they seen he was really only taken a walk aimlessly, blankly stared into space and returned, hence they had became indifferent to it. Not to mention that the mountain cliff is quite high, where can he goes to?


In such a case, Feng Ming strutted away to the edge of the cliff while holding a parachute.


‘Today is densely fogged, that’s good.’


‘Parachute oh parachute! For millions time do not let me be the first in history to die using one.’


He stood amid the heavy fogs, unable to see the river, intertwined with the desolate emerald greenish plain which, laying underneath, Feng Ming put on the parachute, shut his eyes and calculating the wind speed and it direction.


He faced the wind and took a deep breath, he cannot help but remembered Rong Tian oath- – “Even if tomorrow brings thousand times of difficulty dangers, Rong Tian will gives his life for you.”

‘Rong Tian Rong Rain, you are liar. If I came out of this safe and sound, I’ll beat you to point of being unable getting out of bed for months.’  Feng Ming cursed in a low voice as he forced himself suddenly jumping into the air.


The great mountain cliff stood erect and abruptly roaring of winds. A moment later, alarm sound of disbelieves, torn through the guards’ throat almost scarified the sky apart. “Duke … Duke Ming had jumped down the cliff!”



End Chapter 1


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