The Mo Flower: Chapter 1b

The Mo Flower

Chapter 1b

Since the Da Shao’s dynasty has ruling for eighteen generations, the nation is prosperous with little trouble over domestic issues, and good defence against foreigners cause no fear for external invasion. In exception issue such as natural disaster, a force of event outside of their control and a corruption charge like Chen Official for briberies and oppress citizen was rare. Moreover, not every day there was one corrupt official kneeling in the court hall as a brand new topic for the people to discuss but mostly stereotyped routine reporting so rarely staged of the court drama had occurred, consequently one cannot blame for Li Qing lost in land of Morpheus.


The advantage of standing at the end row had allowed him to take a nap; all he has to do was not fallen down (sitting position) to sleep. The main law of Da Shao for the Emperor was to oversee for every day meeting at the court, this ensure from becoming laziness. Fortunately, each of the Emperors was taken their responsibilities seriously with diligence, caring, without exception thus had made Da Shao prosperous for many centuries which result unshakable national power. Prosperous period means there was no need for heroes and as a result peaceful time had nurtured Li Qing to became unambitious officer was not surprising.



Logically this humble leisure officer should not enter the Emperor’s eyesight; however, it was unsure when the emperor starts to occasionally summoned Li Qing to talk, and whenever a feast or hunting had invited him along. Although, the two rarely spoken to each other, nor any known intimate behaviour, and sometimes the Emperor almost ignored his presence, as if no such of a person was there.

Some sensitive officials were suspicious, sometimes feel strange but could not find exactly what the problem was? They did not understand why the emperor had this “spare” person aside? Well if this person was from an old nobleman family or elegant man like scholar professor Lou Chu Yun could be an explanation. Li Qing was not from old nobleman, at most his appearance could describe as fine placid, and compared to Lou Chu Yun known as today version of “Pan An” was far worse, even Wei Xiao Miao was better looking than him.



‘Not able to figure it out; yeah, still not able to figure out’



The Sixth Duke, the most beloved brother of the Emperor was forthright to these officials unhesitatingly gullible question: “If one could able to read what are on the Emperor’s mind, then you may as well be the Emperor.”



“Your subordinate is frightened”; “your subordinate is frightened.”



Since then, the officials were not dares to made further speculation private or otherwise on how the Emperor was treated Li Qing, anyway, from whatever point of views on Li Qing, he was harmless and unobstructed thus no need to worry.
Let return to present inside the court hall, from the perspective Emperor’s sight of Li Qing, although he was no longer saw him nodding his head, but still somewhat anxious, the man sometimes frowned, bitten his under lip to prevent from yawning and sometime quietly rubbed the waist, and the legs seems to giveaway and might not stand up any longer.



The Emperor decided to discuss the prevention of White River flood for another day, “Today we’ll stop here, the Royal Meeting end.”



“Your servant, escort Your Majesty out.” The Emperor leaved precisely as the Courtiers echoes sound of custom for his exit.



‘…. could finally relax.’ Li Qing cannot wait and walked out the hall, his thoughts was how quickly return to his office and sleeping there again.



Only a few steps away when Wei Xiao Miao voiced was behind him: “Li Qing, please stay.”



Li Qing frowned, really wants to pretend he did not hear and although he was unwilling to stop but still turned around, “Wei Official is there a problem?”



“The emperor summoned you to His Royal Office.”




“Yes, please immediately to depart, do not let His Majesty waiting.”

Li Qing face was suffered gravely, really want to said ‘let me go to sleep first say’,  but the Emperor had summoned, who dare to delay  the meeting, unless you were tired of living, so he followed Wei Xiao Miao go in the direction toward the Royal Office.



“Wei Excellency, I want to say really thank you.” Li Qing offered his sincere thanks.



“Li Excellency, please called me Little Miao, do not called Excellency, it will be the ruin of me.”

“Wei Excellency is the Manager of the Palace House, but also the Emperor’s closest personal Officer, I am only am assistant minister so asked me to address you by your name is surely being a ruin of me.”



“Li Excellency, you surely joking again with me.”



“Really, Little Miao, do you know why the Emperor summoned me…?”



“Li Excellency would natural knew what to be expect.”



“Ah! I do not understand what possible to expect.” Li Qing really felt gravely suffering as he quietly cried out, ‘I just wants to sleep!’



“Li Excellency certainly has known of the Emperor’s mind clearly than me.”

“I do not want to know what he was thinking.” Li Qing mumbled the words in his mouth; the phrase cannot be blatantly said aloud.



A moment later, they had arrived outside of the Royal Office.



“Your Majesty, Li Official has come.” Wei Xiao Miao reported at the door.



“Let him in.”



“Li Official, please come inside.”



Li Qing did not kneeling bowed but stoop toward the Imperial Chair. “Your subordinate here sees Your Majesty.”



After he entered the room, Wei Xiao Miao closed the door from the outside, leaving him alone with the emperor.



“Come here, beside me.”



Li Qing went to Song Yu side, eyes lowered respectfully.



Song Yu looked at him carefully; eyes were softened a bit, his fingers brushed slightly over Li tired eyes. “Last night I’d really tired you out.”



Li Qing startled, his eyes dashed back made sure the door was closed for good, only when determined everything was fine as he pouted and said: “Since Your Majesty knew your servant was tired, why did you singled me in court?”



“If I had not called you, your head certainly hit the ground, where do you think the court hall is for you fallen asleep like that?” Song Yu chided.



“I was only taken a short napped, if you had not called, no one would have paid any attention at me.” Li Qing tone little snappish, lack of sleep would made anyone to have a bad temper, especially when sleeping is his lives passion, a night with only three hours of sleep indeed almost taken his life.



Song Yu saw one of his rare revealing wayward look, smiled: “My bad, I could not help but notice you.”



“ Your servant did nothing to warrant Your Majesty attention.”




“Your servant did not dare.”



“I see that you do.” Song Yu pulled him over and sat over his lap, circled him inside the arms, softly coax beside his ears and said, “I did not know that tribute drug was powerful, do not get angry, we’ll not used it again.”



The Emperor was beyond cajole, Li Qing could not be bothered to remain angry; anyway, anger will consume energy and he does not want to be more tired, so being lazy, he was not like the feeling of fatigue.



Whenever they were together he always feel tired, not only physically tired but spiritual tired …… well concealment of their relationship is a tiring thing, but if he does not concealed, it would be thousand times more troublesome.



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  1. thanks for translating. this story is very interesting. keep up w/ the good work 😀

  2. so they are together….so cute… thanks a lot

  3. thanks again for the yummy meal

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