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Chapter 12: ch11:Interlude – The Children of Gods P2

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Chapter 11: Interlude – The Children of Gods

Part Two – The Way to Greatness


The sky was vast, it stretched endlessly and the furthest her eyesight could see was only smallest fraction of its size. As if it was teasing her, ‘I’m out of your reach’. Anath’s hand automatically answered the challenge and tried to touch it, ‘sillything to do of course,’ for she had already knew it was impossible but her body reacted to it longingly. She felt this is what the barbaric Tau’ri called ‘daydreaming’, ‘An absurd notion,’ Anath scolded her foolishness.

Anath was not of an ignorant primitive species like the Tau’ri, she knew the truth. Anath had studied the stars and worlds that lay beyond Terra. However, no matter how much she had studied, it very hard to visualize the universe if she was not able to experience it with her own eyes. The deep space had called to her and it had sung a mysterious song long before she began to walk. However, Anath was not allowed to travel to space. She was in hiding from her parents’ enemies. That was what she had been told, anyway.

Canaan had become her playground, and of course the land did not belong entirely to her, for half of it was shared with Lord Baal, her twin. Anath’s parents, Lord Dagon and Lady Ishana were rarely seen in Canaan. Though Lady Ishana frequently would visit them and always make sure celebrated their birthdays. Nevertheless, the lady was always favouring her twin’s company. And thus, Anath grew up very lonely and her heart become colder as the seasons passed.

Canaan was considered to be a large country on Terra, but only a small piece of land belonged to the Goa’uld compared to the many worlds under their domain. This did not mean that the lands were less important. The land, despite its small size, was valuable for its abundance of slaves. The slaves were there for worshiping them, and performed one key function to the Goa’uld Empire; that of a host. The Tau’ri were the newest slaves they had acquired for the Empire and the most advantaged host they had found in the galaxy. The human structures were easiest to heal and were most compatible with them.

Terra was part of Ra’s domain, thus the Tau’ri was considered to belong to him but Ra was willing to share the land and opened a slave market with other Goa’ulds, (and in return for naquadah shares in every domain, as well had the honour of ruling as Supreme Overlord of the System Lords). Ra had divided the Terra land into five sectors. The cultivation of the Tau’ri in these sectors was dependent on the Goa’uld regime that ruled over it. However, the Middle East of Terra had not united under one leadership.

Canaan was part of the Middle East of Terra. Anath and Baal had complete control of the land under their thumb but the place had becomes tiresome recently and Anath grew reckless. Anath would have liked spread her wings further, perhaps conquering the Great Egypt but that land was where their enemies’ strong hold lay. The topside mass was Greece and beyond was what belonged to her parents. And to the east was recently controlled by Yu, not mention that piece of land was divided up in even smaller section by other minor Goa’ulds and that would be very bothersome to wage war against them.

“Anath, what are you doing out here in the middle of night.” Baal appeared before her. He used the ring transporter. It was noisy and artless she thought.

“I felt suffocated in Nuzi. Those slaves would not leave me alone, Baal.”

Baal raises his eyebrows; he voice was mild, “Is that your excuse for my First General Govad laying dead in the Council of War Chamber?”

“Oh… Govad? He was irritating me.” Anath strode away and lifted herself onto her black stallion. She liked the sands beneath her feet and rarely used the transportation ring unless it was an emergency. She was currently studying the technologies (a poor copy of the Ancient gate). Anath was sure she’d able to come up with something better if she found the time.

Baal frowned, “What about the Babylonian? How am I going to punish them for their insolence against me?”

“Those barbarians, Baal?” she mocked. “I’ll wipe them out in three days if they will not bow and worship you.” Anath shrugged lightly and held the reign tighter. The stallion turns its head toward her as if it understood the command and was ready to gallop away. “I’ll see you in Babylon.” Anath added as an afterthought and leaving a trail dust to blow beneath the hoops as she’s sped out of view.

Anath did not turn back; if she had she would have seen the appalling smirk on the face of Baal. Baal’s sapphire eyes glinted, ‘Oh my dear Anath, you are playing right into my hands.’

That year, 3200BC, Anath the Merciful, at the age of thirteen summers, single-handedly conquered Babylon.

History recorded an excerpt from Ras-Shamra, *” Anath appears as a wild and furious warrior in a battle, wading knee-deep in blood, striking off heads, cutting off hands, binding the heads to her torso and the hands in her sash, driving out the old men and townsfolk with her arrows.”

*Passage taken from Wiki.



Olympia was where many gods and goddesses resided, currently under the ruling of Lord Cronus. The Court was vibrant, readily welcoming the special guests who came for the Alliance Feast which was open once every hundred years, and on this occasion, the feast was held in Olympia. The meeting was also known as the Assembly of System Lords.

Anath may not have held a seat in Olympia but she was enthroned as the Queen of gods in Canaan. However, on this occasion she was invited to Olympia, not as a daughter but as Anath the Merciful. Anath was bitter, for their parents had yet to recognise Baal and her, and thus their linage had been denied. Anath had refused the invitation but was found out later that her brother, Lord Baal, had sent an envoy and accepted it on her behalf.

Anath was forced to come, but that did not mean that she would dress up like peacock to please others. This attitude caused Nina, the high priestess of Anath, a lot of suffering.

“Hold still, my Lady.” Nina, the priestess, sighed. It was hard serving the Lady Anath. Nina was able to scold her privately, a privilege of being the one that had taken care of the Lady since birth. Anath had a soft spot for the old woman.

“Nina leaved my hair alone. I don’t care about my Father’s Court, much less seeing our enemies walking in the hall as if they are our best friends. Am I not a powerful goddess? Why must I be hidden? I hate hypocrites the most.” Anath pulled the flower hairpin out and thwacked it on the table, surprisingly didn’t break under such force.

“My Lady, it has taken me half an hour to put that at a perfect place on your hair.” Nina cried and picked the beautiful hairpin up. She observed the handcraft was perfectly made; no human would able to craft this. It was solid gold, depicted tiny picture of inscription that she couldn’t read. The gemstones added on the inscription, it glittered and was formed as many flowers.

“It’s a gift from Lord Baal, won’t you wear it.” Nina thought of another tactic, hopefully her Lady would take the bait.

“I’ve no used for that thing…give it back to him.” Anath fumed and strode out the room leaving poor Nina devastated behind and the old priestess collapsed on the ground; she should expect it. Nonetheless, it had pained her; she feared her Lady would have a hard time at the party, ‘Poor child. Lady Rhea should have brought the girl up.’

Anath stiffened as she walking through the hall, whispers echoing wherever she went; she could hear everything with her super hearing range. Anath clutched her palms tighter. ‘It is humiliating, the nerve of those rats. How dare them! Criticise their betters and such as they, the lowly minor gods at my father court!’

One word that was most repeated, “Uncouth.”

Anath itched to snap those necks in half. She was too angry and did not see where she was going and crashed into someone around a corner.

“Are you alright child?” a clear tone voice greeted her, Anath looked up and found she was gazed upon by a very beautiful woman. It was hard to imagine but the lady was far lovelier even than her mother, Lady Rhea.

However, the lady’s beauty had not distracted Anath from sensing the powerful presence of this person, this aurora overwhelmed and froze her in place. Anath then noticed the standby Goa’ulds were bowing before the Lady.

“I’m fine, my Lady.” Anath stood tall make sure that her posture was not being out done by anyone.

“I’ve just arrived, would you like showing me around, child?”

“I…sorry, my Lady but I’m a guest as well.”

“Ah! Then you must be the renown, Anath Rohmaya, The Merciful.”

Anath stiffed nodded, “I am she!”

