The Mo Flower: Chapter 1c

The Mo Flower

Chapter 1: Part 3

Although Li Qing loved being pamper but he hate most of all was being bothersome by anything in life. Sometimes Li Qing depressed over these complex thoughts, ‘when the problem had began to tied him down?’ Nevertheless, normally he would not be trouble by anything for too long, because in this world if anything of course that wasted his memories space, made him feeling fatigues, was best simply not to be contemplated.



Whenever he could sit down he would never stand, whenever he could lie down he would never sit; so he is too detested of his good health, ‘why could I not be like those sickly patient?’ He may then be rightfully laying in bed for half a month or ten days at the very least and no one would nags at him. ‘When I feel like going to bed then I can and no one would fear why I am resting for too long.’



Unfortunately, he had never been sick in his lives, the only bad habit was his loved of sleep, of course this vice was not a good reason to explain to other why he needs twice as much times to rest then normal people do.



In fact if he was alone in bed, he probably have eight to nine hours of sleeping times, though not satisfying but reluctantly acceptable for his wealth being, but whenever he with Song Yu, he would be lucky just to get five hours, because most of the time……



“Qing, your cried are mellows, I liked it, if only you not able to maintain your sanity and cluttering aloud for me to listen, then I probably would not tried so hard on loosen up your body, and even drugged you last night.”  Song Yu was undisguised frivolous, eyes carefully were glinted.



After heard the words, Li Qing thrown away any of reverence customs for his King and angrily glared at him. “Moaning aloud is very tiring and the throat certainly will be numbed and uncomfortable. If you like to listen, why not does it yourself?”



“I could never scream so nicely.” Song Yu smiles, mischievous and said “How could you not be ashamed when we discussed something like this.”



“The things that should not be doing we had already done, what is there to be ashamed off.” Li Qing pouted, for his legs and lumbar were still sore, his private place…… he thought back on how absurd the Emperor had been last night, cannot help but lower his brows.



Of course he did not dislike their love making, he was enjoying the sexual pleasure it had brought, but the after effect had always made him sleepy, tired and feeling unwell, he just need severely sleep in order to rest. However, he always insisted on attending the Court Meeting every day, even Song Yu was sometimes puzzled why he was so persistent. Obviously his heart is not on court matter and was much undisciplined person at the Court Hall, always doze unwilling and yet he had never absent at work.



Everyone have their own perseverance principles. This is what Li Qing had resolved.



There was a time when Song Yu had forced him in taken a rest and take a sick leave, Song Yu was surprised for such a mild passive person like Qing could shown off such temper. After the incident Song Yu permitted Li Qing to do as he please, pretended not to see him dozed off during the Court Meeting, even if he feels like ordered him to go back to bed.



“Just do not made me too tired constantly is fine.” Li Qing once said.



“I cannot control myself; I’ve always in need of you.” Song Yu replied.



“Why am I so fascinated by you?” the young Emperor muttered to himself; not able to understand why either, what good point about this unremarkable man that had been driven him to points of distraction, and even fascinating. “It is your lips or your eyes? …”

Song Yu’s fingers caressing Li Qing’s face, touching his lips, beautiful rounded lips like a soft small droplet, at first glance his slightly pouting lips for a man have added a subtle innocent cuteness. Two third of the lashes had covered his eyesight’s which already deeply clouds, plus his core being is nothing less than laid-back, constitute a form that is such a man called Li Qing.



In other words, Song Yu could only subtle guessed of his ethereal dream.



This man who loved to sleep seems put a part of his spirit in living inside his dream, not allowed other to see them.


Song Yu memorised Li Qing, his thoughts were tried to search for something deeper inside the man, as if digging out the treasure that buried beneath; Li Qing could not help but yawn aloud, “If Your Majesty have no business with me then I’ll go back to sleep.”



“Nothing that is important.”



“I’m sleepy.” Li Qing blinks a few times, looked innocently, whenever he wanted to sleep he was unwittingly revealed an incredibly cute face and others would happily to let him off to see Morpheus.



