The Lesser Twin: Chapter 6-Chapter 10

Chapter 6: Ch5:Men Willingly Believe What They Wish

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Chapter 5: Men Willingly Believe What They Wish!

Harry Potter watched Malfoy Senior being thrown backwards with nonchalance, satisfied as the older man landed further down the hallway. The pureblood was being attacked by his very own ex-house-elf, Dobby; Anath had already prepared a spell for Harry to shield against Malfoy’s attack if Dobby had not come forward and defended him. Harry did not bother to check for the welfare of the nobleman; he really didn’t care. Although, Anath would had preferred to torture the Death Eater for the LITTLE TROUBLE they had encountered down in the Chamber of Secrets.

They both agreed that their revenge should be another day. They had plenty of time to do it later, without an audience and besides Harry had urgent business to take care of and it was not joining the final feast as Dumbledore had suggested. Harry turned back to Professor McGonagall’s office, completely forgetting about Dobby. After all the show was over, he expected Dobby to be gone since everything played out exactly as he had planned. However, the little guy had other ideas. The house-elf wanted to offer the great Harry Potter an opportunity to bond with him. Unfortunately for Dobby, Harry, being Muggle-raised, had no clue what was expected of him in such situation.

That did not stop the house-elf trying to persuade the boy.

“Wait, Harry Potter, sir.” Dobby shrieked shrilly, popping in front of him and attempting to gain Harry’s attention.

“Yes Dobby!” Harry forced a smile. He knew he had better listen to the house-elf or he would be sorry later. The little creature could be very creative. However, Harry was having a very long day and some part of him wished the little creature would just ‘bloody leave me alone!’ He wanted to rest.

“Harry Potter freed Dobby!” the house-elf grasped his hand and looked adoringly at Harry as if Dobby couldn’t believe that Harry had freed him. Harry’s heart softened at the pitiful house-elf and like him, the creature had been waiting for someone to rescue, but Harry had decided for himself that he would not waiting anymore. He would take the chance, with Anath backing him, and fights for his freedom. Harry was sure of at least one thing, Anath would not let him die if she could help it as the battle in the Chamber had showed him. Harry had felt the connection with Anath.

Harry gave the house-elf encouragement as they talked before he finally shooed Dobby off fondly and wished the elf luck with his new life. Harry did not see the house-elf’s disappointment before he disappeared. The hall became empty once again as Harry adjusted his clothes, a little nervous perhaps, but he was ready to face the Headmaster.

Anath was right; he had an unfinished business with Dumbledore and it would be better to deal with the man when everyone else was at the feast. Anath reminded him that this was a golden opportunity for currently the Headmaster was occupying McGonagall’s office. Harry would therefore have an advantage over his surrounding since there would be no portraits to spy upon them. It would just be the Headmaster and Harry Potter, with no unwanted interruptions. Anath had been gleeful to help Harry to diminish his uneasiness. After all, Harry would not believe it, hence, no one else would believe what he was about to do.

Well, not him particularly, but Anath.

Harry’s fingers slipped into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle then. He tilted the bottle up to the light to check its contents. The contents were a clear, colourless and odourless liquid, VERITASERUM,which Anath had given him. He wondered where she got it. ‘Had she made the truth serum or had she stolen it?’ Anath remained silent, refusing to answer, ‘Oh well,’ he thought, she could have her LITTLE secret. Harry sulked, before placing it back inside his sleeve where a small pocket had been added on by Anath. She told him about the bottle while they walked away from the Chamber of Secrets. He was shocked since he had no idea that there was a pocket, much less that he been carrying Veritaserum around. Though he quickly agreed to…persuade their Headmaster to reveal what he had been keeping Harry in the dark about.

“There’s no going back!” he whispered, a warning for him though he could not help but be excited as well. They were about to play a dangerous game with the most powerful wizard of their time.

“But would you, Harry?” Anath asked, seeing that there some doubt in his thoughts. “I made the truth serum but the old man has all the answers.” She finally admitted that she made the serum and hid herself once again. The boy had to make this final decision, it was important for them. Anath had given him the control in this decision, at least. She knew the boy would be hers after tonight.

Harry hands pushed the door open and saw the Headmaster holding a bowl in his hands, its contents glowing blue and white. Harry’s curiosity was piqued, though he would not ask what it was. He would find out for himself later. The headmaster put the object down, frowned slightly at Harry’s entrance but the twinkling eyes did not dampen and were as bright as his colourful robes.

“Harry, dear boy, I thought you’d be at the feast by now.”

“Hello, again, sir.” Harry’s shuffled his feet, acting as if he was a nervous little kid.

“You’ve something to tell me.” Dumbledore was smiling at him like an old grandfather, and Harry almost felt guilty but he clutched his palm and refused to back down.

“I was about to leave for the feast but I remembered I still have a few questions that I needed to clear up with you, sir. It won’t take too much of your time.”

“Of course, fire away! So Dobby is free?” the old man beam at him, tried to let the boy settle comfortably in his seat.

“Yes sir.” Harry smiled happily, hoping to disarm the Headmaster.

“I’m glad that you came up with that idea, very clever of you, dear boy. Though, you should be more careful in the future. Mr Malfoy can be a very dangerous person.”

Harry stared, innocently at the master, “I understand. I’ll be very careful.”

“Now what’s troubling you, Harry?”

“I’m wondering…Sorry, I’m really thirsty. Could I have some tea, please?” Harry tried not to be too forward.

“Ah, here is the tray. It looks like Professor McGonagall was having tea with Mr and Mrs Weasley before we got here.” Dumbledore went to pour some of the hot liquid and Harry hurriedly reached over him.

“Let me make the tea, thanks.” Harry grasped the teas pot and proceeded to make two cups, trying to be careful without being too excited.

“There is no need to make one for me. I’m fine, Harry.”

“It’s all right. It’s no trouble at all, sir.”

Dumbledore wasn’t paying attention. “Fawkes is not here,” He looked around for the phoenix. He had not thought about the firebird until now, a fact for which Harry was grateful. Maybe he did have sheer dumb luck after all, since he wasn’t sure how the bird would react to what he was about to do. “I supposed Fawkes needs his rest after the battle too,” Dumbledore mused after a moment. “Are you sure you’re alright, Harry?”

“Umm…Yes, I’m fine. Could do with a bit of a rest too I supposed, but Fawkes’ tears have done wonders.” again he smiled like an innocent little boy.

Harry started to slip back then, allowing Anath to take over for the next stage.

Immediately, Anath’s eyes went to the Headmaster and then pulled back. The old man was preparing to use Legilimens on them. She had yet to learn how to counter against it but being a Goa’uld, she would likely be able to fool the old man. That did not mean however that she wanted to test the theory yet. She sighed. ‘Better safe than sorry, I suppose,’she thought and dredged up the appropriate memories from Harry’s life, blocking off all traces of the Goa’uld in his mind. It was easy enough to do, though, Anath also planned to study this mind/emotion reading technique further at a later date. She would also be very pleased to find out how to afflict pain back on the attacker.

Anath happily stirred the cups, allowing the serum to blend along with the sugar. She was sure that the Headmaster did not see the liquid that had poured. Human eyes were easily deceived by the speed she had used. “Anath what are you doing with our cup?” Harry’s spoken outrage only amused her further, for she had added the serum to both cups, just in case Dumbledore picked the other one.

“Don’t worried Harry, just watched the MASTER play. Did I ever tell you about the time when I gambled a kingdom through a drinking game?” Inwardly she smiled. “Truth serum is hardly an organ-rotting poison.” She pushed the cup towards the old man, smiling at him over its rim. “So this game is not nearly so dangerous.”

“Oh, that sounds interesting…what sort of game was it?” Harry assumed there was antidote since Anath was very much alive before he met her. The Goa-uld did not bother to correct the boy. It would be easier on them both if she distracted him while she worked on the old man. “It’s a random selection, five cups out of ten hold poisons and I drank randomly until only five were left.” Anath’s conscious mind stirred suddenly, the memory of satisfaction watching her enemy die in agony was enjoyable. Anath wonder if this is a key she has been seeking but Herself (her consciousness) has resublimed as soon as Anath caught the glimpse of reawakening.

Anath’s concentration went back to the Headmaster. The old man had chosen the cup that was nearer to Harry. His instinct was not too bad, a worthy adversary at least. Anath reverted control to Harry. She’d leave the rest of the evening to him.


The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…

“That is a load of CRAP!” Harry was seriously pissed off. He thought of what his family must have gone through…His Mother and Father, dying because of this.

“Men willingly believe what they wish!” The Headmaster replied. ‘Riddle believed Harry was a threat instead of Neville,’ and though he would have put it less harshly to the boy the truth serum was too strong for him to resist. His Occlumency skills would have helped if he knew and prepared for the attack, but without knowing beforehand, his mind was still trying to come to terms with what the boy did to him.

Anath pushed her voice into his mind again. “Harry hurry up, he’s still hiding something about that diary. It’s got to do with Riddle’s power. I saw a glimpse in his eyes when you told him what happened in the Chamber.”

“Riddle’s Diary, I want to know about it.”

At that Dumbledore seemed to struggle a little. He truly did not seem to want to explain, but the serum couldn’t be shaken off. Still, the struggle showed that its effects were weakening. “It’s a Horcrux,” he muttered eventually.

“Which is?” Harry prompted. “Oh, and why would he want one?” In case he forgot to ask.

Again Dumbledore struggled. “An object in which Voldemort has hidden a part of his soul for the purpose of attaining immortality…there is probably more than one.” The Headmaster’s blue eyes were no longer twinkling: The boy was clearly dangerous and the questions had become more than a normal boy’s curiosity. It was almost as if someone else was looking out at him through Harry’s eyes.

Anath tried to ignore her host’s shock and focus. He was scared and trying to wrest back control. “Harry, not now… I’m concentrating. The old man will regain his senses soon…” And she struggled to maintain her strength.

“What are you planning for me, old man?” Harry grunted. He was thinking of punching the man, would have done it too if not for the pathetic aging grandfather look on his face. However, without his meaning to, his magic channel to the table and cracked it, an amazing feat without his even having to raise his wand.

“I’m sorry but for the greater good, you must be a sacrifice. One individual…” And he trailed off. He was fighting the serum in earnest now. “…You’re probably a Horcrux… Voldemort’s last defence…”

Harry grasped the edge of the broken table and felt it was hard to breathe. He had expected treachery tonight, but not this. Anath could feel his ability to think rationally melting away and she forced herself to the fore-front of his mind again. She would not let adolescent shock deprive her of answers. This opportunity would not come again.