“Your exploits have been encircled by the Systems Lords’ gossips. My consort, Lord Ra, has noted of your achievements. He had intended with this assembly to extend his domain to you and your brother. I am very happy to be first to welcome you, dear child; a newcomer to our rank, the System Lords.”

“I’m a System Lord? Surely you must jest, my Lady; I’ve no off worlds except a small land of Canaan.” Anath shocked.

“I sense greatness in you, my dear. Would you like me to be your patron?”

Anath didn’t have a chance to accept or deny the hand offered. She knew she should not trust any Goa’uld. However, the great Lady took her hand and led her away from the crowds.

“I believed I have yet to introduce myself. I’m Lady Egeria, The Queen of all gods.”

Anath stepped backward, horrified that her enemy was stood before her.

“I didn’t think my reputation was that bad?” She laughed clearly at the child’s discomfort and Anath immediately was soothed by the gesture.

“No, forgive me; I heard great things about you, my Lady. I wasn’t expecting to be in such a great presence as yours.” She lied; her eyes twisted at the words and it seemed only amused the Lady further.

“That was not you, child. Do not force yourself on my behalf. It was true that we Goa’uld do not trust others so easily but you had won my gratitude. You killed An during the raid of Babylon right? I never had the chance to thank you, dear.”

“I am. I take it that he was your enemy.”

“It pains me greatly that I could not take revenge personally while he was alive because of the treaty with my consort. Lord Ra had redeemed that An didn’t kill my son, Melqart, the only heir to our late Lord Apep.”

“I’m sorry to hear your loss, my Lady.” Anath was shocked. She reads in the book of record that Melqart was dead during his infancy because he was not strong enough to take an Una host. It seems she should revaluate all the things she had studied and question it thoroughly.

“I am thankful for your welcome and please excuse my humble presence.” Anath decided whether the Lady had spoken the truth or not, and feeling indebted to her did not change the fact that the Lady was a powerful enemy that she would be forced to face in the future.

Anath was not Baal. She did not play games with others, something along the line of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Anath always had drawn the line between friends and enemies. Anath felt no remorse when she killed her enemies, it easy and fun. Her thoughts were interrupted.

“I’m sure you are from a strong linage, but if no one has claimed you then I will, child.”

“I’m honoured but…”

“It is decided, I’ll inform Lord Ra.” Lady Egeria ignored Anath’s protesting and left the garden path back to her court attendants, waiting patiently while they conversed among themselves.

It was scripted in Goa’uld history, the meeting with Lady Egeria had Anath exalted to the highest position in the System Lords ranks. She was beloved by many except her biological father, Lord Cronus. Anath became the heir apparent to Lady Egeria’s domain and legally proclaim adopted by Lady Egeria and Lord Ra.



Anath’s presence had shaped Goa’uld Empire and she was the key player at the time. Anath’s directness had gained many allies but the characteristic was her downfall for she had also accumulated equally powerful enemies. Nonetheless, she was admired and even her greatest enemies would grudgingly admit that no one in Goa’uld history was equal to her prowess in the battlefield. Anath was officially a war-goddess, the first entitle of the Empire for she had never lost a battle once and against all odds she had always triumphed; the battlefield was her home and the Jaffa under every jurisdiction and domain feared and worshiped her.

Anath fought many battles, using her skills as a mercenary to gain territories. She split the lands with Baal as he was the negotiator. Anath usually was compensated by half of whatever she gained. The System Lords had no choice but to agree to the high prices, they were afraid that their enemy would gain her alliance otherwise. Although, Lady Egeria’s domain was appointed to Anath as heir apparent, she had no wish to claim it and decide the earn hers. Anath found the Lady was rather odd, but humoured her eccentricities whenever they met.

Anath had allied with Egeria and, through the lady, she was strongly associated with Ra. Anath found the enemies that she had been taught to fear by her parents was rather one sided. Ra had not known of their existence. In fact, Lord Cronus was a well known tyrant. Lord Cronus had swallowed all his children according to many sources. Lord Ra and Lady Egeria thus became more preferable company than her biological parents.

“My Lady, Lord Ra has sent a message.” Anath waved her hand and allowed the girl to continue, “He requested your presence by tomorrow.”

Anath took her helmet off and kicked it away with her foot. Her hand was soaked with fresh blood. Anath walked to the basin and watched as the blood drained away with water. The sight made her feel alive because it was not her blood. The girl, called Nina II, the great grandniece of her first priestess and currently held the position as Anath’s personal attendant, stood stiffly far off in the chamber after relaying the message. Anath smirked, knowing why; that the girl often fainted at the sight of blood was amusing but it got annoying at times. She should dismiss Nina II but she did promise to take the girl in her care when Nina was killed.

“Give my command to the bridge control, have the Ha’teks return to Ughar, Nina.”

‘I really do not need another tiresome talk about alliances. Ra is getting on my nerves every day. Who appointed him as my Father anyway?’

It took Anath the next day to arrive at the Terra gate. Ra’s chief priest was there to greet her, and he led Anath to the palace. Ra had hidden the gate address for Terra; anyone who passed through the gate was required to be lead by his personal priest. Anath had only stepped through the gate a few times since she left Terra.

“Daughter, welcome home.” Ra cheerfully pecked her cheek. It was a privilege that he rarely bestowed on anyone except his favourite.

Anath stiffened; she did not enjoy anyone stepping into her personal space, whether it was the king of the gods or a slave. Anath counted to three, before she could breathe again. She watched as Ra lazy strode ahead as if he knew she was riled. Anath did not relax nor let her guard down. ‘Anyone who does is a fool,’ many who first saw him, would mistake Ra as a foolish fragile youngster but he was anything but one. Ra was very dangerous, his knife would slitted your throat when you least expected it. Ra was also a perverted Goa’uld; he loved all beautiful things. Anath had found out the truth of the rumour the hard way when she had walked into one of them and she swore to remain virgin after that event. Even now, the thought was creepy and she felt a slight nausea.

Ra’s host always was a beautiful young man but the man’s beauty did not tempt Anath. She usually made sure to stay at least three metres from him, not just the personal space problem but also because of the aromatic drug he was using. Her behaviour amused him greatly which the only reason she had been able to get away with such an attitude.

“The System Lords are assembling urgently for tomorrow; however, I have summoned you early. My daughter, I would like to have your opinion on the matter of the meeting.”

“My Lord Ra, it is an honour but I am a soldier to the core; what use am I to you in the political scene.” Anath sighed; she should have shut her mouth as she was making a fool of herself.

“Would you laugh Anath, if I were to say that I have had no one as my advisor for a very long time?”

“No, my Lord, but Lady Egeria would be more suitable or (the witch) Lady Hathor…”

“The witch, Hathor…Indeed!”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean disrespect toward the Lady.”

Ra laughed harder, his palm pulled up and abruptly he stopped laughing, “Hathor has her own agenda when she agreed to marry me; we both benefit greatly from the union. I do not trust her, though. Lady Egeria recently declined all my invitations and has not been seen publicly. I fear she is not well.” Ra black eyes searched Anath for something but she had no idea what he wanted and finally he returned to talking, “My first wife, Ratet was my ears and eyes but she was killed by Sokar.”

“And you have avenged her death. Is he, Sokar, not being torturing to these very days by you, my Lord Ra.”

“You study well, it gives you an edge. Goa’uld tend to only care for power and see no points in history.”

Anath shrugged her shoulder and waited for him to get to the point of why he had summoned her. Ra’s roundabout way of discussion had always lost her, she sighed, and as if he read her thought he got straight to the point,

“Well it’s about the Contention between Horus and Seth for Osiris’ domain.”

Anath did not see that coming; she had been steering clear of that war since it had started. It was rumoured that Seth had slain his brother Osiris. Seth then tried to take over the domain but Horus and, thus Osiris’ son and Seth has fought ever since.

