The Mo Flower: chapter 1a

Title: The Mo Flower
Author: Heibai Jian Yao

Genre: ancient, 1×1, HE

Translator: QT & raw
Editor: mnemea

Warning: grammar errors (no beta)
Disclaimer: I own nothing; this is for yaoi fan with no finance gain.


When travelled over the Nine Mountains [Jiuxianshan], one would hear of an old folk’s song about “The Mo flowers.” Old folks said: In every spring WuYue Lady shall journey to her family home in Lin An, the King always sent letter to his wife, written one sentence: “When Mo flowers blossom, you can slowly come back.” ─ ─ Su “quote taken from The Mo Flowers ”



* Verse explanation: when Mo flowers bloom along the field, you can leisurely looking at them so no need to be in a hurry to return.* – rather opposite meaning to what he is written, would it be simple just saying “I miss you.”


* “Lady” title here is one third wives of the King beside the Queen, below rank of the Queen.*



Chapter 1



In the eighteen generations of Da Shao’s dynasty and the King has been ruling with righteousness for twelve years.



In the Palace Court Hall, a group of high rank officials stood and hold a report of indictment charges for briberies against another official, they are still waiting for the final verdict from the Emperor who sat on the throne. Soon after, another group walked out their stations and asked for pardon for the official which was laid charges for briberies, pleading absolved because the man has been spent his lives working for the better of the country, even if with no merit to credit him still his efforts should be counted, that he probably in a moment of weakness had done the crime so they requested for the King mercy and so on……

In short, this all to do with an obesity man who has been kneeling on the ground, the debate was whether to simply kick him or kick him into an oil pan.

Standing at the last row,  Li Qing’s head could not help but nodded every times to everyone comment, seemed to agreed with everyone, though one does not know which of the party his was favour, all nodding must be ensure for foolproof and a way made no commitment.



“Your Majesty, I’m being framed by villain!” The fat old man tearfully cried for his innocence.



The young Emperor quietly listened to each party’s rhetoric; the corners of his lips raised and neither slow nor fast, started to speak: “Oh, which villain dares to provide conclusive evidence, fabricated charges and framed you? Let me hear the name and I will help your case.”



The Emperor’s words had stopped his furiously noisy officials to shut up, suddenly silent, if one does not know when the Emperor is upset than they have no business for being an official any longer.



Li Qing was still nodded, but the amount was increasingly more frequent, it was to the point that the head seems closely dropped to the ground.



The Emperor’s eyes quickly swept over his courtiers below, and stopped on top of Li Qing’s head.



“Li Qing.” The Emperor called.



Li Qing was still nodded but did not reply.



The closet official to Li Qing was De Geng Bai, who hastily pulling his top elbow, but there was still no sign of response, De Geng Bai was simply anxious that he rolled his eyes.

‘This guy actually must have little nerves to be dozed off here.’



“Rites Assistant Minister, Li Qing.” The Emperor patiently recalled the man; his tone was gentle that does not show how much anger within it.



The officials were cold sweats; their faces were blackening with one line of thought. Where does this Li Qing had borrowed his courage, to be daring to fallen asleep inside the Court Hall so often.  He must not have valuing his lives.



Unfortunately, Li Qing who stood at the dead door was actually been there for the last six years. The Emperor yet has taken his life or finds a reason to dismiss him from his official position, and kick him out of the hall. In fact the Emperor was the one who given Li Qing an idle officer position, neither promoted nor demoted him, just set him there.



The Emperor slightly give a wink gestured at the personal servant official beside him, Wei Xiao Miao immediately walked down the hall to Li Qing and said, “Li Excellency, His Majesty has called on you.”



De Geng Bai had elbowed him once more with more force, which almost wobbled him though Wei Xiao Miao arms had steadied him.



Li Qing was belated looked up, blinked his misty eyes that seems not getting enough sleep, his eyes did not catch a glimpse of the emperor who was looking down at him.






“Li Qing” the Emperor then called out again.



Li Qing stood, respectfully replied: “I’m here, Sire.”