“Why are you placing Har…me at the Dursleys?” she demanded. “You must know what they’re like.”

“I’m sorry but I need to place you at the Dursleys, your mother’s blood only protects you while you live with her blood-relatives. The petty cruelties of the Dursleys are far preferable to the possibilities for torture if Voldemort were able to capture Harry…”

Anath moved quickly, dazing the old man with an Oblivate spell and preparing to leave. She was not sure about the last response since the old man has probably regained enough strength to throw off the truth serum. It was time for them to go. There was no reason to linger. Anath quickly fixed the room up with Harry’s wand before quietly closing the door behind her.

“Men willingly believe what they wish!” The words echoed and it had bugged him. He couldn’t contain his irritation any longer. He needed to get it off his chest and who better to turn to than the one whom always there for him? “What do you think, Anath?”

“Are you sure, you’re ready to hear what I think?” Anath teased the boy. In a few short hours Harry had been forced to grow up. Anath knew she was responsible for this development and strangely it did not make her feels the usual triumph. The boy was clearly having a bad effect on her.

“Please.” Harry’s childish reply made Anath feel a bit relieved for some reason.

Although she wanted him to grow up, she didn’t like the idea that it would happen so soon. Or that she would be responsible but if he genuinely wanted her opinion, “I would have agreed with Dumbledore before about the greater good.” she added silently ‘for me particular.’

“That was before I knew you Harry. Now…” she sighed. “It’s complicated.”


She couldn’t bring herself to say it, this strange bond they were having. “You’ll understand someday,” she finished lamely.

“So, where will we go from here?” Harry inquired. It occurred to him that his path had changed drastically in only a couple of minutes, and that perhaps he should be grateful to leave the Wizarding World behind. After all, only Anath had truly been honest with him all this time. She deserved some say in his- their- life. The other voice gasped as if she was shocked at the suggestion.

“How about back to the Dursleys as Dumbledore suggested?” she asked playfully.

“You’re joking, right?” She didn’t answer and Harry wondered if he’d be better off ignoring her again. Then he heard her laughter echo in his skull as he set out and realised, it was a bit late for that.


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Chapter 7: Ch6:The first step binds one to second

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Chapter 6: The first step binds one to the second.

The express train speeding toward London crossed over the lovely countryside. The train carried Hogwarts’ students, young witches and wizards, homebound for their summer holiday. It was no surprised that the chattering voices were concerned about their holiday plans. Only some of the year sevens took the trouble to appreciate the scenery and not surprisingly, the majority were from the Hufflepuff House.

It was the end of their education and tomorrow the bright young wizards and witches would be entering the adult world. Many felt overwhelmed with their new responsibilities in conjunction with the transition process. The Wizarding World was a lot more complicated than the Muggle World. In addition to the nervous seven years, Harry Potter was another who was contemplating his future. If he had any say in the matter, this would be his final year.

Harry found that Anath was not cooperative, which was to be expected since she had her own agenda. Had she not taught him to beware of other people’s motives? Harry wondered if she really meant it. It was ridiculous for them to return to the Dursleys for summer. He decided he definitely would not, no matter what, agree to go back. Harry had not believed the Headmaster; the statement was a little too convenient at the time. He wasn’t sure he should treat Dumbledore as a trustworthy source since he had broken free of the truth serum.

Harry sighed, he had a lot to mull over but he was not in the mood to analyse everything so he pushed the thoughts back into a corner. The most important issue for him at the present was to get away and start a new life again. When he first learned he was a wizard, Harry had hoped it would be a fresh start, but it seemed the Wizarding World was not the fairytale as he had pictured when he received the Hogwarts invitation letter.

‘What was so great about a world where adults handed the weight of the world over onto a baby’s shoulder and expected a child to liberate them?’ Harry knew it was a selfish thought but he was incredibly afraid and angry with regard to the prophecy. He was sure his parents had not died for him so that he could throw his life away so easily. His troubled thoughts would surely be heard by his other. They would reach London soon and yet Anath still ignored him.

Harry was alone in the compartment and he preferred it that way. Harry was a bit lonely and he partially wished Anath would keep him from his musings but her quietness allowed him to dwell on the darker thoughts. Harry was not sure why he was the one that sneaked into the train when it should have been his so-called friends. Harry had not cut them off completely at the feast, but he paid little attention to them. He wasn’t sure how deep the betrayal went. The others were like him, just children, surely their friendships with him were not solely based on Dumbledore’s manipulation.

“ANATH, ANATH.” Harry screamed in his head. Why he hadn’t he thought of that? She hated it when he yelled telepathically. He figured it must affect the symbiote.

“What Harry?” the voice asked impatiently. “I’m busy!”

“BUSY? What you could be doing when I’m moving this body? Anyhow, you know what I’m getting at.” Harry replied in a tone was not much better than hers.

“Hahaha…very funny. It doesn’t require much effort to move the body. If you must know, I’ve been trying to come up with strategies on how to escape the old man’s clutches.”

“What if we just disappeared and lived among the Muggles for the rest of our lives?” He smiled hopefully at the idea.

“It’s a good thing that one of us is doing the thinking for us, Harry. Have you forgotten of The Decree for the Restriction of Underage Wizardry Law?”


“I’ve read about the tracking spell they’ve placed on everyone, including Muggle-born witches and wizards. It’s placed on them when they enter the wizard world. It would be of no surprise if you, a child of wizard parents, had your magic signature imprinted in their file from birth.”

“Are you saying we couldn’t escape until we resolve this?” Harry frowned. “I supposed this is how the wizard world kept track of everyone’s movements.” He twisted the glasses on his face. His green eyes darkened to almost black at the snag in their plans.

“Hmm…magic is not something I’ve had experience with until I met you. If it is technology, such as chip implanted I could easily remove or figure out how to disable it. Although, I did spend time researching the topic but always had fruitless results. Many books have indicated that the information is Ministry Classified. Regardless, there is another problem with Dumbledore. I am suspicious about the house-ward…”

“The Dursley’s House?” Harry interrupted.

“What other house could you possibly have?” Anath mocked.

“What about my parents, well my father actually…come to think of it…the book recorded that mine ‘ or my mother’s sacrifice,’ supposedly defeated the Dark Lord at Godric Hollow, a family house.”

“Ah…Granger’s book that she lent to you.” Anath mused on the thought. “It may work out after all but we still need to go to the Dursley’s, Harry.” Harry snarled and folded his arms displaying physical displeasure, hoping it would demonstrate to her how much he was against the idea.

“Really Harry, sulking does not become you… and Malfoy does it better.” Harry glared but cracked into laughter when Draco’s cocky face appeared into his mind. Harry shuddered. He wasn’t desperate to learn how to behave as a Malfoy.

“I do have a few plans and its best if we thought over them together.” Anath decided to reveal some of them to Harry since she needed his cooperation. “I thought about it and there aren’t many options available after breaking the tracking spell. As a wizard, I don’t know if it is possible for you to survive without being fully trained…we couldn’t completely cut off magic, it is inside and a part of you. I studied your bodily functions while you were in school; you seem to be more stable than you were on holiday when magic was being used. My perception is that the more spells you’ve learned, the magic in your core seems be more ‘content’ and progresses into maturity…I could not find a better way to describe it.”

Anath watched the information sink into Harry. She too had been perplexed by magic. Anath had come across similar abilities in the wizards and witches of Terra but it was not the same. The Norreans, the Azatheans and the Vosteans were a few in her kingdom’s population that would have some these abilities. The Norreans were famous for their kinetic powers such as kinetite and telekinesis. The Azathean were more elemental. The foundation of their power focused on harmony with nature. The Vosteans were more telepaths and healers. Anath had lived with them for over five thousand years and she had studied her people just as long. It was definitely not magic. Magic as she had learned from living inside Harry was another separate entity and yet it was not; and in a way it was very similar to symbiote. She could feel magic when she was with other witches and wizards, so it was not like symbiote for it was the same entity and yet… it was still separate. She decided it would be best if she kept this to herself and observe these people further.

“Uh…right, so does that mean me requiring magic education?”

“I learned there are numerous magical schools in the world, Harry. However, I did think of self study as another option. This still means that we’ll need to be living in the Wizarding World which is why I thought your family house would do the trick. Or would you prefer my first plan… we could travel around the Wizarding World.”

“I think self study would be much better. I can set my own pace and I’m sure it’s better for you as well, to keep from being discovered. Madame Pomfrey nearly detected you.”

“That has been a good deal in my thoughts lately.” Anath agreed.

“We’ll return to the Dursley’s.” Harry bit his lip, annoyed, but it could not be help. “It would be for the last time.” Anath reassured him.


July 31st 1993

Harry Potter slammed the door shut, “that was close”, and allowed himself to cool down from the heat caused by his running before striding to the mirror to check his makeup. The reflection of him was not as perfect as it had been when he first left the room this morning, but everything that was important remained intact. The dusty chocolate hair waist length (potion growth) and was pinned back as was the custom of the wizard aristocracy. Muggle hair dye only worked for a week before his hair completely regained the original colour. It was a nuisance but beggars could not be choosers. At least no one could comment on the famous Potter hair. The fake skin was still nicely bound on his forehead, hiding the Boy-Who-Lived symbol and the contact lenses did wonders for his new image as well.

He doubted anyone would recognise him but he still had a major problem.

His magic signature.

The bloody thing was like a neon sign during the night. He was lucky that the Dursleys had not raised the alarm of him being missing. They were probably celebrating. But being out alone in the Wizarding World was not great as he initially thought. He often mingled into a large crowd to hide himself, but it didn’t help whenever they were neared Aurors. He had noticed the Wizarding Enforcers would somehow immediately pick up his signature and look around for him.

“Relax Harry. As I said, it’s all to do with your magical core. They are not looking for you per se, but a strong wizard. A strong wizard means danger to them; they’re just trying to keep an eye out for the safety of the populace. We, however, just happen to want to be inconspicuous and not a walking target.” Anath smirked. She was very happy with how things had been turning out lately with the exception of their small problem.

Harry walked over to the bed, kicking his shoes off before lying down. It had been a hectic month, first with their escape from the Dursleys’ house, “We left the Dursleys, not escaped…” Anath reminded him, “It was like a prison for me, so I definitely escaped it.” Harry replied with strong conviction.

Flashback ….