“Horus and Seth, they’re both your enemies right?” Anath put in and immediately realise what she had said; she really should really shut her mouth up.

“That’s what I like about when I’m talking to you. Yes, they are both my enemies. As all the Goa’uld Empire knows, I took Horus’ wife, Lady Hathor as my mate and thus we are not in good relationship. Seth is my adversary but he is one of the few that I consider being a worthy rival to play with. It is hard to live millennia if we do not have something to contain our passion and hate. I believe you understand this well, my daughter.”

Anath smirked and nodded, for she was easily bored.

“Then you have the answer, my Lord, a lover’s scorn was never good a thing. Horus will not able to challenge you directly but he surely will stab you behind your back. While Seth’s enthronement will ensure your life is more entertaining, would it not? I’ll leave you to your contemplating.” Anath saw Ra was pleased, it was his conclusion as…well.

Anath walked out and sight, she really wished to be far away from here. The Assembly of System Lords only meant trouble. One person she could do without, Lord Cronus. He would be there and he would surely have snide comments for her.

The assembly was same as usual, Anath leaned against the poll and ignored the other Lords. Her posture suggested that she was relaxed but it was a pretence; ‘One is a fool to do so among such companions. It will be another endless quarrel among them’. However, Lady Neigh suggestion immediately jolted her awake, “In compensation for Seth’s loss of the domain kingship, I propose that two goddesses should be arrange for him to wed. I am speaking of Ra daughters, Lady Anath and Lady Sekmet.”

Anath hand clenched. ‘Watch your mouth, you old cow! Just because we were known as Ra’s favourite daughters, you would loved to get rid of us, huh?’

“Silence! And you too, Seth.” Ra roared and everyone quietly calmed to hear his judgement.

“I, Lord Ra, the Supreme System Lord will not agree to this proposal. The domain should go to Seth.”

Usually none would dare to gainsay Ra but Osiris’ domain is one eighth of Goa’uld Empire at the time, it affected everyone at the shifting balance of power, through alliances which were very important over this deal. They murmured and refused to leave the assembly hall, one Goa’uld voice unfortunately reached Ra, “Ha, a Supreme System Lord you may be but your shrines are empty.”

Ra blushed with anger and called a recession. He ordered his youngest son, *Bast to assassinate the Goa’uld in question before closing his chamber. (*Bast later took a female host and was renamed as Bastet)

“Anath, please wait.” Anath turned around and saw a small female trailing behind her.

“Good day Sekmet, you are well.” Anath nodded a greeting to the other girl.

“I’m glad father did not agree to the marriage proposal,” Anath’s eyes narrowed, she didn’t like the feminine type Goa’uld who lured others into think them weak.

“Even if he did, I would not have accepted it.” Anath spun around and return to her path.

“Please stop; sorry, I should be forthright with you. Anath, I need your help.”

“My help? Oh, yes…I’m a mercenary who would you like to attack?”

“No, I want you to help me with my marriage.”

Anath shook her head and thought the world had stopped spinning around its axis.

“Ptah is the one I wish to be wed.”

“Why don’t you speak to your father?” Anath became irritated, she was not a matchmaker. And why was this Goa’uld playing jokes on her at this time, when she is on her way to seek her little revenge? Lady Neith will not have a good night sleep tonight.

“He would kill him, Ptah is a Tau’ri!”

“A slave? You jest with me, my dear sister.” Anath sneered.

“No, please, you’re different than others here. I thought you would understand. I loved Ptah, he is a smith in the city.”

“Turn him into a Goa’uld then.”

“No, I want no other.” Sekmet cried.

“What am I supposed to do to help you? I’m a soldier.”

“You must know something. Everyone calls you the greatest Queen of our generation.”

“I am pleased that someone would take that title seriously, my dear sister. Have they not sneered at me as the Virgin Queen behind my back?” She sighed.

Anath heard the rumour that Sekmet had seriously had psychological damage after witnessing her mother, Queen Ratet, killed by Sokar and it seemed that it was true after all.

Anath sighed and suddenly an idea pop to her mind, she was reminded of her own origin. There was one way but there were only a few queens of gods around to make it work and none would do it without a reason or benefit to them.

“Ptah made this for you; I told him that you may able to help us.” Sekmet handed a dagger to her. Anath was about to sneer at the gift but her face was frozen at the craftsmanship. The slave was not worthless. Anath loved weapons. Whether it was a sword or a dagger, or a primitive piece, it is still a weapon and Anath could wield them all expertly.

Anath would love to meet this man, Ptah the smith. She had yet to find one that was able to make weapons to her satisfaction. The minor Goa’ulds that serves her in this capacity were the elite but their work still left Anath unhappy with the finish. This dagger was superbly, skilfully done. She knew a treasure when she saw one.

If she helped them, it would be rewarding for her later. She counted the Queens using the fingers on her hand, shaking her head. Finally, Lady Egeria flashed before her mind. The one that’s would be most willingly to help her.

“Lady Egeria.”

“Huh? Why Lady Egeria?”

“Let us leave Terra and visit Lady Egeria. I do not care about the outcome of the kingship.”

“Oh, I’ll have to leave a message to Lord Ra and inform him that we’ll see our mother, Lady Egeria. I heard that she may be sick from him yesterday.” Anath added as if to remind herself not to head off without an excuse, she hated the protocol.

“Wait Anath, but why Lady Egeria?” Sekmet followed her; the tiny figure ran instead of walked beside the ever-powerful Anath.

The planet Pangar was given to Lady Egeria upon her marriage with Lord Ra; it was a neutral ground. The planet was very beautiful landscape and no naquadah were found. Politically it was not a mining planet rather cultivated as a slave colony. Anath had spent months on Pangar, she liked the mild weather and found it to be a very peaceful place to unwind. But this time her trip to see Lady Egeria was for an urgent matter.

Anath was surprised at the lady’s appearance. Lady Egeria’s eyes were darkening from lack of sleep, for a Goa’uld it would mean more than just a few weeks, maybe even months or year to be at this state. Anath wonder what troubled the Lady, her oddity was renowned as Anath’s fame for her mercy, she mused. It must one of those days.

Anath quickly relayed her tale, leaving her parent’s biological name out and requested a similar blank symbiote for Ptah. She didn’t expect the lady to weep, their kind was not known for shedding tears easily.

“Poor child, you really don’t understand do you?” Lady Egeria patted Anath.

“A “blank” symbiote implantation is a horrible crime; it is like the host will have to start everything from beginning. Even a Tau’ri baby has memories of being inside a womb and later these are replaced with other important memories, but this is a choice. However, in your case, my child, you’re very lucky to have a chance to grow from a baby to adulthood. However, if a blank symbiote was implanted into an adult host, it will just wipe the all host memories and probably give the host amnesia, rendering it a worthless body. It is cruel.”

“Are you saying that my memories were wiped out because my mother implanted the “blank symbiote”? What other explanation could there be since you have no knowledge being a Goa’uld.”

“Is it not true? You have neither generic memories of a Goa’uld nor that of a human host. You’re almost as one individual, child. It is fascinating. I have thought of the possibility of two spirits living harmony as one. Maybe there is a hope for our kind after all.”

Anath didn’t understand nor did she pick up the unusual tone broadcast from Lady Egeria, her mind very much on the problem of Ptah.

“Give me time to think over this, Anath. Come back tomorrow and bring Sekmet with you. The child must be fretful by now waiting for your return.”

“Goodnight, my Lady.” Anath bowed respectfully and left the chamber with a heavy heart. She couldn’t fathom what Lady Rhea, her mother, had been thinking when she gives them the blank symbiotes.

‘Are we defective Goa’uld?’