Song Yu’s back pounced like a burst of current electricity as he trembling, unable to restrain, he lifted Qing’s face to kiss him. On the contrary to other people act, when he saw Qing expression like this, he had an urge not let the man go to sleep, just pushed him down, enjoyed eating him up, if not finished then pack up for a take away, wanted him for his completely ownership……



“Emperor, Xu Administration Head Official requested for an audience.” Wei Xiao Miao who guarded outside the door spoken, interrupted their sweet lingering kisses.



“First go and sit somewhere nearby.” Song Yu released Li Qing, once again replied sternly and forbidding majestic of an emperor. “Permit to enter.”



Li Qing obedience waiting aside on the couch, he was too tired and sleepy, he was barely sat nodded off at first, then fast fallen asleep on the long couch, regardless of everything and became  unconscious.



Xu Minister entered Emperor Office and saw Li Qing, only glanced and did not paid further attention. Li Qing recently often called to the Royal Office, especially after being caught asleep during Court Meetings, he thought the emperor probably do not want him become so idled, deliberately made him here to be personal servant as his punishment. Today, not only he had dared to be lazy off in Court Meeting but also here Royal Office, such as directly laying there and sleeping unhindered.



Xu Minister was very displeased with Li Qing laziness, it was even more intolerable when he saw the man irreverence, looked sideways at him from time to time, and wondered whether to report to the emperor for his reprimand.



The chill of spring caused Li Qing to sneezing, he quietly shrink his body but did not awaken and continue in the land of Morpheus.



The sound of sneezed had caught the emperor glance.



‘The Emperor, did you see, you must look! This guy actually dares to be arrogant, please heavily teaching him some manner now!’ Xu Minister’s heart cried aloud to the Emperor.



The Emperor stood up and went over to him.



Xu Minister was ready to applaud it.



However, it was unthinkable that the emperor took the royal robe proffered by Wei Xiao Miao, covered it over Li Qing’s body, and asked Wei Xiao Miao to take the shoes and his official hat off for him; then gently moved his body correctly position on the long couch, even placed a soft pillow behind his head so he slept more comfortable.



The action was naturally, cannot be mistaken with pity but loving indulgent, like it has been done thousands of times.



Xu Minister’s jaw dropped.



The Emperor casually sat back and proceedings the case with Xu Minister, no longer looked at Li Qing, as if seemingly forgotten him again.



Though Xu Minister was too shock by the event that he no longer able to concentrate, and finally it all click in suddenly, he realised what was weird between the Emperor and Li Qing in the end …



This idle official and the Emperor attitudes were incompatible, infrequent showed of lukewarm and yet almost similar to the point of sympathise each other.



He looked back carefully, ‘as if the Emperor deliberately ignored, but also seems deliberately having him around …… but when did it all was started, the Emperor and Li Qing in “good term”… ah?! Could it be at the Royal Feast where assassination event had taken place six years ago?’


Xu Minister leaved the Royal Office but was still contemplating, he was curious to death, but it was the Emperor’s private matter consequently he could not inquired them.



After he had gone, there were a few high ministers in succession for the Emperor audience, they saw Li Qing sleeping aside and his body was covered with a royal robe.



Not only that, a minister happens to saw the Emperor help Li Qing tuck in the slipped gown, another minister then saw the Emperor took a handkerchief to wiped his drooling, such action was undoubtedly favoured.



Some people stared; others were speechless, and everyone reactions were the same as Xu Minister not less terrified.



After the shock, gossip quickly began to takes it turn, whatever seems like a glimpse of secret unintentionally between the Emperor and Rites Assistant minister, was singled out and itching to be retold to other people.



It hard to blame the ministers for blazed garrulous, the Court Officials have many important responsibilities, but a little chat during the afternoon tea and away from busy working pressure was the best entertainment; however, they had no guts in daring to gossip about the Emperor openly, only telling it inside themselves, said “The Emperor is really a loving Emperor who loved his people as his children.”



‘But to hold it in the heart is very sad ah!’


There is nothing in the world that could be hidden forever; the thing that could not be disclosed had become known as the confidential information and secretly shares.


At this time, Li Qing still in his intoxicated dreams and had no idea that he had become the biggest scandal in the kingdom, ‘congratulations, and congratulations.’ (Of course not!)



End Chapter 1




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