What do you think you’re doing in there, BOY? Open up, open this door at once!” Uncle Vernon banged on the door. It shook a bit but he ignored the noises and continued to purify the room.

Harry, I think this is a bit excessive.” Anath watched the boy spray the liquid across the room, a potion they had made to nullify the ward and charms that had been placed on the house. Vernon may not have been magical but he must have felt something had gone wrong when the ward broke.

The ward was not really there to protect Harry instead it was there to protect the Dursleys. It was so amusing that Anath cracked up with laughter as the boy mentally looked on with confusion. When she calmed, Anath told Harry to take out a book from his trunk. He obeyed and was amazed to find he was gazing upon the mysterious book. It should not have been there. He had packed the trunk and it was not there before.

Wards” He mumbled over the title. Anath spoke, “Harry, open to page 1054. It should be there.”

The boy was holding his breath until he finished the short chapter and his face contorted with anger. “Take it down, I want to take it down…accidental magic…this is all about the repression of my magic.”

Harry calm down, your magic is building up again and it will only feed into this ward. Dumbledore does have a sense of humour; two birds with one stone, he was right. In a way the house also protected you from the Death Eaters for it hid the Dursleys and you from the Wizarding World. However, it was powered by your magic. The source is you.”

There is another spell cast on this house; it was the old man’s own charm for monitoring you…”

Anath, you mean he’s spying on me right?” Harry grumbled.

It is a good thing we’re back. If we were not he would immediately have known.”

I don’t care; I don’t see it that way. What can we do now? If we cast a spell we’re doom; either way I am trapped here. We shouldn’t have come back Anath!”

Ah, but have you forgotten that I am always prepared. Potions are not detectable Harry…you should listened in Snape’s classes.”

The greasy git…”

That is Weasley talking Harry,” Anath chided him. The boy still had much to learn.

Open up!” loud bangs once again brought them back.

Harry Potter swung the door open when he finished his task and he was not in the mood for pleasantries. “I’m about going to bed UNCLE, sorry, did you want something?” Uncle Vernon quickly dashed a look around the small room and it looked like everything was still in place. He backed off slightly remembering the boy’s strength last summer.

Just don’t try anything…” he warned and walked back to his room.

It was their last night at Dursleys’ house. The next morning Harry was not found in the smallest room of number 4 Privet Drive. On the old wooden single bed was a piece of paper addressed to the Dursleys.

End Flashback

“Let’s see the Prophet, Harry. The inn atmosphere seems to be a bit tense since we came in.” Anath decided to let him think of it as an escape. It was pointless to argue with a mule.

“Tension…really? I didn’t notice… I was a bit off from running,” Harry answered.

“Yes, there were whispers and people looking over their shoulders more than usual.” The boy needed to watch his surrounding more carefully, should she train him? It would give him another advantage and YET, Harry was her host…life and death is always decided by the mere power of observation. She would dwell on this later.

Harry jumped off the bed and sat down at the table where the newspaper, the Prophet, magically replaced itself every day.

“Black Escapes” jumped out as the headline of the paper. “The paper isn’t helpful. It reports an inmate has escaped their prison this morning.” He skimmed over it. Harry chucked the newspaper away; it had nothing to do with him. Voldemort’s Right-Hand-Man, INDEED, what a joke, the man looks like a living corpse and yet those wizards were quivering.


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Chapter 8: ch7:Wherever yougo,go with all yourheart

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Chapter 7: Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

The birds’ chippings woke Harry Potter early in the morning. It was not even six a.m. yet. He was used to being awake at that time so he could prepare the Dursleys’ breakfast. Harry hadn’t bothered to change his sleeping habits as it seemed pointless to be lazing about in his current environment. The golden lights of dawn brought the room from its darkness and revealed a rundown room, broken furniture and cracked walls. The rest of the house was in no better state. However, the house was still structurally sound enough to be lived in. Harry once again wished he was able to break the tracking spell as he wanted to be able to perform some cleaning spells. ‘Reparo would be useful spell, but not at the risk of being detected by the Ministry,’ he thought. Harry did not mind the physical labour but the house was quite large and it would take many months before the place was turned into decent living conditions, though it brought him comfort that this was his family house.

Godric Hollow was not what he had pictured for the Potter House; there were no family paintings hanging on the wall nor did it contain any personal items that indicated what was the owners were like. It appeared like a safe-house and every piece within the house functioned for necessary daily living rather than luxury. Harry felt slightly cold from the eerie atmosphere and he would have preferred it to be warmer like the Wealeys’ Burrow perhaps.

The only room that he felt emotional attached to was the master bedroom, once was occupied by his parents. Harry discovered a small bassinet in the corner of the room and a little stuffed bunny that was singed. He had put the damaged toy inside his trunk, another memento of his childhood. Harry remembered when he first clutched it; it was hours later and he had still felt dazed yet he was unable to shed a single tear, unable to move, until Anath demanded him to get a hold of himself.

Today, Harry intended to sort out the kitchen. He moved a piece of burned wood that might have been a chair once, outside the room. Harry eyes glanced around the room again and he wondered why on earth the place was so very ordinary. It almost seemed to be a Muggle house rather than a Wizarding house; maybe his Mother renovated the place to suit her needs because she was a Muggle-born, though it seemed unlikely. Harry had searched the house thoroughly; he had thought that he would able to gather information and he had learned a bit more regarding his parents but thus far the impersonal house had given him very little. It was frustrating. That didn’t stop Harry carrying on. However, hoping that just maybe there was something here buried beneath all the trash. Anath knew better than to interfere and she had discovered her own little problem with which to contend.

Anath had not considered how the whole affair had affected Harry. She would have never would put her parents on a pedestal. Her relationship with the Goa’uld was mostly base on a power struggle. She didn’t count her close relationship with Baal, her twin. She found she was not able to participate in Harry experiences. This, however, was the least of her worries.

She tried to comprehend the difference between them. She knew her parents well enough but she struggled with an inherent urge to crush them. Anath was confused, and her thoughts were conflicted on this matter. She did however begin to regret choosing to come here. Somehow, Harry’s strong feelings had started to affect her in a way that she least expected; one of the deep impressions she began to understand was sorrow. The Goa’uld were twisted creatures. While they experienced all the negative emotions (hate, anger and other darker feelings), sorrow and grief were not among them. She felt numb at the lost of Baal but she did not grieve his death. Harry had begun to show her what could have been and Anath began to fear. The new found emotion was better off blocked away, she finally decided. She was unsure what went wrong since from what she knew of Goau’ld history, this was not suppose to happen. That they had not yet bonded made it all the more disturbing and she wondered what might happen once they did.

Anath had checked the house before they were settled, the only charms unbroken were the anti-Muggle, a repelling charm, and a notice-me- not spell, beside that, it was abandoned like the rest of surrounding area. The house seemed to be in the extract state that it had been thirteen years ago minus the bodies. The first few days after they had arrived, they had made a round; ensured it is safe to stay there, and luckily, found the place to be a ghost town. The neighbourhood had been abandoned long gone, likely soon after Voldemort attacked the Potters. Godric was considered a dangerous town to live thus making it the perfect hiding place.

Harry Potter was pleased with his work. He was, for the first time in his life, grateful for the Dursleys’ ill-treatment of him, for he now had the skills needed and had done wonders with the kitchen. ‘Quite a handyman, don’t you think, Anath,’ he chuckled, applauding himself on a job well done.

Harry finally sat down on a chair with a steaming a cup of tea. He was glad to find some can foods, preserved by magic, in the kitchen cupboards. He had not thought about food when he made the journey here. Harry scolded himself for being careless but it had seemed Anath had not thought about it either. She grumbled about not being served and the tasks being beneath her, much like Aunt Petunia yet a lot kinder, he thought. Harry then snickered. ‘The mighty are fallible too…’ Harry stopped, ‘oh, gosh, I sound like you!This left her feeling a few shade paler at the suggestion.

His attention wandered to the vegetables and herbs that were growing in the backyard, another handy food source for them. The garden was overgrown but would last for years nonetheless. Even still, Harry decided to cultivate it into orderly paths like the one he did for Aunt Petunia. Harry Potter was a practical person. He was brought up that way by the Dursleys out of necessity. The steaming cup was soothing and he felt as if the world was at peace with him. Anath completely relaxed under the cup of tea that she grown to love as she contemplated what could have gone wrong while Harry’s mind imagined what it could have been, thirteen years ago, under this very roof.

Their short little break however was interrupted by someone trespassing into the house.

Harry instincts reacted at once, his hand grabbed hold of the wand. ‘A walking stick would be better,’ Anath mocked in the background as they crept toward the front of the house to investigate. They heard the door creak open, then came rattling noises which were from the small trap they had set a few nights ago. It consisted of pieces of small furniture that would collapse on top of whoever was coming in the front door.

Harry clamped his mouth shut so he didn’t burst out laughing at the poor sod and Anath was pleased that her host had not lost his childlike humour. Suddenly they heard the intruder swearing non-stop and unwittingly taught Harry some new colourful vocabulary as the boy listened on.


Harry stiffened in shock and wondered what could have caused all that racket. Without taking any precaution he ran in to witness the man in a heap onto the floor, not far from a puddle (likely from the bottle of wine) on the floor. Harry shook his head at the unlucky man, and raised the wand at him. He knew he had two options, he could try to scare him off or he would have to use the wand. However, Harry’s green eyes widened when he recognised the captive man.

It was Sirius Black. Voldemort’s right-hand-man and an escapee from Azkaban.

“Well, well…looks at what we have here, Anath.” Harry’s smile twisted to mirror to Anath feelings. Harry had come to enjoy mimicking Anath as he thought she was cool in her dealings with their adversaries. It was better than being a sideshow as “Harry, the Boy-Who-Lived”.

Harry has no problem letting Anath handling Voldemort’s man. He felt slightly sorry for Black.

“I’ll handle this one, Harry.” Anath accepted the offer; ignored Harry little acts earlier and was already eyeing the fireback hanging on the fireplace mantle, a few steps away and easily snatched. She smirked thinking she would like to permanently damage the man beyond recognition. Anath thirsted for blood and it had been a while since she had been in a fight. The peaceful years had dulled her a bit and with recent events she welcomed her darker side. Perhaps this was what she needed to regain what she had lost. She also hoped that by fighting and using violence she would receive pleasure and entertainment thus awakening HERSELF from slumber.

Maybe cruelty is what she need; after all she was a Goa’uld.