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Chapter 13: Ch12:It’s often easier to ask

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Chapter 12: It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

The lights shifted among the leaves, flickering through them to produce an intense ruddiness of colour, giving away the fall-season in all its splendour. Harry appreciated the view but he did not stop nor slow his pace, willing himself onward. Harry brightened at the sight of Godric Hollow, no further off than the end of the path. Harry jogged a bit faster to his goal; he was not tired, but rather energised after five laps around the village and quite thoroughly enjoying his morning exercises. This work out was thanks to Anath’s coaching. She had scheduled tasks to make him physically stronger and improve his stamina, and she was quite please with his progress.

After a quick shower, Harry began his daily routine and the first job of the day is making breakfast. Harry busied himself over the stove, while his godfather, Sirius Black, was scanning the Daily Prophet with a cup of espresso on his hand, frowning over newspaper but that was not unusual. There was always something in the news that would displease him; Harry shrugged it off carelessly, it was useless even trying to guess what could be troubling his godfather. For example, yesterday he had ranted on about Veela occupation restrictions; so whatever it was this time, Harry would surely hear it sooner or later. However, he did not expect Sirius to slam the paper down hard on the wooden table. Harry winced, and then took a peek, hoping that Sirius had not cracked his table. Harry’s eyes quirked as he heard Sirius cursing the Old Coot name. Harry continued to fry eggs, giving Sirius time to calm down.

“What is he up to now?” Harry poured milk into his glass, a bit bored and unconcerned with whatever reply he’d received. For him, the old man was but a distant distasteful memory.

“…Oh, nothing much, he just happened to accept your contract as the Hogwarts Champion as valid.” Sirius kept it light tone but carefully watched his godson reaction.

Harry Potter was confused, “what contract…Hogwarts Champion? Sound like a fancy title.”

“I would have given anything to participate in my old days but it was close. Wow, just thinking about it makes me so proud of you, only thirteen and magic chose you as Hogwarts Champion… an honour, but I guess being you…well,” Sirius grinned, but became solemn once more, “I think you are in capital T, for TROUBLE Harry. Still what really perturbed me is how did they have you magically contract, when you were nowhere in the vicinity of the Goblet of Fire or Hogwarts for that matter. We were still in USA last week.” Sirius fumed over the unanswered mystery and his face became even redder with annoyance when he remembered his godson had gone missing for a few days. ‘Harry refused to tell me what he was doing on those days. Could he…Nah…Harry would not be at Hogwarts, our passports would shows otherwise. The document automatically updates when we are overseas. It was fortunate for us that passports are not under jurisdiction of The Ministry of Magic but the International Wizard United to ensure peaceful travelling between nations.

“Hmmm, I’m not interested in HOW, rather what we are going to do about the magical contract. I’m sure someone plays foul with the Goblet of Fire, either the maniac Death Eater or the old coot; they all have their motives.” Harry had expected they would try something sooner or later. After all, it had been over a year since he was announced missing, “It just pisses me off that a magical contract is binding and those who refuse them often consequently end in becoming a squib and NO, Sirius, please wipe that smug expression off you. I do not intend to attend the Championship, thank you very much.” Harry sarcastically stated.

“Well Harry, there are two ways that legally you could appeal your case and cancel this contract; either through the Wizengamot or the Goblins’ Nation.”

“I could understand the Wizengamot but what do the Goblins have to do with the Wizarding laws?” Harry surprised at the given information.

“There were cases, like me, where a convict was ordered to be captured on sight so it’s unwise to appeal to the Wizengamot for a trial. On the other hand, the Goblins are a very neutral party and have been operating outside the Wizarding laws as they had see fit with their regime. They are likely to be of assistance in such situations. I think there is also an old Law that, invoked by Pureblood, allows the Goblins to execute such matters for a price. And the most important thing of all is Wizarding contracts are held by the Goblins not the Ministry of Magic.” Sirius laughed as he considered the last assertion, “Oh boy! Aren’t you lucky, Harry.” He slapped his godson’s shoulder.

“Yeah, and we all know why the Purebloods have that little clause somewhere. I bet I’ll pay a king ransom for that privilege.” Harry sank down into a chair and wondered if he had any money left in the bank and if he could even afford to proceed with the process. Harry remained deadpan and continued eating his meal. But actually he was worried, though he chewed on the problem silently.

“Harry…” Sirius was about to remind his godson that he could help out but Harry brushed him off.

“Damn, look at the times, I late for my studies,” Harry tossed his hair guiltily, looked at the mess at the sink “Could you clean up for me? Thanks Sirius.”

“No problems kid, and you did make breakfasts. I should have done them.”

“I do enjoy cooking and Sirius, no hard feeling but your cooking sucks.” Harry rolled his eyes as he dashed out the kitchen. Harry sighed because he had not exaggerated about his godfather’s skills, the man was useless around the house. Harry had looked up spells for household repairing and maintenances, no thanks to his godfather. It seemed the role for genders were not much difference for the Wizarding World and the Muggle World. Harry admitted that when Sirius did try to help out, often it would only make the situation worse. But then there some things Sirius was winning. Harry found it difficult to fight on equal footing when it came to Wizard duelling, though this did not include physical combat when he used Goa’uld physical enhancement.

Harry’s quill stopped, he re-read the passage and checked the references again to make sure he had not lost the context by being simplifying them into every-day English. His project was going well; it was at the final draft stage. Harry was relieved that the hurdle of research and pilot testing was over, though it had worth the effort and sweat he put into the Charm project. Harry’s self-education was different. Instead of following the curriculum set out by Hogwarts, Harry chose another path by combining the other Wizarding schools’ curriculums into a single syllabus and even raised the achievement bar upwards. Harry was driven to be the best, just to prove that Hogwarts education was beneath him. However, the notion may have once been bounced off by Anath. Sirius had helped with the overall structure, but he was not able to grade or feedback on Harry’s projects since some were out of his depth.

There is no denying that Sirius may be one of the best Aurors of his time and that meant his knowledge was extensive on various subjects. But he had not Mastered in any of them. They were struggling for a while until late last year when they contacted with Alphard Black’s best friend (Sirius’ Uncle), Armand Layfields, the owner of the International Wizarding Publishing Company. Lord Layfields was disappointed that Sirius had been captured as a Death Eater; he was overseas at the time and knew little regard to Sirius’ arrest or lack of trial. The case was cut and dried by the time he returned and reoccupying his ancestral home in Ireland. Sirius’ escape did not help the matter of trust, but Lord Layfields felt he should give Alphard’s nephew a chance; he did promise Alphard on his deathbed to watch over the boy.

Lord Layfields was very disturbed after the truth serum had carried out its work. He found the truth to be sad and overwhelming. He would like to help to clear the boy’s name, but he knew that he did not have political power when it come to the Ministry of Magic, even though he was well known and powerful in the Wizarding Academic field However, Sirius did not mind the situation, he was only glad that he had another wizard who gave him a chance and everything had gone according to his plan. Lord Layfields had taken Harry’s projects and given them to a professional in the field to check out for a fee. These acceptances were done as a favour to Lord Layfields, otherwise it would have been impossible, but later Harry earned the merit. Amazingly, three of Harry’s latest projects: Rune, DADA and Charms, had made their way to various professional journals. Harry delighted in his achievement, for, at such a young age, his projects were considered the work of a professional or that of a master. Although, it was a pity that the published name was under alias and not his real name. Harry’s projects were very thoroughly researched and some even broke through the current studies; it wasn’t the work of a child, rather accumulated comprehensive academia. Harry contemplated the changes in his life, and couldn’t help but be thankful for Anath’s prodding and his own inquisitive mind that had brought him this far. Sirius and Lord Layfields called him a genius but he knew better. Sure he was very intelligent, but it was nothing compared to sharing his mind with Anath, one of the oldest Goa’uld in the universe.

