FYJT Vol 4: The Vicissitudes – Chapter 1 Part A

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Chapter 1

Part I

Feng Ming leaved the room. Instantly fresh breezes caressing his hair as he immersed into an vast seabed of flowers.

Miao Guang laughed loudly when she saw the surprise looks on Feng Ming, “Brother King have high regard for Duke Ming. Xuan Ya, a beautiful private property for Li Royal Families to be resided and never before had an outsider to spend an overnight here. Yet now Duke Ming could be seen as partial owner of this place.”

Feng Ming said coldly, “I think this is something of a stone that killing two birds of Ruo Yan. It used to hide the news of my abduction and as precaution in case I ran away.”

Miao Guang giggled likes a branch of flowers quivered; she seems to implicitly acknowledge that his deduction was correct.

Since it was Xuan Ya so there would be no retreat pathway that is there only one-way upward, therefore no guards were requiring to follow them. The two of them one after another strode slowly to cliff edge and here the wind blowing so strong that it made the sleeves

“Gorgeous.” Feng Ming looked far into the distance as eyes could sees. There was a great vast plain; the city and urban area were within sight, a river shape like a belt twisting at the foot of the cliff mountain. He sighed and eyes wandered and searching for something.

Miao Guang extremely sensitive to his feeling as she stretched her hand forward and said “Duke Ming, Xi-Rei is over there.”

Feng Ming gazed in the direction that she was pointed, a region of a very long range mountains touched blue sky, and in that place he saw grasses and branches of Xi-Rei. Suddenly he remembered that they are now separate by thousands of miles and he did not know how he could get back, thus his face shown sadness.

“Xi-Rei King currently… should be in Bo Jian. Bo Jian location is over there.” Miao Guang navigated her pearl ivory hand to wave in midair.

Feng Ming heard ​​mockery in her words, annoyed, thus ignored her and turned back to the room. Miao Guang was happy but upon saw Feng Ming changes oddly so she hastily followed him as she stuck out her tongue.

“Duke Ming, are you alright?” Miao Guang quickly ran and caught up a few seconds later, she become frustrated as she gripped Feng Ming’s sleeve, “No one dares to ignore me and not worry about my temper, if you’re disregard me again, I will make sure you’ll regret it.”

Feng Ming continued to brush her off but he saw her fortitude effort, though her words were vicious but her bright eyes were adorable. It was unreasonable of him as a man to be angry with a girl, it was a bad form of manner so he tones down lightly, “Your Highness let go of my hand, Feng Ming is a prisoner, do not dare to talk to you.”

I want to talk to you even more.” Although Miao Guang was not beautiful, she still has the inner grace born of noble disposition, following him and thrown tantrums which appeared quite charming.

Feng Ming stared at her for a moment, calculated inside but remains expressionless, he acted contemplation before quietly asked her, “Why have you always deceived and harms me?”

“Who told you not to follow me to Li Kingdom?” Miao Guang eloquent argued, raising her head up and said, “There is nothing in Li Kingdom that could not be compared with Xi-Rei.”

Feng Ming knew it would be pointless to argued with an unreasonable Miao Guang who was no doubt much more daunting in this area than Ruo Yan, he did not bother to counteract the argument and he waves the hand away and said, “Okay, fine, Li Kingdom is formidable. Ump, you want to talk to me, but what topic to discuss?”

“Whatever Duke Ming choose is fine.” Miao Guang’s eyes glowed as it stirred and reliving the wonderful times of their early days together, “Like what Duke Ming had told me before, I rather betraying the other in the world than allow the other in the world to betray me. Phrases like that, I want to hear more from you.”

Feng Ming stunned, he never thought those words would made an impact on Miao Guang that she has instilled it inside her, dryly coughed and shook his head, “The story of that country is very boring, why don’t I tell you a funnier story, Your Highness.”

Miao Guang nodded passionately, “Yes please, I really like listen to Feng Ming’s funny stories.”

Feng Ming looked around, selected a rock shelters from the wind, he took Miao Guang’s hand and they sat down.

“Today I will tell Your Highness about a story of a Queen. There is a country called
United Kingdom, and the Queen of the nation was extremely capable.”

United Kingdom? Why had I never heard of this nation?”