“James!” Sirius whispered, not sure if he was seeing things. He blinked twice but the image did not disappear. Before now he would have been sure that he was sane even if he did spend thirteen years in Azkaban, but now he wasn’t sure. Regardless of his mental state, Sirius was too happy to care but his pleasure at seeing his childhood friend was short lived. Instead of a cheerful reunion he expected, Sirius found he was trapped in a nightmare where James was striking at him with a fireback. Sirius struggled to escape the iron rod, though it was an effort in futility.

He was bleeding now and he knew his ribs were cracked from the earlier attack. The pain was beyond his endurance and it was then he started to howl. This was it. He was finally paying for his mistake, which had cost his best friend and his family dearly.

“James…” Sirius didn’t know that he was screaming the name aloud instead whimpering as before.


“James…” the name tore from Black and reached Harry.

“Anath please stopped.” Harry was a bit scared as he observed the scene. It had been all one sided attacks. Black was completely defenceless. The strikes had come quickly; so furiously fast that he could only hear only swoop sounds. The first hit had knocked the man off his feet, the second disabled his left arm, and the last broke a rib. It was so horrible that he should have turned away instead of staring directly at the man. He feared he would vomit.

Anath’s intense raged disappeared. She sighed and felt a bit dissatisfied. She had been nearly able to shut the man up for good. She heard the whispered “James” when Black first saw them but she had shut the noise out. Because it had been spoken in so softly she could have easily hidden the information and then her fun would not have been spoiled. It made no difference to her whether he was guilty or if he had been wrongly accused. No, the man was not innocent like Harry, no one she had ever met was innocent like Harry. Sirius Black had eyes has showed of deep flaws but she knew he was not a malicious person. She watched him slip into unconsciousness.

She sighed again. Harry’s voice had stopped her and once again she was amazed how Harry could influence her. Baal wasn’t even able to stop her when she gone into a rampage. She remembered her brother and how he preferred when someone else was doing the dirty work for him. Baal had cleverly manipulated her sisterly worshiping of him to the point that Anath had single handily wiped out most of his rivals. It was why she had lost in that final battle with him. She had not realised how strong he was because she had underestimated him. While she had been training, he had been watching and learning. Baal countered every move she had made, he had known her blind spots and it had been too late for her. Anath twisted the fireback as it broken in half. The frustration inside her was burning brighter…waiting till the day they met again.

Anath shut herself away, leaving Harry to control the body as the boy rushed to Black’s side to checking on his health.


“Hi” Harry timidly spoke, watching as Black slowly opened his eyes. Sirius Black was disoriented but he saw his childhood friend and tried to sit up.

“James!” he cried. Happiness filled him once again.

“No, I’m Harry. I was told I looked like my dad.”

“I think you’re better laying down.” Harry advised as he pushed him back down gently. Sirius eyes didn’t leave his face; the man seemed to have trouble accepting the situation. “I’m sorry, but I’m unable to help you with healing spells…being underage and all.” Harry waved his wand and he focused on Sirius as the man winced in pain. “Emmm…sorry about that, I can give you some potions to reduce your throbbing…you’re not a Death Eater, are you?” It was not so much a question as a statement.

“Why do you think that?” The man’s grey-blue eyes widened a fraction. The boy’s lips curved into a smile.

“Your arm,” Harry pointed. “There’s no Dark mark there. I took the liberty of bandaging you. I really am sorry for the wounds.” Sirius sank back as he remembered what had happened. The boy may come across as innocent but the memories of that same face from the attack had been merciless.

“Why are you here?” Sirius looks at his godson and shivered once again.

“Here? Why shouldn’t I? Is this not my house?” Harry retorted.

“I learned that you lived with Lily’s sister. I went there to check but I could not find you. I was in a bit of a panic and decided to come here and regroup, and then consider new strategies.” Sirius wondered why he replied the question easily. He blamed it on his injuries and that he was feeling a bit delirious, but it didn’t cross his mind that he had been given truth serum.

“Ah…” Harry studied the man further. Sirius Black was interesting; the man had known his family and was quite close to them apparently. Black appeared worse than in his recent photo that was in the newspaper. His gaunt face showed years of suffering in Azkaban.

“I remembered Petunia at your parents wedding and I was worried about you that’s why I headed there first…” Sirius trailed off and then remembered the boy’s welfare. “Are you OK? Harry.”

Harry was surprised at the question and Sirius Black’s tone expressed that he cared. Harry decided to be truthful with the man. “What would you like to hear…? I have a nice little life there? No, of course not…I decided to run away and here I am.”

“Run away, Harry. What are you thinking?” Sirius screamed.

“What right are you to tell me what to do? Not even the old coot could…”

“What right…” Sirius fumed, he finally lost it. “I’M YOUR GODFATHER!” Sirius coughed, his ribs hurt. He did realise he had no real right, but this not how he pictured his godson. Sirius felt silly; he had yelled at Harry just when all he ever wanted to do is to make it up to the boy.

Harry was shocked and stared at him.

“Sorry Harry. You’re right! I’m just worried that you’ll run into Death Eaters. What about Dumbledore?” Sirius tried to change the subjects.

“Dumbledore” Harry sneered. “I’m better off without him; he told me I’m a weapon to be sacrificed.”

“Surely not, the man is like Santa. James and I were able to get away almost everything at school because he favoured us.” Sirius frowned. The memories were happy but the old man DID leave him to rot in Azkaban.

Sirius Black decided right then, whatever happened, he would have Harry best interests before anyone else’s. Sirius slowly recounted to Harry his long tale and when he finished the day was nearly over. Harry shook his head; he was not sure how to take it. He needed time to adjust to the newfound knowledge; the betrayal was hard but Sirius Black was not blameless either. Harry was angry for Sirius and at Sirius.

“Let me think about this. This whole business seems to be a setup by the others.” Harry stood up. He needed to prepare dinner and he would go it again that night.

“Harry, you said something about unable to performing magic…”

Harry swung around, “Yes, I desperately need it to heal you, as well as to clean this place up,” he said as he waved his hands around at the mess.

Sirius looked troubled as if he were struggling with a decision, “I think…no, I know I could help you with that.”

“You could?” Harry walked to man, excited and held his breathe. “How? I’ve looked…”

“I was an Auror before. I did work on some cases regarding the Underage Wizarding Laws and I had the authorised clearance to study tracking spells. Come here, it’ll be easier if I destroy it for you. The Ministry hasn’t been able to find me thus far because of this.” It was then Sirius Black realised he did not have the wand. Harry was feeling a bit wearied but he knew Black would not hurt him.

“Here.” Harry pulled the wand out his robe and placed it into the man’s hand. Sirius swirled the wand before casting the spell.

“Retexo Primo.”

“Uhh…Thanks.” Harry gave a gentle smile to his godfather. “Sorry Sirius, but it better this way.”

“Harry?” Sirius Black wondered nervously.


“Goodnight Sirius.”


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Chapter 9: Ch8: It’s a small world

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Chapter 8: It’s a small world.

Godric Hollow was very quiet but this was about to change. The house has been occupied by two lonely wizards for over a month, one an inmate, and other a runaway. It is hard to imagine what these two might have had in common, but there was one connection – guilt. The inmate wizard was recovering from injuries and his name was Sirius Black, the infamous Lord Black of the Wizarding World. Sirius groaned and woke up from prolonged slumber.

Sirius didn’t feel like opening his eyes, for his body ached as if he had been run over by the Knight Bus. The desire to know where he was and concern for his own safety, won. The deep blue eyes tiredly adjusted to the blinding lights and it then dawned on Sirius that he had been sleeping in one of guestrooms at Godric Hollow, the Potter’s safe house. The room which he had often occupied during his stays with the Potters.

The curtain was gently wafted by the summer breezes that entered through the slightly cracked open window, giving him the sense of tranquil peace that he had come to expect from this place. The room was exactly as he has remembered when he had first set his eyes on it fourteen years ago.

“It should be wreck!” Sirius Black felt the jab of a headache, he breathed slowly and cleared his mind, hoping the jumbled thoughts were gone; Sirius wondered if he should be concerned for his mental condition. Why did he expecting the place to be in ruins?

Sirius was fuzzy for a while but finally he was able to unravel enough to make sense of his situation. ‘Azkaban, I was there for a long time; too long’, he sighed, the pounding began again. Sirius gave up his analysing and concentrated on his surroundings once more. The smell of the clean air- a mixture of pines – and the soft bed was not a dream. He was indeed at Godric Hollow but how he got there… more questions? ‘It must be memory-gap seizures.’ he had experienced them during his imprisonment. Dementors were the cause no doubt, he thought as he brushed his black hair back, studying unseeingly the long ends of his uncut hair.

He should have it cut off soon; the texture and length reminded him of his bastard father. ‘I’m off the tangent again. Where am I?’ Oh right, he was sure he had escaped Azkaban and maybe that is why he’s here at Godric Hollow. “Damn it. Why am I on bed? I should move around, the place would give me clues.” Sirius angrily threw the blanket off and found that he was wearing a blue pyjama robe, a bit loose on his thin body perhaps, but it almost fit.

‘This surely is something new I’ve done,’ Sirius mused. He was positive now that someone must have helped him dress. His blue eyes immediately landed on the wizard daily robe stack on the chair beside his bed and quickly he got dressed, unquestioning why it was there. Sirius caught a glimpse of his reflection on his way out the room and was completely taken back at what the mirror showed him, his haggish appearance was not the problem, though it should have been an issue as he was not what he once was: a handsome rogue; the items of clothing were the sole reason, they had once belonged to James. There was no mistake in the style; James always liked to tailor his own clothes to certain style or flare of his own. They often joked that James was in the wrong business, instead of working as Auror he should be a designer.

Sirius felt the need to see whoever was in the house more urgently than ever.

Sirius staggered his way to the kitchen; his hunger unconsciously controlling his steps to the vicinity. Sirius halted in the passage before the corner as he was became aware of another presence in that room; even before the omelette and bacon aromas smacked his nose. Sirius palms tightened with wariness and wondered if the other person was friend or foe.

“Sirius, I am happy that you’re finally awake. I was about to check on you. Come in, Sirius, what are you doing outside, I’ve just make breakfast.” A child’s voice called out, echoing inside the kitchen, obviously having heard his footsteps thus making the choice for him. The confrontation he was expecting was with his godson. ‘My godson Harry?’