The current Charms project he was working on was finding the common properties of magic spells used for moving objects. Mostly these related to teleportation spells such as Accio (summoning charm), Banishing charm, Evanesco (Vanishing spell), Obliteration charm, Placement charm, Switching spell and so on. These spells were simple and often used daily by Wizards/Witches. Nevertheless, because they were old spells and the creators were long gone, thus unable to answer his questions, Harry had to study the spells’ properties himself. Since the construction of how the spells were created was not published (copyright issue), often they were distorted by the creator who tried to keep the properties secret.

It was complicated enough just to figure out the properties, as the source of spells were series of Runes combining logically with Arithmancy calculations. But because of the distortion of spells, he had first to filter, decipher and finally separate them into the correct order. It left him many nightmares, literally waking at nights because his mind was filled with numbers. Though, whenever he able to crack a spell’s properties he was beyond thrilled and admired the work of geniuses who had been forgotten for their contributions. At other times, he cursed them and those current professionals who had yet to research these spells.

Harry was satisfied with the results, his hypothesis was correct. He rubbed his eyes to relax but his thoughts wandered off to his other problem, the contract. “You forgot the maggot has plenty of gold to buy you out.” Anath inserted, ‘he was about to offer it too.’

“Yeah, that… but I don’t want to. Haven’t you always taught me to give my best and not depend on anyone?” Harry mocked his counterpart.

“Whatever, if all fails I’ll gain an obedient body.” Harry ignored her jibe.

“I don’t think I can put this off any longer, the distress is not good for concentration on my studies. I should write to the Goblins today for an appointment, before I’m off with Rune subject.” Harry broken off his thought and glanced at the desk to find it was messy and no clean scrolls were left. “Accio paper.” A clean scroll paper zoomed into his palm and Harry settled to write to Goblin Bank.


Harry studied his godfather while he waited for approval as Sirius read over Harry’s letter, “That great, it good to go kid.” Sirius hand it back. Harry smiled for he really enjoyed Sirius’ praise. It bathed him with warm-light.

“Before I forget, these letters are for you.” Sirius took them out off his pocket. They were Muggle letters, evidenced by mail stamps at the top corner of envelop.

Harry shifted through the letters, mumbling, “Ehmmm, two letters here from Jack, one from Sarah and another is from Park Ranger…Park Ranger, Sirius?”

“It was not my fault that you disappeared for a few days on the bloody mountain. Well, who is Sarah? I recognised Jack’s name as we stayed with him.”

“I met her in USA and she is…a secret.” He took the letter off to somewhere he could read without being disturbed.

“If you weren’t a little kid, I’d have thought you having affair or something.” Sirius sulked; hoping Harry would hear him but he waited in vain for a reply.


“Well, that was interesting.” Anath snorted

“What? Sarah seems to have brightened since last we saw her. Though that is not very strange since she thought the whole event was nightmare. She wrote that she has been going to therapy treatment twice a week. I would have thought she finished them after Charles’ death. The overall note, I felt that she could move on but…”

“Ah, you are worried about Jack O’Neill. I would advise otherwise, he should be fine.”

“I don’t know… the tone of letter is a bit off, it’s like a goodbye letter.” Harry folded the letters, the second letter was a brief note that Jack wrote; he had been assigned to a mission next month and might not see Harry next year as he had promised, ‘well maybe I’m worrying too much like you say.’ Jack did mention it was all dependent on the success of the mission and it sounded like he wanted the mission to be successful. ‘Strange?’

“Anath, you’re snickering at me, is there something I should know?”

“You should concentrate on your own problems first Harry. Jack is a grown man and can take care of himself.”

Harry leaned back against the pine tree thoughtfully, “Maybe I should write to Sarah and encourage her to see Jack for closure…”

“Yup and she sure will take that advice well, dear.”


“Please no more scenarios and get back inside the house. Your stomach has been grumbling and it’s starting to irritate me.”


Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

*Inscription from the doors of Gringotts, HPPS*

Harry pondering over the inscription, his hand touched the lines and sought out any hidden residual magic bound inside those words but found nothing. No similar Imperius Runes was store there.

“Told you, you had putting too much credits on the Goblins securities.” Anath snickered as Harry scowled.

“No harm being extra cautious. Hagrid did say not to cross the Goblins and, by the way, the last resort is stealing the contract so wouldn’t that be considered as step over the line?” He asked innocently. That was her crazy backup plan if they could not afford it.

“I’ve found wizards always exaggerating things.”

“And how do wizards equate to Goblins?”


Harry tried but he couldn’t make the words out, maybe Anath had spoken another language. But the tone was not very pleasant so he retreated. “Huh? No, never mind, I’m better off not knowing.”

The last silver doors closed behind them yet there was no sound made as they stood inside the lobby. The hall was not as full as at other times he had visited so they walked along the marble floor, passing long counters and customers without being waylaid. They shortly reached the end of the hall and immediately saw the doorway to the vaults. The rough stone passageways should be behind the large door but they were not here to retrieve money. Harry eyes discreetly searched around and found numerous smaller office doors; one of them must be where his appointment would be held. Sirius, disguised as an old man, his grandfather, steered him to a door with a number 7 label on it. He looked down at the card and accepted this was the room. Harry straightened himself and knocked the door, and was instructed by someone at the other side to “Come In”.

Harry stared the Goblin, one of few that he had met. He had been fascinated with the magical beings, though never had the time to study them. The Goblin greeted them neutrally as his species did with all wizards, before sitting down at the other side of table. After introductions, the Goblin known as Gobock jumped straight into the agenda of the meeting. It seems the Goblin’s manners had won Anath’s approval immediately, leaving the young wizard uneasy with such thought. Anath rarely ever approved of anyone.

“Mr. Potter, my esteemed colleagues and I have thoroughly perused over Goblet of Fire Championship contract as you requested. Here is a list of flaws that may enable you to be exempt from the contract. And besides, there is creditable evidence in the form of records on your passport which reveal that you were not in the country during the period. I am happy and give authorisation to resolve the contact as invalid; we’ll inform the Headmasters of the situation that you’ll not participate and have no obligation carry out the contract. The notification document will be sent to you and all concerned parties before the first task takes place. Finally, here is the bill statement for the service.”

Gobock slipped the bill in front of him. Harry was gobsmacked at the amount for he was not far off regarding it as a king ransom. “Close your mouth dear, it is unbecoming of you, Harry. And here, I thought you had improved much since I took you under my wing.” Anath nudged him.

“This should not be a dent to your inheritance Mr. Potter.” Gobock assured the boy as he watched Harry’s aghast face. The goblin had not expected such a strong reaction.

“Inheritance? I don’t think my 687 vault covered this amount.”

“Actually, the vault sum is just enough to balance the transaction but we thought it better to use the Potter’s vault, 105. Otherwise we’d have to close down the school vault 687 as it would be too little to keep the account open. We estimate that at least 5 years of interest accumulation from the Potter family vault able fill the vault again.”

“What Potter’s vault 105? Is that my family vault? Accumulation of interest?”

“Are you alright, Mr. Potter?” the Goblin looked at him strangely as if Harry was about to be sick.

“I’m fine. Vault 105?” Harry was determined to get the answer even though the Goblin studied him oddly.

“I could call a healer to check you? At no cost to you of course, Mr. Potter…”

“What…no, I want to know about vault 105!”

“It is very strange indeed that you do not know about vault 105. We have been sending you statements every year, and before you started Hogwarts we were sending them to your magical guardian, that is Headmaster Dumbledore, since your godfather, Lord Black, was unable to fulfil his responsibility.”