“The country is very far away, it is not unusual that Your Highness never heard of the place. The Queen inherited the kingdom at a very young age and had implemented many political reforms…”

The story of Queen Elizabeth flowed out from his mouth seems to be endlessly.

Miao Guang was completely absorbed into Feng Ming storytelling, the two people sat under the rock shelter one person spoken and another listen. They were engrossed attentive over the story that by dinner time the guard had came to search for them and together they were retired back to the room.

When they were entered inside the room Miao Guang was dryly coughing.

“Caught a cold?” Feng Ming had storytelling all day that his attitude toward Miao Guang has become much gentler, “It was too windy, and we should have had came back sooner.”

“No problem. I still want to hear even if you were to continue the story till tomorrow.”Miao Guang cheerful said and smiles sweetly at Feng Ming.

The dinner was very luxurious, but Feng Ming had only half of a bowl before abandoned his chopsticks on one side.

Miao Guang saw the contour lines on Feng Ming’s face was undernourishment, pursed her lips said, “Duke Ming should eat a little more.”

“I’m already full.”

“No way, if Duke Ming gets any skinnier, Brother King certainly shall reprimand Miao Guang.”

There was a deep voice suddenly rang out from behind, “Who dare to reprimand my little sister?”

Feng Ming shocked and swung around to see Ruo Yan who had disappeared for the last few days, now stood right behind them and he no idea how long the other man had stood there.

Miao Guang happily exclaimed aloud, stood up and salutes “Brother King is back!”

“Yes.” Ruo Yan briefly smiles at Miao Guang and nodded, his eyes shifted, immediately touched on starting pale face of Feng Ming.

Miao Guang was alerted and looking at them, she perceptively handover the scroll, “The Art of War that Duke Ming has written for these last few days. Please excuse Miao Guang for departing early.” She graceful saluted and gone.

When she leaved the room the maidservants also started withdrawn to outside, even though the room is large, in a short time there only Feng Ming and Ruo Yan were remaining.

The stagnant atmosphere increasingly weighed down further, Feng Ming caught by the strong eyes gazed of Ruo Yan, feels uncomfortable, he cannot help but retreating slightly.

If he had not moved back then Ruo Yan instinct immediately would not rushed forward, in every action there is a reaction. Like a beast hunting a prey, rushed soundlessly and surrounded Feng Ming, he gently lifted his chin and laughed “Duke Ming have been lost some weight.” His fingertips were caressing the white pearl glossy cheeks.

Feng Ming feels awkward and scared, jabbered “Plead…Plead King Li to be self-respect, The Art of War I had already written as agreement.”

“The Art of War could wait till later.” Ruo Yan deep and husky voice had sent a foreboding of danger, Ruo Yan onyx eyes like abysmal black hole, making anyone would trembles under them, “Yes, let me take a look at my Duke Ming.”

‘Geez! Who is your Duke Ming?’ he swore inside, but of course did not dare say out loud, he glared at Ruo Yan hateful, and turned away.

Ruo Yan probed gently at the arrogant and timid handsome face of Feng Ming, he given into a fit of laughter, and asked suddenly “Ruo Yan had not appeared for the last few days, are Duke Ming so indifferent to where I had gone?”

Feng Ming perceived the question was odd; Feng Ming’s heart gripped cold “Have you being away from Li Kingdom?”

“Not bad Duke Ming, please continue.” Ruo Yan satisfied.

“Gone to Xi-Rei?” Feng Ming contemplated, slowly shaken his head, “Xi-Rei route is too far, so impossible in taken for several days to returned, perhaps Bo Jian?”

Ruo Yan busted into hearty laughter, his admiration filled deepen in the eyes, nodded continue “Duke Ming is very good. How about guessing what I had done in Bo Jian? “

Feng Ming was deep in thought, suddenly shaken with shock; head look up and rolled his eyes “You …”

“Xi-Rei King quietly leaving his country, why should I not taken this opportunity and retaliated for once, makes him badly battered and being too busy to search for Duke Ming?” Ruo Yan said coldly “The Royal Family of Bo Jian had lost Duke Ming, they were afraid of Rong Tian inconvenience questions. I just laid out a little plan; they were quickly jumped to accept the solution. If they could not deliver Duke Ming, should just dispose Xi-Rei King.”