It’s Harry! Sirius senses become hazy once more with both fear and joy, the latter won and he could not believe it, but by some miracle the voice belonged to his godson. Sirius was confident this was not a Death Eater’s trick. The image of a little boy popped into his line of sight, a copy carbon of James face with Lily’s green eyes smiling at him. Sirius was sure he had seen the boy before, yet the events around the boy were cloudy.

“Sirius…” The little boy voice called out again, the tone slightly injected with worry.

“Sorry, I still feel unwell. I’m coming Harry.” Sirius replied quickly reassured Harry, fearing that if he did not answer his godson sooner, the boy would be more anxious over his condition. Sirius felt this was a natural reaction from him and came to conclusion that he must have amnesia. Sirius was an Auror before, he knew he was not under an Unforgivable curse. It must mean that he had somehow he found Harry either at Godric Hallow or at the Dursleys. Maybe he should have a chat with Harry, not alarming the boy of his condition of course; he was sure the boy would help him fill in the missing gaps.

Harry Potter watched as his godfather sat down, Sirius Black slumped heavily against the chair; he must be on his last legs. Sirius eyes unnervingly were constantly on Harry, made him feel even more guilty; for that same steady gaze, contained the wonders and happiness of every time they were together. It was unknown to the man that his memories had been removed many times from him these last few weeks. Sirius never had a chance to settle his new feeling; seeing his godson again, “Watching Harry Potter” phrase as Anath called it, for everything is a new experience for Black, again and again. Harry felt Anath enjoyed these moments and his discomfort.

Harry set up the meals silently, feeling much relieved that Sirius had yet to question him. Harry sat down give the man a grin before digging into the omelette, but Harry’s smile did not reach his eyes. Harry bent slightly over the plate; allowed a flash of guilt to reflect upon his face. Harry did not want it to be like this. Where should he start? This was the first morning his godfather had made it out of bed without being drugged. They had agreed that Sirius Black had recovered enough yesterday, and no longer required another dose of Dreamless Sleeping potion nor being Oblivated.

Harry Potter promised that their journey would begin afresh today.


Oblivate. Goodnight, Sirius”

I didn’t think you had it in you, Harry.” Anath mused at Harry’s initiative, not that she had it in mind to take that particular route. A simpler method would be more effective; like killing the man for instance. She did not need another influencer on Harry. The boy was hers. Although, no matter how much she would have loved to advertise such a notion, she knew Harry would not agree and she would surely alienate him. Anath decided she’d poison against Black later. The door was shut, snapping her back to reality. Maybe she should watch her steps; the boy was unpredictable, even to her years of experience, and Harry strode off to the kitchen silently.

Harry careful sliced the cabbage and then the carrot (almost stabbing them); and he neatly stacked them in the bowl, silently. The task was effortlessly done yet he did not try to converse with Anath. Harry knew he could not hide his thoughts from her. Harry reeked with anger. His massive temper was pinpointing her as well as himself. Harry admitted he could not blame Anath for Black’s injuries. It was not Anath’s fault for the whole situation was a misunderstanding. Although, the guilt remained with him as he told her to take care of Black, it was too great to be forgotten by him.

The story about his family and Black was not far from his mind either but at present, his own attack on Black was taking its toll. Harry knew he would forgive Black for his lack of judgement fourteen years ago but that was out of his control so it is easy to be passed over. Yet his recent activity did not speak highly of his own worth. ‘Harry, a pot could not call a kettle black, could you?’

‘Who am I? Harry Potter! Silly!’ Harry laughed insanely, ‘I’m a hypocrite.’

Let it be,” Anath sighed. ‘The boy is losing the plot’ she thought while she wondered she might salvage the incident. She admitted she had gone overboard with Black…Sure she would have scared any human with such violence, and would barely have considered the child’s age at the time which is her first mistake; she berated herself for letting the Goau’ld nature to take over such a pitiful act. If Black was Voldemort’s man, it would not have been much of a concern and she would have persuaded Harry that the man deserved what he got.

The outcome was unexpected, and not only in that, Harry discovered the poor man’s innocence. Black was Harry’s a link to his dead parents, which he had been fretting over since they lived here. In a short time Black had managed to win the boy’s heart without trying. She could feel Harry’s warm thoughts of his parents transfer over to Black. Harry’s blind trust in him; it seemed Black had even replaced Dumbledore.

Anath could barely keep herself from shrieking. ‘Everything is ruin because of Black’ she thought. ‘Harry’s affection and loyalty should already be mine.’ Anath stopped to analyse that unbelievable train of thought. ‘Of course not, I am not jealous of Black, I’m just worried because it would be easier to control Harry if he is amendable,’ she concluded. ‘For a second there, I started to worry about my own motives and insanity.’ Anath sighed and concentrated on Harry once more.

Harry Potter, sombre, but once again entering a reclusive state and it was remained that way to the next day.

What you going to do with Black? He’ll awake soon.” Anath extended the olive branch, she had had the longest night ever, and kept thinking maybe it is best to leave this host but her survival chance were zero unless she was fully awaken. Finally, running out of any other option but to accept Harry Potter and help him to grow stronger; a fragile host would be the end of her. Regarding other minor points, such as Black, the man would be of help to guide the boy. She had to be patient in this game. There would always be opportunities around the corner.

Can we patch him first and oblivate Sirius, afterward. I’d not want his memory of meeting me to be stained with yesterday’s attack. His fearful eyes, even under “calming drought” haunted me last night.” He cried softly, hand clutching Black.

Anath seethed scornfully inward but shows no sign of her aggravation, “No problem, lets heal him first and start everything over, OK? I think that Black being held by Dementors would help with the plan. Black would not question his memories lapses if we played with his memory a little.”

Harry frowned at the idea, “You’re not trying anything are you?”

Me? I’m hurt, Harry.” She’d have to be very careful with Harry Potter; sometimes the boy was too clever for his own good.

The healing of Sirius Black has taken over two weeks, under a lot of healing charms, potions and drugs. Anath studied and planned Black’s downfall secretly. While Harry had repaired the house as he had given the freedom of using magic without restriction.

End Flashback….

“Harry…”Sirius paused, his plate had long been empty and he was contemplating in many way how to proceed but decided that it is best get to the point, if he could not be truthful with his godson then with whom could he be? “I don’t know if you have noticed but I can’t remember how we met again.”

Harry looked up from his plate; he had expected this. The question was not hard; it was the trust behind it that what made it difficult. Harry was prepared, though, and already has a generic response ready. Harry kept his voice neutral and spoke slowly, otherwise he would lose it, “Oh, yes. We have had this conversation before Sirius. It seems that yours memories have gaps again. However, I believe that you are getting better; I don’t think you’ll have the problem again. Ummm…we met here a few weeks ago. Don’t worry Sirius. It’ll come back to you eventually.”

Sirius frowned, though his godson sincerity comforted him, “I…” whatever his doubt was, he put in on hold and shook his head. “You’re right, it’s better if memories are to return naturally. Though, do give me some clues on what happen so far.”

“Not much Sirius, you were badly beaten,”‘not the Auror off course, please don’t asked me about this, but you’ll think it that way,’ “and for the last few weeks you have been healing. You haven’t been out of bed and slept most of the time whilst I fixed Godric Hallow.” Harry grinned, waving his hand around the room, Harry was very pleased with his handiwork and he hoped his happiness would seep through the monotone of the previous dialog, “what you think? Does this look like it once was Sirius?”

“Are you using magic?” Sirius eyes narrow a bit, the only conclusion he could arrived at to the state of house.

“Why yes!” Harry gives Sirius an obtuse stare, happy that the conversation was moving in another direction. Anath had helped him to stage the whole scene, “You took off my magic tracker remember?”

Sirius was surprised. He could not believe his irresponsible behaviour. Harry was still a minor. And like all magical children a tracker was placed to control and protect the child during adolescence, magic was very dangerous and unstable; however, as adult, it was another matter, the purpose of tracing was purely for Magic Ministry to monitoring their citizens. But if he did take it off, he had surely done it for a good reason and what was done was done; he must oversee the boy from any mishaps during holiday until Harry should be safe at school. Harry should be getting ready for Hogwarts soon…

“Harry what the date is today?” Sirius had a vague idea of the date, the last he had checked it was when he was outside of Azkaban. This was on Harry birthday, the 31st July. Sirius was disappointed; he would have liked to escape earlier to celebrate Harry’s birthday. It seems they didn’t meet until much later.

“The 9th September.”

Sirius eyes widened, processing the given information, “The 9th September… Harry what you are doing here? You were supposed to start classes a week ago.”

“Not going.” The boy’s firm answer shocked him. It was not a sulky childlike response. Harry emerald gazed fixed on Sirius as if this was the final answer and that they’d not going into this ever again. It was the mirror of Lily’s stubborn eyes and Sirius knew better to argue.

“Harry, you know that you are in need of magic education right? Is it because of me?” Sirius half-heartedly countered and quickly remarked the latter as he jumped to the conclusion that Harry was here due to his injuries.

“No, Sirius. Though, I would have stayed here to take care until you were better but this isn’t the reason I’m not going. I have had careful introspection on this and I have decided self studies are preferable than to be at Hogwarts. I’m sure you appreciate that I’m not going to be anybody’s pawn.” Harry eyes darkened at the memories. Anath smiled at this, Harry might not be a lost cause after all.

“Dumbledore!” Sirius whispered unsurprised, the old man had much to answer for; having his godson to distrust him this much and being this furious was unlike the old man. It seemed his godson had the upper hand. Sirius wondered how he was stopping the boy’s dark emotion that threatened to spiral out of control and envelope the whole room.

There fell a silence, due to the uneasiness of the topic, leaving Sirius speechless, he was positive that there was a long story behind it. ‘How should I begin?’ Maybe he should start with what he knew and Harry would unravel the problem; if not, this was a good time to inform his godson of what had happened thirteen years ago; Sirius was the first to break the silence, “Did he tell you about the prophecy?”

“Yes he told me, but not willingly.” Harry smirked but his eyes were dim with a bit of sadness, “Truth Serum.”

Harry Potter was happy that Sirius willing to share the information; he knew there was a reason why he liked the man. ‘He does not hide information from me, Anath.’ Harry beams the happy thoughts at her.

‘Really? You should keep what you know to yourself, the man is fishing for information.’ She sighed, warning Harry.

Sirius raised his eyes and waited for further explanation, but the boy gave the look once again, not now maybe someday. It looked like his godson has grown up; the baby he had once held in his hand was no longer there. Sirius felt his age, wearily he searched for the innocence of youth but found none. Harry grim eyes were too adult.