Sirius sighed, “It seems the old man concealed this from you. The family vault is accessible only to the Head of the House, and since you the only Potter, the vault is yours but for full access when you reach adulthood. The vault 687 is the Heir vault or Potter Children’s vault. It like when you have your own children, they will able to access the vault 687. The accumulated interest always allows the vault to reach maximum balance unless there is no gold left in the family vault.” Sirius lowered his voice before he continued. “My 711 vault is my personal wealth which my parents were not allowed to touch. Most of it was inherited from my uncle Alphard and the savings I had from the Black Children’s vault before I was disinherited by my mother. Of course, I am Lord Black now so my family vault 25 belongs to me but I have yet to touch it. It is too well known to the Minister of Magic and I would surely be caught if I were to go anywhere near it. ”

“Yes. However, Mr. Potter there is a way for you to bypass the law.”

“That is preposterous advice Gobock, my godson maybe the Lord Potter when he comes of age but he certainly does not hold any other titles. James would tell me otherwise.”

“Ah, Sirius Black, aka Lord Black; it is surprising to see you with your godson… so I take it that you’re innocent. Lord Black, Mr. Potter, you see I have very good intuition for these things. But actually I know Mr. Potter’s heritage very well, and that is why I recommend a test. For a fee, of course. You understand nothing is free, yes, Lord Black?”

“Sirius, I think I should take the test. Legally the old coot’s still my guardian. I’m sure he’ll use this influence sooner or later to tie me down.”

“That is very good decision Mr. Potter, please follow me. I think you’ll find this worth more than the fee charged.” Gobock stoped Sirius at the door and spoke to Harry, “You could tell your godfather of the result later, if you wish, but he can’t come with you.” Harry nodded and Sirius returned back to his chair.


“Ah…you are troubled with your birthright, Lord Potter.” They both watched fascinated as blood wove names onto tapestry, spread upwards and outwards in some case to minor branches of connections showing distances relatives. Gobock had seen many blood tapestries before but never one as extensive as Harry Potter’s. Harry James Potter was printed at the bottom, above it was James Potter and Lily Evan and continues onward of their family lines.

Harry narrowed his eyes at a particular name on his mother’s family tree at the furthest right corner, “Tom Marvolo Riddle” he hissed.

“The world is definitely small.” Anath was amused. She was not surprised that her host is connect to Tom, distantly of course.

Gobock interrupted the tension building from his customer, “It was unfortunate that the Sylvia Slytherin line became squibs. Until the birth of your mother Lily Evan, but she did not meet old law requirements to be the Heir. Sylvia’s younger twin, Serena Slytherin joined the Noble House of Gaunt line. However, the Gaunt line had declined as well nearly to squib status. So they, too, could not claim the Slytherin House, until Tom Marvolo Riddle, very gifted in magic, was born. Tom was powerful and that made him the first Lord Gaunt since Serena’s son. If you had been born female, the Slytherin House would have passed on to Tom as the claims on the old law are stronger than you.”

Harry spotted that Sylvia and Serena were the last Slytherin before they joined in marriage with other Houses. He was surprised Sylvia had wed Edmund Evan, the first of the Evan line. He finger traced Edmund Evan to his mother the last Noble House of Lapin.

“Ah yes Edmund Evan’s father was a Muggle, actually a descendant of the squib line of King Arthur. Edmund’s mother, Lady Lapin, was famous for her manipulation of the British King Henry VI. She was one of those rare wizards and witches that were given a Muggle title, Countess Lapin, which you now inherit from the Muggle World. We’ll send a letter to Her Majesty to inform her of the good news and I’m sure she’ll receive you soon. However, the Wizarding World heavily frowns upon such titles and connections to Muggle World.”

“Ah the tapestry has completed.” Gobock tapped his magic on the tapestry and a scroll appeared. “This scroll contains the list of Noble Houses that you either the Head or the Heir of. The scroll will be automatically updated when you become Heir or Head of other Houses if the current ones die. I believe you’ll have another on your list soon. Lord Black has applied for Blood adoption process.” Harry only nodded; Sirius had mentioned this to him. Harry concentrated on reading the scroll because strangely he found it very difficult.

* The Noble House of Potter

The Noble House of Black

The Noble House of Gamp

The Noble House of Lapin

The Noble House of Gryffindor

The Noble House of Slytherin

The Noble House of Peverell

The Noble House of Ollivander*

“The Noble House of Ollivander?” Harry was dazed; it seemed his world’s axis was spinning off in a different direction today.

“Lord Potter, Ollivander is one of first of Wizarding Houses, older than the Slytherin and rival to Peverell House. You should be proud of your standing in the Wizarding world, Lord Potter. You are very well connected in the Wizarding World, related to almost all the Noble Houses in our world. It was a pity that some of the great wizarding lines have died out many centuries before. But you are the direct descendant of them. It is not so unbelievable that you should be the Heir of Ollivander House.”

Gobock left the boy to come to terms with his families’ legacy. Gobock had his own selfish reason to help Harry Potter. Gobock remembered there was an old promise of wizards to the Goblin Nation. The promise had been lost in time, and the Goblin only knew that the promise was very important to both their kind. Since the Goblins had forgotten what the promise was, Golock hoped that the wizards, with their habit of keeping records on trivial matters in a journal, record may be found in one of vaults; an heirloom that waited, dormant, for the right Heir to claim. Gobock had an intuition that Harry James Potter holds the key.

“Gobock does that mean that others who come for their family test would be shown something similar to mine…including all their connections.”

“Well no, Lord Potter. For example in Tom Morvolo Riddle’s case, he has access to the knowledge of the Gaunt House and other heritage Houses that were his, but he would not see the entire Slytherin line. His tapestry would only contain information of Serena and Sylvia as siblings and their parent Sylvester Slytherin. Therefore, no further information would be known to him; like Peverell joining with Slytherin House which was a generation back. I remembered he made a request years ago on how he relates to Salazar Slytherin, at the time we would have told him if we knew, for he, Tom Riddle was a great wizard and he had impressed us, the Goblins.”

“If this is correct, then Tom must have known that he would not inherit the House of Slytherin.” Harry said thoughtfully, remembering Salazar’s note in the Chamber of Secrets; ‘It make sense now why Salazar was correct when he called me his Heir.’

“Here, Lord Potter, are the vaults you are able to access, the only one that you not able to access at present is Ollivander’s vault 04, the Head of House is still very much alive, but you are entitled to another vault that set up by Ollivander House for their Heir, vault 125.”

“I believe this is all wrapped up. Congratulations, your Lordship, your obligations for each of the Houses will be sent to you later; for much paperwork will have to be done before that. The Head Family rings are in the next room. Please open that door, Griphook will help you there.”

Gobock made a formal bow but this time it was deeper bending, as Gobock looked up his greyish eyes shone with respect which had not been there when they had first met. Harry thought he heard a low whispered echo before leaving room but put it down to his imagination.

“You’ve proven that you’re more powerful and connected than I have expected Lord Potter. We, the Goblins expect great things from you. Go forth with our blessing Lord Potter.”


PS. Before going to rant off hard core HP fans, please note this is AU fanfiction. I’ve Harry relating to Ignotus Peverell (Owner of the Cloak of Invisibility) through his father line and Cadmus Peverell (owner of the Resurrection Stone) through his mother line. The House of Ollivander is important to my story so wait for chapter 14a instalment (I’m about to complete chapter 14b).

I’ve reposted the previous chapters. I’d rewritten for the first few chapters so no major changes just made some points clearer. The story is reeditted by one of my favourite authors, Riddle Master 101. I really like the story A Lightning’s Tale and recommended for HP fans to read this story. Wantsome is still my beta and she’s the greatest. Signing off and hope to be back soon.

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Chapter 14: Ch13:Interlude – The Children of Gods P3

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AN: Here is the list of Goa’uld language is used in the chapter.

Peltac — Bridge of the ship

Mel nok tee! — Evacuate now!