Feng Ming eyes were cold, harshly said “Such a small Bo Jian to be resolved Rong Tian? Li King surely have underestimate Xi-Rei King.”

“I see; such confidence in Rong Tian? Duke Ming must not forget, Bo Jian is now hunting him like a fish on a cutting-board; I am of course is lending assistance.”

“Even so your men would not able to kill him.”

Ruo Yan eyes were instantly flashed, making Feng Ming heart beat faster and legs trembles.

“Ha ha” Ruo Yan gradually laughing; lower his head and ambiguously licking Feng Ming’s ear lobe gently, “It is as you have speculated, even though the Second Prince and I had join forces we have not able make a burial for him in Bo Jian. However, Rong Tian ambition plan had thwarted; he took the most beautiful woman to Bo Jian in believing that he could retake his beloved home and in the process stirred up Bo Jian’s Court, though the result was being escaped for his life, it is truly an afford done with great satisfaction.”

When Feng Ming saw Ruo Yan smug, although he was in a dangerous situation under Ruo Yan menace, he could not tolerate but answered ceaselessly sarcastic “Li King has forgotten the situation when you were once fled Xi-Rei border pursued by Tong General.”

“Duke Ming can criticise. Even if Rong Tian is safety returned back to Xe-Rei and avoid all my traps that laid away for him, he could never able to find where you’re located.” Ruo Yan arms tightened lightly; suddenly squeezed his nape, when he saw Feng Ming’s eyebrows knitted due to pain he laughed crazy “We should take this opportunity to happily resting a little.”

Feng Ming scream, “Ruo Yan, if you’re dare to touch me, I would never write down a single word.”

“It is not as if we’re having sex, simply rest a little, and why are you quickly troubled?” Rou Yan sophistry retorted, pushed Feng Ming hard down onto the bed, firmly dragging the collar and used strength to torn it apart.

Shred! The chest was careful taken good care by servants like pearl white was exposed.

The white transparent skin, almost seemed to shows the heart pounding inside, and two small exquisite nipples embed like pearl on the skin.

The curve is graceful, amid a fragile of a young man body, and under Rong Tian coaching has become solidness.

Ruo Yan is the head of a country, at a young age to adult he have been tasted many beautiful people, but for a moment was spontaneously stunned, sighed and said “Without peeling clothes, is only be counted as attractive, unbelievable that when garment has removed is unexpected exceedingly beautiful.”

Feng Ming was not listened to the moment eulogize, his hands were feverishly tried to gathering his clothes which ripped apart on his chest, but Ruo Yan has pinned him under and could not moved. In the end, he had chosen to cover his chest with his fingers; making efforts to hide his chest from Ruo Yan attacking ferocious gazes.


Ruo Yan raised an eyebrow “There is nothing wrong by looking? Duke Ming should not be so stingy.”  Ruo Yan had trained martial arts since small, his muscular hands strength are like irons, easily pressed and pinned Feng Ming hand on top of the head, the white smooth chest that seduce other to lust once again was bared.

“Let me go!” Feng Ming growled like a small wounded animal, “You dare to touch me, I will …”

“Don’t even dream of you ever going to write a single word again.” Ruo Yan chuckled “However, I’d discovered this transaction to be not worthwhile, how Ruo Yan can abide when Duke Ming is this extremely graceful bearing?”

As if he no longer controlled himself, lower his head biting the pearl on the chest, used the tip of his tongue caressed teasing it to be harden.

Feng Ming was attacked; suddenly breathe the cold air inside.

‘It is too late now, what else could I do to stop this?’ In the panic his head became jumbled, almost like every neuron cells were collapse due to being scare by the dangerous circumstance.

Rong Tian face was unceasingly appeared before him.

His waist was loosened; Ruo Yan had undone the girdle.

‘Is Ruo Yan going to …’ Feng Ming was staring at the gorgeous pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling; chilly screamed aloud “Rong Tian! Rong Tian!”


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  1. thank u so much 🙂

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  2. thank you for your wonderful translation.
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  3. I love the entire storyline and your translation brings the best out of the novel! Thank you so much, translating is hard, I’ve tried it before so thanks again for translating this!

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