Sirius regretted that he was not there to protect Harry; it looked like the child had gone through a lot. Sirius was not sure why but he trusted Harry’s judgement. The boy had proved that he was an adult; after all, with magic Harry had taken care of him and fixed the house. Harry must be more advanced in his magic studies than his years. Sirius smiled, he was not sure what else he could teach the boy but Sirius was sure he have a few tricks to pass over to his godson at the very least, “Ok Harry, one step at a time right! How about me, am being your tutor?”

“You! Sirius?” Harry ran over and enthusiastic hugged and squeezed him, “Thanks.” Leaving the older man breathless; maybe there was hope, Harry is still a child in his own way. Sirius vowed that he will protect Harry from that rough path which Fate seemed to have in store for his godson. It was the least he could do.


June 15th 1994

The café was small but very cosy. It sat pleasantly at the outskirts of the town. There were only two other customers beside them given that this was during working hours. Anath’s hand twirled the ice-coffee, she had no preference for the taste but it seemed it was favoured by her host, Harry Potter. Anath graced them with a smile, a rare sight, though it was not on her face that it showed, but rather her host’s. Sirius Black presence did not bring her any immediate anger as it once had. Nearly a year together has adjusted her to tolerate the man. Anath no longer sought for his demise but that did not mean she would lift a finger to help him if Black was in danger. Actually, once in a while her thoughts did dwell there, her possessiveness of Harry Potter having increased tenfold.

Black was presently flirting with the bar maid, having forgotten that he was under his godson’s watchful eyes or in this case her eyes. ‘SERIOUSLY, the man is worse than a kid. It is humiliating that I, the powerful Merciful goddess, am reducing to a babysitter.’

Anath had patiently been waiting for a certain individual to walk through that door. She never told Harry why they had come here for the summer holiday. Nor had she explained the times when she deigned to make the acquaintance of a few others through various means, or take a trip to Cairo for conference and wrote to Science magazine publisher. Harry was only able to make one connection between them but it was a little consequence for there was no evidence except, “Anath, why are you befriending Americans, what so great about them?” He sulked.

‘Not making friends, Harry. I’m just choosing whom I should terminate.’ She thought maliciously, though it was hidden from him. The ice-cream had melted and blended with coffee, she should let Harry regaining the body to enjoy the drink; yet, the man would be walking inside the café soon according to data collected. Anath debated and in the end decided against the idea, it would be harder to take control back for the day, once it had been relinquish. Harry was still sleeping since last night.

Stargate Program had not officially commenced, based on the timeline Baal have given to her. Anath wonder what she had been doing. Anath was a living contradiction. She had not really sabotaged the program and had been half-hearted in re-directing these peoples’ destinies.

In addition to her contacting them, the results were often what she least expected. Baal would say she was helping the Tau’ri instead of hindering their development. Maybe she did, Anath was yet to have a clear goal on what she really wanted. Destroying the Stargate program was Baal idealism from his journal; and would prevent Goau’ld empire’s destruction. It was probably for her pride, that she, Anath, should save them. Yet none of these reasons were important.

It was probably because these reasons did not really matter to her as they had once upon a time. The fate of the Tau’ri and Goau’ld had become trivial compared to coexisting with Harry. She was starting to learn of his important to her existence; but Baal’s death was certainly the only thing that she would surely prevent. Anath grimaced.

The door creaked open and a middle age man marched in but his steps were heavy and unsteady. This did not prevent the illusion that he had the bearing of a military man even in his drunken stage.

“Jack!” the barmaid moved to the man and leaving her customer, Sirius Black, fuming at the bar.

“You looked awful, Jack. You should give up those late night drinks.” The barmaid scolded, “Has Sara returned home yet, dear?”

The man shook his head and sat down the table. Jonathan J. O’Neill. Even, at his worst moment in life Jack still had the aura of a Leader.

Anath met many people and she was never wrong with her intuitions, there was little doubt that this man was the one changing the Tau’ri future.

The man was dangerous.

‘Now, what am I going to do, to kill or not to kill?’


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Chapter 10: ch9: Interlude – The Children of Gods P1

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AN: I’ve use the combination information from Stargate wiki and (gods & goddesses) mythology as well my own assumption to generate a Goa’ulds’ Empire chart. Please note all are fanfiction work and I’m not expert in mythology/ancient history so please do not flame me on this.

I’ve thought for a long time on how I would slot the twin history into the story but found it hard so I made Interludes of the stories – The Children of Gods. I think the interludes will clear up many questions that you have had about this story.

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Chapter 9: Interlude – The Children of Gods

Part One – The Birth of the Miracle Twin

Gasure was a small town in Canaan, located near the Aranzah (Tigris) River. The town was renown in the region for its attractiveness, where every house had a small garden and was an ideal place for young couples to live. The peaceful town boasted that few guards were required for the town’s safety.

The main problem with Gasure was that she was not well populated compared to her neighbouring towns. Because Gasure was situated out of the main district of Canaan, and possibly also due to the fact that Gasure had no economic or military powers behind it, no noblemen dwelled there, only peasants. However, the small town’s fate was changed that night; in fact, the whole region of Canaan, for the next few millennia, was affected by the birth of a new god and goddess. Known as “the Miracle Twins”, their exploits were renowned even after the Canaan civilisation was long gone.

Several months had passed since the new god Dagon and goddess Ishana decided to make Gasure, the small town, to be their new family base. Lord Dagon and Lady Ishana were well known to the locals in a short time. The Lady Ishana was loved by all for her gentle nature while her consort Lord Dagon was feared by town’s folk. Gasure was enslaved and began construction of a great city, driven by their new god Dagon.

The god and goddess lived in a palace, though it was insignificant compared to their home. They had to put up with it as they were in hiding. Lord Dagon and Lady Ishana could not afford news of the coming birth of their children to reach the System Lords. The morning had passed peacefully until Lady Ishana found herself in labour.

“Cron…” Ishana screamed. In her delirious state she called out to Rhea’s consort’s name instead of her husband, Dagon. ‘Dagon, a dearly beloved name, has become meaningless over my lips for nearly a year since we were possessed by the gods’.

‘Where is the bastard? Our children are about to be born.’ Ishana clutched her personal maid’s hand. The goddess could not bear the childbirth pains, it was her vulnerable period.

Ishana heard footsteps running in and out the room, bringing clean water. The noises dulled her senses and had become comforting background rhythms. The goddess Rhea, mumbling about ‘backward Tau’ri’ brought Ishana back to reality. Ishana was not truly a goddess but Rhea was. Ishana learned much from the goddess that had lived inside her. She knew the Goa’uld was not a gods’ race, but that did not changed one fact; Ishana was a Tau’ri, a weak race and she was a slave for a Goa’uld and Lady Rhea, who had been dormant in her while Ishana carried the twins.

The baby’s healthy cry sprang out and distracted Ishana from her pains, “It’s a boy, OUR NEW GOD, my Lady.” the maid exclaimed and passed the new born to her.

Ishana tearfully whispered, “Baal!” she knew her first born will be a boy, Rhea had told her. ‘My son, his name is Baal. It was worth it.’

Ishana begged Rhea to keep the children when she was taken as host. Rhea was reluctant but then Rhea had recently lost her own children. Ishana latched onto that notion, saying the children belonged to Rhea since she possessed Ishana body. Rhea finally agreed to the human’s insistence, not out of kindness but also because of her own agenda.

Rhea had cleverly persuaded her consort of the idea of human child birth experiment. Rhea’s consort was not a scientist but knew technologies were a way for him to become greater. Rhea’s consort quickly accept the idea; after all he loved experimenting on all species, especially his own. Rhea informed him of the pregnancy at a later date without being suspicious and when she was no longer able to slow down the development of the babies without harming them.

Ishana felt Rhea’s presence stirring inside recklessly, ready to be awakening; she knew that once the other twin, Anath broke out from the womb, Rhea would once again take control of the body. Ishana shrieked the unfairness of life, ‘How I long to hold my children and watch them grow up’. This was not the case, she would never have such luxury but at least they lived, ‘What else can a mother ask for!’ Ishana comforted herself.

“Dagon, where are you?” she cried out her husband’s name, their names were restored to them when they arrived here. Ishana was able to request to deliver her children close to their old home town. She had particular chosen Gasure because it was the place they had been planning to settle before they were taken as hosts.

“My Lady, his Lordship is coming. Please bear the pains and concentrate on pushing my Lady, the other twin is coming.” The maid tried sooth her agonies.

‘Dagon, we were both chosen to be god and goddess, but our lives would have been much better if we had not been capture on that day, on our honeymoon near Olympia.’ Ishana regretted and knew it would be over soon. She finally lost consciousness when her daughter, Anath, took her first breath.

Rhea opened her eyes and stared at the infants placed on her hands. They were very tiny and easily crushed within her palms. The twins were her children. They were not her flesh and blood but she had been with them as they grew inside the slave body. Her thoughts were mingled with theirs, teaching them. “The Miracle Twins,” the first children of Goa’uld in another form.

Rhea would not have entertained the idea if the children had not already existed when she took her host, nor if she hadn’t been forced into the situation by her consort, unable to have children of her own. It would be too taboo being motherly to another life form. Goa’uld were superior and the Tau’ri were their slaves. ‘How could these children be seen as her equals?’

‘But they are powerful.’ A voice whispered. Rhea learned the twins were very dangerous when she mingled with them. They had absorbed her consort and her own knowledge while they grew inside the slave womb. Rhea found a side effect of these children had, she could not control the genetic memories input into these children like those she had sired. Rhea knew the danger of letting them be born but she couldn’t warn her consort, if he knew about the children capabilities; they would surely die instantly.

Rhea wants these children, after all the suffering she had gone through, ‘seven months of dormancy’ she would make sure they lived. However, she needed to make them as her ‘own’. They were Goa’uld children but not Goa’uld, her consort had named these children as Harascis.

Rhea was worried about them, their body structure like the Tau’ri, would eventually die; human bodies were fragile even if they had inherited Goa’uld abilities and advancement due to their genetic combination of Goa’uld and human. However, the thought that they were powerful enlivened her heart; she couldn’t wait for the future, when her children ruled.

‘Yes, they will need to be host to a Goa’uld and at the same time it must be my offspring.’ Rhea knew her consort would not agree to this; after all he had been eradicating all their children who possessed the DNA code of both parents’ genetics.