Reenlokia — The Asgard

Kree hol mel — We are standing by or Waiting

Arik tree’ac te kek — We do not surrender, even in death

Aray Kree — Stay where you are

Tal shak! — Attack

Lek tol — Signing off

Remoc — The end of a journey

This may help with any confusion.



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Chapter 13: Interlude – The Children of Gods

Part Three – Checkmate!


The space had displayed brilliant fireworks colours even after the battle was ended. These colourful sparks were emitted from the breakages caused by destruction. It was the only evidence of countless of lives that had been lost on the battlefield. Anath, “The Merciful”, observed the scene with distaste as her mother-ship (Hataks) entered to orbit the war zone. No, she did not have a problem with war. She was in fact thriving on battle but the scene clearly showed wastefulness of resources and that was something she could not tolerate. Anath transported quickly with her servants to the Operation Base, a temporary facility in this section for the War Council Assembly.

It’s better to strike while the iron is hot. They’re unlikely to be prepared for my arrival. Ra’s envoy has not yet dispatched from Terra as reported.’

However, it was taking longer to arrive at the base than she anticipated. The journey was delayed because of limited space. There were at least hundreds of Hataks that were stationed above the planet, thus leaving little space for Anath’s ships to anchor without some amazing manoeuvres from her skilful pilots.

It’s indeed is a rare sight for so many System Lords to gather their vessels at one place.’

Anath’s entering the Council Chamber whilst masking her feelings with an impassive face, for she had much to accomplish this very hour.

And a surprising entrance would do just that’.

Anath had stayed away from this war and would continue to do so if she was given the choice. Ba’al agreed to be a neutral party, like her, since their parents were sided with Horus. They were probably the only two Battle Lords that were neutral. It was not surprising that the Contention Assembly for Osiris’ domain had escalated and became the war of the gods.

Ra had requested for her assistance, which she had been ignored, giving flimsy excuses that she was too busy with her own campaigned to join the battle.

It was crowded without adding me as well.’

However, the insistence was finally issued as an order from the Supreme Lord and that was why she here today. Anath knew Ra was dangerous, ‘the sleeping lion’ which she had dubbed as his namesake was no longer fitting as she had witnessed his power first hand. It was overwhelming and confronting who Ra was, leaving her still shaken.

I still need a lot of work but now I know how wide the gap between us is.’

Anath sighed regretfully at the battle of the wills and unconsciously sank her teeth into the lower lip, drawing blood.

“My Lady” Nina II’s whisper jolted Anath back to the present. Anath licked the blood devilishly, ‘…consider everything that has happened, I have a lot to gain from this.’ Anath tried to sooth the bitterness that dwelled deep within.

One eighth of the Goa’uld domain, huh? Ra did promise my share. Of course, I know the importance of this war to our Empire, but a large cake would no doubt be bad for indigestion.’ Anath stood surveying the room when the door shut behind her and let her aura fill the room.

When Anath was younger, she thought aura or essence was a trick that few first generation Goa’uld possessed. Like a ribbon device (a priceless artefact own by Battle Lord and lesser for the Servant Lord). However, this power was not from a tool.

Anath remembered her first meeting with Lady Egeria and the powerful presence she had felt. “The Queen’s Presence, it was called.” It was sheer force of energy emitted from individual and only the strongest Goa’uld was able to drawn it out. Anath had unfortunately tasted the depth of such powerful force when she last saw Ra.

Ra was exerting a wall of pressure and making his presence even bigger than it usually felt and combining it with the intense killing force that was lethal at the time. She had to will herself not to pass out or fall down and trembling with fear. ‘ “Not a small feat for one so young. You’ve awareness of it already to be able to fight back; it seems I have unintentionally taught you something today.” Ra had complimented her afterward. And it seems I shall need this power today to rule over them.’

Anath let the flow of air dominated by her force and the surrounding air become thicker as the mood of the room became too unbearable to be ignored and abruptly stopped the flow of conversation within the room. All eyes were turned to Anath and unwillingly bathed in her regal spirit.

It was the first time she reached for this power and it unexpectedly played havoc with her senses but she gave nothing away. The flow of energy was redirected from her inner-being and spread outward. It was intoxicating. The awareness of the surrounding and senses were increases tenfold but the consequence of the most impact was the feeling of being alive, the sense of domination over the surrounds lead the wielder to crave for supremacy, and thirst for crushing another was unbearable.

I felt like I’m at the centre of them, I’m the sun and the others are tiny little planets orbiting within my whim. IS THIS POWER?’

*A/N –this notion will be expanded on later chapter. I considered that Goa’uld did find a way to enlightenment but their thirst for power stopped them from further evolution along the path to ascendant beings. I’m sure this concept does not overstretch, as Goa’uld used human host for thousands of years and had interacted with Alteran at some point in the past. That showed they must have some knowledge/idea that eventually lead Anibus and some Jaffa quests for enlightenment.*

“Lady Anath. It’s lovely to see you.” Seth was first to greet her, breaking her trance. There was respected in those dark pools which was not been there the last time they met, although the onyxes still caressed her slim figure as always. Anath tried not to roll her eyes; Seth was well known among his peers as a womaniser. It seems Seth and Ra were rivals in other things besides their prowess as War Lords. Anath nodded acknowledgement to the rising System Lord *A/N this specifically regard to his position at Ra Court, for Seth has power of his own standing*, before narrowing her eyes, swiftly taking note whose were there in the chamber; although, she already knew who was attending according to the report.

She tilted her head and, lazily with a bored tone, announced as if it was a trivial matter, “In the name of Supreme System Lord, RA, I hereby accept the leadership role taking over this operation. Here is the Eye of Ra given to me to verify his authority.” There was note of satisfaction even though she had tried hard to hide it.

And with those words Anath knew the audience hated her very guts but she was careless about how they felt, ‘Some would say I’m an uprising bitch.‘ She was neither there as their babysitter nor she was there to please them. Ra had ordered her to win this war quickly, for it had been prolonged for a decade. He was getting impatient as the war had started to erode and fracture his Empire.

Discontentment echoed in the chamber, some were trying hard to hide their sneers and envy, while others nodded giving their silent consent to her leadership; however, Anath knew they were ALL seething inside.

As much as you dislike me, I’ve taking you by surprise and you have nothing to contradict or overthrow my command. Once you leave this room, you cannot do anything about it; so here and now you’ll release your command to me until this war is over or Ra comes to lead this war himself.

“Is there one who would challenge me?”

Anath knew why Ra had chosen her for this task. She had what it took to be his right hand commander. She was known for her forceful nature and giving her a ‘no’ for an answer led to questions of one’s sanity; ‘are you ready to knock on Death’s Door?’

“Step forward and face me or shut your mouth forevermore.” She searched their eyes, and knew none would dare.

Anath would not mind killing one to set an example and she would just report it to Ra later. He would not care and likely give her a slap in the wrist to give them a show. It certainly helps showing her predator temperament as she pushed an intense killing force within the Chamber and filled the occupants with terror as, one by one, they cowardly backed down.

If it had been Ra’s force, they would all faint with terror. It’s still too early for me. I wonder how I would fare against my own father, Cronus, that is if he could use it.’ Anath mused.

“No? That is very good, let us not start the union with bloodshed my fellow System Lords!” Anath sneered and strode toward the centre chair and sat down before surveying the room once more.

“First order, I want an update on the overall situation, I need information on today’s battle. Where is the damage lists, the resources list…?” Anath paused when no one came forward.

The room had gone eerily quiet and then, suddenly, footsteps echoed as the Lotars ran out the chamber as if their lives depended on it. They were smart to know that they needed to get the reports without being requested from their master.