“What do you think?”



‘What is it that I am supposed to think?’ Li Qing blinked in confusion, looked ahead at the other officials which stood at the middle of the court hall, ambiguous replied: “As discussed Your Majesty, Huang Excellency had justified the case, Wei Chen Excellency words also agreeable, while Chen Excellency…”

In the end the fat official who kneeling down was started to cold sweat as well?
“What way?” the Emperor faintly smiles has become curvier.

The officials thought that the Emperor was obviously intimidating Li Qing and cannot but feeling gloat inside, they guessed that if the Emperor going to spared him again then they would taken off their official hats, maybe the Emperor order him dragged outside and gives a few thrashes then demoted?

“Li Qing, the Emperor asked for Your Excellency opinion on the bribery charges of buying official rank and discrimination against the civilians by Chen Official.” Wei Xiao Miao reminded him, but also taken the initiative to explain the Emperor’s question again.



Li Qing understood the situation whist he slept in the hall, hastily resorted to the old trick ‘sit on the fence’, and rebutted: “Your Majesty, the ancients quote ‘if one does not encounter the situation before then should disregard one judgment.’ Therefore I’m afraid I do not dare to comment on Chen Official case.”



‘What had been said made no difference, uttered nonsense!’ The officials all felt the same.



The Emperor was neither angry nor continued to intimidate him, just smiled, looked away and returned with the other ministers to continue the meeting.



Therefore, the officials’ outlook was that the Emperor must simply laugh at Li Qing and not values this man.



Although Li Qing did not appeared to be bother by this, without distress or panic of the situation, but resuming where he had leaved off and tried to minimise the number of nodded through the meeting, this practices of stand sleeping has become effortlessly trained with no flaws!



When described about Li Qing, he did not have many vices nor virtues, his looks was plain, intelligent average, standardise moral, even his rank as official is the middle level within the court. In summary, he not above them or below anyone other than stated as an individual that had developing into “moderation” to the top level.



Logically if one being “average” person, an ordinary person should not have been promoting in official rank to the point of enter into the main court hall; however, six years ago he had blocked the assassin sword and save the Emperor’s life which was the result for his successful career in the Court. He promoted from the fifth level in Service Ministry to third level official in Rites Ministry, hence was able to enter the Court Hall for Stately Meeting.



Although the sword was severely stabbed him and almost took his life did not explained his attitudes; since it was expected when one enter the Main Court Hall where one give with great opportunity to shows off for chances in further career development  but he had never tried, always kept his sleeping habit and yawning. This of course had set off many young ambitious officials as their goal aspiration to be greater; they were jealous, clenched teeth and publicly scolded him as “a gutter”.

He did not care and ignored them, he just sighed: “So, why are you describe the court as gutter, if the court is really pit, then the court officials would be some sort of things inside it.”

This statement spread out and causes many officials filled with anger thus accused him of being slander the court and charged him of ruined it reputation, then implored the Emperor to severely punish him.



The Emperor thereby specially summoned him to his Royal Office for questioning, asked him if he indeed said “The court is latrines and that the court official are muckworms?”



“Your Majesty, your servant dare not slander and mock the court officials, it is not I who said the court is a pit.” Li Qing face was blameless but neither showed expression of flattering.



If one looking at literally of the expressions that being used then his answer was indeed true.



The Emperor did not mind the replied, smiled and said, “Are you smart or stupid when said it, hmmm?”

“Your Majesty is right and just.”Li Qing responded obediently, very sincere attitude and humble.

“Alright”, the Emperor decided not to pursue the matter further and personally recorded in the memorandum that “the speaker has no intention but the listener was interested.”



These eight words were as cynical rebuff to those who had laid the charges and what ‘so calls of getting hold of evidence’ in “slander and ruined the court” thus counts against them and if further recital only means for them to wear it. This kind of situation does not resolve anything but concluded “If the hat fit”.



They were not able laid on one single hair of Li Qing in the incident as he continues to go on with his merry way, living his easy pleasurable official lives.






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