Rhea’s Consort is a very fearful man, he was afraid his children would rise up against him. He only allowed Rhea to give birth to those offspring who would possess little of their genetic makeup and the genetic memory which passed directly from them to their children. This was not a problem, since Rhea was a Queen and as mother she was able to exercise the control over the biochemistry of her progeny.

Although Rhea was fully aware of her consort fears, over the millennia she often gave birth of these particular children and hidden them. But her consort always found them, Kouretes was last one of the seven that he had taken from her. ‘And I promised no more. How I hated him for that.’

It all started as Gaea foretold him, when she was evicted, “Your son, one day will taken your throne as you did with your own.” The word triggered fear in him and he knew he would have no children; least of all allow his offspring to have the potential to be as strong as or stronger than him.

Rhea was angry but complied with his wish; she could not fight him during her labour. He was always there to ensure that none of their offspring contained both of their DNA coding. However, Rhea did not feel the same; if their children inherit both of their DNA; it was to ensure a strong legacy for the future generation and Rhea would become known as the Mother of all Gods one day. Rhea longed to create a special child, one that would become the strongest in Goa’uld history and above all, the child would acquire the throne from RA in the future.

Rhea ambition was to have her bloodline enthroned.

Rhea’s Consort was too weak beside RA but he was still one of strongest among the Goa’uld, that why she had chosen him and besides, he was her beloved brother.

Rhea held the boy, Baal, the baby gently in her arms; she had another name for the child but he would not take it until he came of age. Anath, a daughter, is of no use to her. Rhea had no thought for the girl future. ‘Anath is a backup just in case Baal goes wrong’. She liked that idea very much. Rhea had many plans to carry out; however, first she needed to regress the children memories for their own survival.

Rhea had an idea on how to make her dream come true, a compromise with her consort or rather backstabbing him without his realising it. The children will have symbiotes implanted that contain both of their entire DNA coding as she always desired; but the symbiotes will be in “blank” stage with no genetic memories.

Her consort would surely agree to this suggestion. He would have no idea that the children already have their genetic memories, all of them. It no longer mattered what he had instructed her to pass on to the symbiote, though she would have not given them everything, all the generic memories, if they themselves hadn’t absorbing them during the pregnancy. ‘What’s done is done!’ although, the very thought scared her.

Rhea smiled and shook the troubling thought away, ‘It matters not. I’ll have my own children one way or another.’

“Ah, Rhea my beloved, it good to have you back. Ishana is too Tau’ri for my taste.”

Her consort wrapped Rhea into his arm.

Rhea snorted but gives him a kiss, “It good to see you, my Lord. How has this measly town been doing during my dormancy?”

“I’ve build the city to fit for my Queen, Rhea. However, since we introduced ourselves as Lord Dagon and Lady Ishana. It shall remain so here.”

“That’s great news, my Lord; however, Gasure is not becoming as holy city’s name. It’ll not do for our new born son and daughter.”

“You’re right, my Lady. How about Nuzi? It is a good dialect name.” Dagon had been thoughtfully on the name for a while and it seemed fitting, ‘its meaning TO CROSS OVER; a hidden message of the birth between a Goa’uld and Taui’ri’.

“Nuzi!” Rhea exclaimed in a commanding voice; she liked the ring of it, though she was fully aware of her husband’s twisted humour.

Without Gasure’s populace knowing it, a new city was born and grown to be one most powerful in the region for the next few millennia.

A city, where all the trading roads were crossed over, later it was replaced by Rome.


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Chapter 11: ch10: DéjàVu

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Chapter 10: Déjà-Vu

The wind was mild, and brushed against her chestnut hair as Sara stood there mindlessly, her hand trembling. Sara hesitated for a second at the insane command that was echoing in her mind but she had no will to overcome the impulse control. She pulled the trigger, though it felt so wrong.

Sara instantly collapsed as the gun fired.

Anath watched the airborne bullet, through her inhuman eyes. They captured the slow-motion of the bullet heading toward the target. The trajectory pinpointed the heart, right to where the blood vessel pumped, exactly as she had instructed. ‘An instant death, not even a symbiote would able to heal such wound.’

The event would certainly come to pass in another second or so. Anath had no doubt of the outcome and decided it was time to leave.


Anath stopped, ‘That sound is not right.’ And immediately swung around to inspect what could have gone wrong.


Anath quietly observed O’Neill settling down, not far off from her table. Suddenly, her viewed was obstructed by a male body. Anath, irritated, looked up; it was Sirius. He had returned after being unsuccessful in wooing the barmaid.

“Hn” She grunted. ‘The clown has returned.’

“Sorry, Harry. I was ordering my coffee.” A slight blush appeared on his face under her scrutiny. Anath shrugged it off, Sirius was an irritating fly. It was a waste of time to dwell on him for she had a much a bigger fish to fry. Anath’s attention returned back to O’Neill.

‘Now that I’m here, I still haven’t yet thought of a plan on how to approach him.’ Anath sighed, ‘Maybe… better not go down that track again; nothing good will come from getting to know him better, not an approachable type, either. Hm… maybe this is the reason I was unable to terminate any of the SG1 members… I found them too interesting to kill. But, first I need to put a tracking device on him.’ Anath reached into her pocket and pulled out a small microchip; a tracking device which she had created with the scarce raw materials available, ‘Terra is still is a dark-age planet.’

‘Ah, here comes an opportunity.’ Anath stood up as the barmaid was passing them. “Excuse me, Sirius…the rest room.” She dashed off, leaving Harry’s guardian behind. Anath paced herself to the exact moment and crashed into the barmaid. Anath expected the momentum to carry her and smack right on O’Neill’s arm where she could implant the chip. However, an arm reached out and caught her; and to Anath’s surprised, Harry’s small was body pulled up by none other than O’Neill.

“Hey kid, are you OK?”

Anath was amazed to see a sober O’Neill, ‘He was ill rotten a moment ago. My perception was right, this man indeed is dangerous. And surprisingly his reflexes for a human are very good.’

Jack stared at the boy and worried; he felt something odd and was not right about the vivid emerald eyes. ‘That watchful gaze is not something that a child should have.’ Jack tried to shake off a horrible feeling, ‘I’m must still be intoxicated, need a cup to clear my head, the coffee…’ and then Jack remembered of the mess around him.

“Caro, are you OK? Any hot coffee poured on you.” Jack stood up and prepared to help her.

“No, I’m alright Jack. Sit down will you; I will bring another cup over but first I got to clean this up. It’s good that you caught the boy. I thought he would have hit the bench otherwise.”

‘Not likely.’ Anath amused, ‘Ah, the chip.’ Anath grasped O’Neill arm as if catching for his attention and planted the chip at the same time. “I’m OK, could you please let go?” Anath asked testily.


“Thanks. Sorry about the mess, madam.” Anath nodded quickly to the barmaid and raced off to the restroom so that it was not looks too suspicious.

“Ah.” Both adults exclaimed and smiled, watching the boy disappeared into the WC.

Sirius and Harry set off late in the morning as scheduled. Harry held the map on his laps and instructed Sirius where to go. “Harry why are we still in suburban area of Colorado Springs?” Sirius glanced sideways at his godson.

“Hn” the boy replied.

“OK, it is not that I don’t like the views; the houses around here look rather nice and homely but I thought we were going to arrive at the campsite later this evening.” Sirius reminded his godson but the boy continued to pay him no heed.

Sirius observed that Harry had been pensive this morning. However, Sirius was used to his godson being passive like this once in a while. He often found that Harry was very dangerous during these times and, for the peace of his well being, he knew from past experience that he’d better continue driving.

“Stop!” His godson’s abrupt command shocked Sirius and instantly he slammed on the brake. The car skidded off-kilter before grinding to a halt.

“What? Did we hit something?” Sirius paled, he was still learning to be a Muggle driver and it was not helping that they drove at the wrong side of the street too.

“No, but get out the car…” the boy yelled. When Sirius did not comply he banged the door open, “NOW!”

Sirius got out and saw that his godson had distanced himself from the car. Sirius’s intuition said to follow Harry. When Sirius reached his godson, an explosion cracked behind him, and Sirius turned to find the car ablaze.

“Muggle’s contraption…” Sirius felt his stomach churning; they could have been trapped in there. “Thanks, Harry.” This was not the first time his godson had amazingly known when they were in danger; Sirius was almost convinced that Harry had Seer ability in him. ‘Maybe, I should take him to someone who could help.’

Sirius thoughts were interrupted when a Four-Wheel-Drive on the road pulled over and stopped near them. ‘Someone has comes to help’, and he felt relieved wash over him. Sirius immediately recognised the other man; ‘John or Jack’ from the café.

“I saw it blastoff. Glad that you got out in time.” Jack O’Neill paused when he recognised the kid, “We have met at the café earlier. I’m Jack O’Neill…can I be of some assistance?”

“Yeah, thanks. Sorry, but I am at lost what to do. My name is Sirius Black and this is my godson Harry Potter. We are on holiday from England. And the car was hire.” Sirius pointed the car and sighed.

“First, it’s better if you call the company up and explain. They’ll get someone out here to check.” Jack suggested to the bewildered Sirius who had not lifted his eyes off the piece of junk. Sirius contemplated what to do; one thing he knew with certainty was that he could not use magic in a foreign country without consequences. It was not the legality that concerned him, but rather that he did not want any involvement with the American Federation of Wizards.

“Could you make the call? We do not have a mobile on us.” The boy, Harry Potter, handed him the car company contact card. Jack was astonished that these people had not brought one with them, especially when they were on the road outside of their country and comfort zone too.

“Sure.” He once again felt a cold shiver run up his spine at the boy’s steady gaze. ‘Why do I feel as if I walk down a dangerous lane when I look at him?’ Jack quickly made the called and sorted out the problem at best he could.

“They will be out here by this afternoon to check the car out so you can leave it there. However, they don’t have any available car at present and the earliest they can send one is tomorrow morning.”

“Hm…Just great!” Sirius mumbled. Jack sensed Black’s distress and thought it was best to direct the man to their more urgent matter. That of accommodation for tonight.

“Where are you staying? I could drop you off there.”

“We are on our way to the next stop; Colorado Springs Camp, it is a bit out of the way. Don’t worry, we’ll be alright. Thanks Jack.” Sirius looked down at his godson and waited for Harry’s comment. However, the boy had remained silent.

Jack O’Neill walked away, he felt a bit bad; the situation could have been him and Charles. The boy reminds him of his son, Charles. Well, if he were to overlook the cold ruthless eyes. Jack felt that he’d regret the decision later, but turned around to the stranded strangers.

“Look…you need a place to stay overnight. And there’s no point in wandering around a strange town. What do you think about crashing at my place for the night? It’s just down the road anyway.” Jack offered to the two perfect strangers and started to wonder if he was insane. Yet it seems like Fate had set the whole thing up.

“Thanks, but we don’t want to be trouble to you.” Sirius declined. However, Harry also replied at the same time.

“Thanks, Mr. O’Neill. We’ll accept your generosity.”

“Harry!…I guess we’ll be troubling you. Thanks for yours hospitality.” Sirius sighed; he knew better not to dispute his godson.

“It’s OK. It’s strange, almost like Fate at work.” Jack smiled at the boy, Harry Potter sure was like Charles. He felt his heart tighten. It might not have been a good idea to have them with him when he was still grieving for his son. But, Charles was gone. Jack thought he had missed Charles before but the sorrow he felt was nothing compared to the moment he saw another, similar boy alive before him, and Jack knew what he truly had lost.

‘Fate; Indeed.’ Anath mused, as she walked toward O’Neill’s Four-Wheel-Drive with Sirius in tow. She was the one that had made sure everything went according to plan.

Anath had always preferred the night. It was when she got things done and no one disturbed her. It was proving true in Harry Potter’s case as well, the body was for her to control. Anath had wandered out, through the window to inspect the surrounding area. Anath could see everything around her very clearly as if it were daytime. There were few animals active at night around O’Neill’s house, like a little grasshopper beneath her foot; her lightly step wouldn’t kill the little insect.

Anath walked around the garden. It was well kept but hardly any flowers beds could be found there. Anath had let Harry Potter deal with the aftermath as O’Neill picked them up on the road. Harry was very good; lately he had not questioned her motive like he used to, and was very accommodating to her wishes. ‘Should I be worried? Perhaps he knows nothing will come of it even if he did go against me.’

Anath watched the sky forlornly, facing towards her homeland. Even with her incredible eyesight she was unable to glimpse the particular cluster of stars she had come to perceive as home. ‘How strange that I’d found comfort in this sentiment.’ Anath had, over time, identified many emotions from her host, and with them she had developed feelings that had regressed as a Goa’uld. ‘In a way that it almost makes me feel like I am a human being.’ Anath was amused at the thought. These emotions were no longer seen to hold a dire consequence, ‘a weakness’, but were rather considered as a learning process.

It was passed three o’clock, earth time that Anath decided to return back to her room. However, instead of returning to bed and rest, Anath opened the door and headed to the living room. She knew immediately O’Neill was asleep there. The light snores at the sofa confirmed her deduction. Anath strolled about the room unheard and finally arrived at a box that was locked. It had drawn her since the afternoon when O’Neill stayed away from that area, yet he had often glanced over and dazed off.

Anath flicked it open with magic, ‘A gun.’ It was not what she expected.

Anath took it out and examined it oddly. ‘This is something O’Neill considered important? It’s such an ordinary gun.’ Suddenly, Anath eyes glinted with ruthlessness, ‘this is as good a weapon as any to kill.’

Anath spun around and she waved the gun in her palm; appearing as though she was playing with it, if onlooker happened to be at presence and indeed there was one. Jack O’Neill was awakening from his sleep, his sixth sense screaming of danger. He never thought he would see it happened again, a gun and a child together.

“Harry! Put that down.” Jack shouted.

Anath had not expected O’Neill to awake so soon and she accidentally set it off suddenly. Anath saw the bullet fly straight to O’Neill’s upper right arm, ‘crap, he would certainly not die from that’ she felt thwarted after the delightful thought of him being dead. In addition, the situation became worsen by the end of night. Remarkably O’Neill had moved out of the firing range, unharmed, before the bullet passed him and struck the chair.

Jack O’Neill marched up and seized the gun from her hand, “Are you OK?” Jack wrapped the boy in his arms and silently sobbed. Anath stiffly stayed there and felt a bit put off and at lost how to deal with the man. ‘Jack O’Neill really is a piece of work. He did not behave as I had predicted, somehow the man was reminiscent of a certain boy I know.’

Anath knew she was in no danger with O’Neill since he had no idea that there was a monster living in the little boy called Harry Potter. Anath decided the night had gone on long enough and released her hold of the body so that it could have some rest. Harry Potter’s quiet snores woke O’Neill from his nightmare.

Jack O’Neill was thankful the child was tired and fell asleep. He was not sure how he would have handled the situation otherwise. ‘Would I scold him if I didn’t go into a fit? It was like Charles all over again. If I didn’t yell at him at that time and explained properly to Charles about the danger of weapons, would he still be here at the moment?’

Jack carried the child to the sofa and returned to study the gun. ‘I should have gotten rid of this when I buried Charles, nothing good ever came out it.’ He looked at the box and speculated how it had opened; ‘I must have done it while I was drunk yesterday. I should have checked it with a kid staying over.’ Jack reproached himself.

“Well, it is time to said goodbye.” Jack O’Neill picked the box, with the gun placed inside and strode to his backyard purposefully.

Anath left Sirius behind at the camp; she knew the man would go berserk in search of Harry on the mountains. ‘He probably has a search party with him by now.’ She could not stop laughing silly at the prospect. Anath abruptly hushed and glared at the other woman.

“Keep driving, we almost there, Sara.” The other woman, Sara, nodded and once again concentrated on the road.

“It’s a good thing that I had cast Imperius on you, I didn’t think that was so easy… It was pitiful really, a simpleton without even trying to struggle against my command at all. You really are a weak minded fool.” Anath spatted.

‘You know that she would have been if she was not grieving for her son.’ Anath snorted at the thought. It sounded like something nonsensical Harry would chip in at moments like these…Sara was a doll and would remain so until she would take that shot. ‘I have done her a favour, have I not? She’ll be at peace with herself and the world after she completes her mission. There will be no sorrow or pain.’ Anath burst into laughter once again, filling the car with her insanity.

They arrived at the destination without mishap; it had been seventeen hours since Anath left Sirius at the cabin and nine hours had gone after she met Sara at her friend’s house. Anath felt her control of the body slipping; the overdue tiredness started to wear on her. ‘It will soon be over.’

End Flashback…..

The small hole in the wall was the first thing imprinted on her mind when Anath returned to scene. ‘How the heck did Sara miss the mark or my sense either?’

Anath immediately registered that everything around them was frozen in time; it was like a glasshouse. There is only one explanation…Harry Potter. The boy physically appeared before she even spoken his name.

“I’m here Anath.”

“I could see that, where is this place?” Anath eyes darkened, glared at the form; a duplicate of his form which she took.

“Our consciousness, somewhere we have created within us.”

“How long and why haven’t I notice it?” Anath felt calm again, she was still in control of herself wherever this place is.

“You did Anath, but you choose not to remember it whenever you left here.”

Anath shrugged, ‘Interesting. It rings true.’

“It is the truth.” Harry replied sincerely,

“My thoughts are projected…”

“A place created where we can be truthful with each other Anath. It’ll not hide your thoughts from me nor mine from you.”

“It magic isn’t it!” she sighed and stated it as it was. “I think I had often been here to chat with you.” Harry nodded in agreement, “that was why you haven’t bothered me with your inane questions.” Anath laughed at how thoughtless she was that she had allowed such thing to slip her mind.

“However, would you care to explain to me about that?” Anath pointed at the space outside their bubble, where Jack O’Neill stood frozen in time.

“I spoke a couple of spells before you walked away.” Harry shoved his hands through his hair like a misbehaved boy and blushed with discomfiture under Anath narrowed eyes.

“Should I be congratulating you for a job well done or punishing you for your interference with my scheme, Harry Potter?”

“I’m not sure; I think you should grateful for my intervention.” Harry cheekily replied.

‘I knew that innocence would not last.’ Anath chuckled. “Well?”

“What do you see in O’Neill?” Harry answered the question with another question.

“He’s a potential enemy!”

“I knew that.”

“Really!” Anath mocked him, ‘hasn’t it been obvious since I tried to kill the man.’

“Well, you did try to kill Sirius and he is not a potential enemy.”


“OK, Oh well, I did try but was never able to get the straight answer in regard to Sirius either.”

Anath glared at Harry, she learned fast about this place. She instantly refused to answer that. It may voice her thoughts that she spoke aloud but not what she kept beneath the surface.

“I don’t want him killed.”

“Black or O’Neill?”

“Both, I really like them Anath. Sirius is like an older brother. He is not mature enough for me to see him as a father role. Jack on other hand is, and the last few days we spent with them, haven’t you felt the connection between us. I felt like his son.”

“What connection? This does not concern me.” Anath scowled at the idea.

“You knew what I’m talking about; you must realise that whatever I felt, you felt.”

“I see you have very wild imagination Harry. Shouldn’t it be the other way around, Tau’ri!”

“Don’t Tau’ri me; I don’t understand Goa’uld language. YES! We both felt what other was feeling but only the deepest emotion affect both of us. Your hate for them was not as strong as my love for them. Therefore, I knew you’d feel at least a little of what I had.” Harry angrily shouted; he really wanted Anath to accept them. She had denied his existence within her being but no more.

“YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN YOURSELF HUMAN.” Anath equally furious, the boy had gone far enough. It was a line she would not allow him to cross. She was far superior to a little Tau’ri boy.

Suddenly a crack started to form in the bubble around them, and then it become bigger as glass shattered and fell over them.

“NO, Anath. Please do not reject me.” Harry Potter lunged and wrapped his arms around her.

Anath was shocked and the crumbling place froze again. “You’ll die if you rejected me, Anath. This place is where our beings met. Please do not do it again.” Harry cried, holding her tightly.

Anath paled at his words, ‘you really knew how to decide our fate huh?’

“No, we made this place. We’re both deciding our Fate. In here we are equal as we should be; I have learned loving you as you’re me. Could you not as well?” Harry

“Time will tell, Harry Potter. Though, I promise I’ll not kill him today. It is time to leave.” The bubble immediately repaired itself as she completed her sentence.

“You’ll not regret this decision, Anath.” Harry Potter assured her; however, she only thought otherwise as the frozen time began to move forward again.

‘It is time to face the music.’ Harry chuckled at Anath’s thought as they walked hand in hand to the real time; they were intertwined and had become one.


Publish Date: 04/06/10

Update Date: 22/09/10

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