The corner of Anath’s lips twisted, “I see! What have you been doing in this Council of War?” ‘Mostly likely arguing with each other, bunch of children.’ she sighed, “This is war; efficiency and effective planning are required to win. Victory is attainable only when good strategies are put into place.”

There was only silence again which fuelled her anger even more, “NO COMMENT! This is my second order. Regroup yours Jaffas and have them rest for three days.” She saw some eyes raises at her command but ignored them, ‘It is useless to educate them. Fools, your slaves and Jaffa are your power and yet you don’t care for their welfare. I’ve not said indulge them, giving them rest once in a while to recover would help them to be more focus to fight and survive the battle for you.’

“I’ll not go into this battle blind and without information. I’ll give my counsel on the fourth day. That will be all; this Council of War is concluding for today, my Ladies and Lords. If you’ve no further useful information to add, then return to your ships.”

The Goa’uld scrammed out of room as fast as they could, leaving behind three high ranking System Lords in the chamber.

“Is that a bit too forceful, my Lady?” Yu’s intelligent brown eyes pierced her, “It’s not good for the human body to emit such a force.” He whispered a warning for her ears and bowed respectfully before leaving the Chamber.

Anath shrugged it off indifferently, so Yu is another she should watch out for among the oldest System Lords. ‘I already knew he is someone to be reckoned with anyway.’

“Congratulation, Anath. You’re always entertaining, my Lady. Ra has chosen well.” Seth kissed her hand before she could decline the gesture and he, too, left the room just a few steps behind Yu.

“I, too, congratulate you, Lady Anath. My brother has always spoken well of you.” Apophis’ tone was sincere but Anath suspected otherwise.

“Thank you.” She nodded to dismiss him. The sapphires glinted with distrusted as the middle-aged-seeming Goa’uld’s back turned, leading him away from her and the Chamber. ‘So that is the Goa’uld known as Ra’s Shadow. Why did Ra keet such an unpleasant man close to him, even though they are biologically related?’ Anath fumed before facing her Servant Lords and Nina II, personal attendant. They, too, had similar thoughts written on their faces.

“It’s good to see you Sekmet, Plah/Selmak.”

“I cannot believe you are here. The last time I spoke to you was a fortnight ago, you still had the little skirmish with Shiva.” Sekmet gave Anath a glass of wine before joining her mate, Plah/Selmak, who sat beside Anath.

“It ended more quickly than I anticipated because the Reenlokia’s mothership intervened in our battle. The bloody ‘Aegir’ accused us of battling on their sanctified ground. I was lucky to have minimal damage inflicted on my Hataks comparing to the prick, Shiva. We called it off, as a golden rule when Goa’uld encounter Reenlokia. Lord Ra contacted me soon after the battle and here I am.”

“You’ve make a lot of enemies today, my Lady.”

“More than my usual share,” Anath mocked at Plah, he was a gentle soul and strangely she got on well with him even though he was a Ta’uri. Often they discussed weapons, a common interest with her.

Plah shook his head and continue, “Given the circumstance, it is indeed the best strategy to take control of the council. However, as a friend and servant I could not help but to say that Ra had put you in impendent doom if this venture should fail.”

“Plah, walls have ears darling.” Sekmet chided her mate, Sekmet always had deep fear for him and tried to curb his habits even when they were in good company. He was worse than Anath, too outspoken. She felt lucky that while they were with other Goa’uld company, Selmak, the other half of Plah could take over and control the situation without looking suspicious.

I don’t know how Lady Egeria did it but Selmak was the first Goa’uld willing to share the body with the human host. Selmak is the one of Lady Egeria’s new children.’

“It’s alright Sekmet. Ra has told me the same. Either I come out on top of this game or he has no use for me. It is sad.” Anath sarcastically informed them, “However, I would have done the same things in his place. Recently, Ra has felt his control over the empire has been slipping.”

“Father, told you that?” Sekmet surprised and felt jealous but shrugged off quickly, in the scheme of things she was a minor Goa’uld, rank higher than Servant Lord since she was the daughter of Ra. “It is a pity you have a little ambition”, my father once told me after asking me a question to which I could not remember the answer. All I know is he only spoke to me of mundane things after that conversation.’

“Hmmm, he only told me what I need to know Sekmet. There is little guesswork with the current situation. Ra sleaves are full of secrets; I doubt that there is anyone in the Empire to whom he would divulge all his secrets, a ruler is always a loner, much less the fact that we’re Goa’uld.” Anath indulged her audience with her opinion, the few that she could confide in. But she should get off this dangerous topic, even as straightforward as she was, she knew the thin line she was treading and thus choose to switch the conversation over weaponry.

“Plah, I have to say the dagger and the sword you created are great weapons. Baal also compliments you on the job well-done and I have given him the design blueprint.” Anath stopped the discussion when she saw Plah’s disappointed face, “You not happy that the design was given to Baal?”

Plah nodded, he was about to say something but thought better of it and decided to ask something else, “Do you know why he had wanted the blueprint?”

“I think he mentioned something about Ashrak weapons.”

“Ashrak?” Sekmet wondered if it meant the same as the Goa’uld word spoken.

“I heard recently that a group of Goa’uld are training to be assassin masters. Maybe they call themselves Ashrak.” Selmak, awaken by his host, Plah, responded to Sekmet’s query.

“If that is the case, these weapons and the use of deadly poisons are surely great tools for their operation.” Anath concluded with a troubled expression, ‘What has Baal being doing lately?’

“This is certainly interesting, I’ll look into it. Assassination is not a new concept but training a group for a specific task is certainly a dangerous ambition.” Selmak nodded and patted his consort’s palm to stop her encroached on his decision. Sekmet decided she would speak to Plah later; Selmak would listen to Plah as they were partner in the same body. Sekmet knew she had no influence on Selmak at all.

“Assassination is cowardly way to kill someone. In which case, I’ve no interest in such an operation.” Anath firmly resolved, “Selmak, I hope you have good news. How are your doing with my armour and shield?”

“The shield devices using kinetic waves to repel fast moving objects are completed. I have brought them with me. Uh, not here but on our ship, Sekmet called it a Hardesh, she loves the personal shield device. I have only been able to craft three of them so far.” Selmak paused, wondering how to continue, while his inner self was in conflict over giving too much information away.

I’ve already sent the blueprint to Tok’ra, my friendship and mother’s order for me to serve Anath is my priority at present but the Tok’ra needs me more. Anath is too blind when it comes to Baal; she rarely keeps any secrets from him. Her alliance with Ra is a questionable reason for me to serve her faithfully. I’m still not sure why mother wants me to serve Anath when our beliefs are so contradictory.’

He sighed, ‘It is amazing that these new devices were originally invented by Anath and, with Plah’s smith skill and my knowledge, we were able to produce them. I’ve no wish for the blueprint to become Goa’uld common knowledge. I did put a few extra mechanisms to prevent re-engineering or copying of the technology but if Anath gave them to Baal like the dagger and sword, I’ve a feeling it would be to our disadvantage in the future. I must warn her without alienating her.’

“However, the device could not be re-produce as mass production even if someone has the blueprint.” Selmak finished his report on Hardesh before he counselled on the situation regard the armour, “The electric circuit is working properly, though there is still some need of adjustment with the naquadah stone. The problem is the power. Even the dust particle from naquadah is too much and overloads the circuit. I need a bit more time, my Lady.”

“I’ve studied and re-drawn the design, there should be no problem. The safety mechanism should drain the power to neutralise overheating energy?”

“That is true, the design is flawless but production it is another thing. I’m confident I should completed this before this year passes.”

“It’s OK, Plah, take your time. I know you’re in need of more naquadah for your experiments. It is a pity that at the moment the resources are focussed on distribution to maintain the armed forces. However, I had stumbled on a little piece of secret information by accident a while ago. It seems that Horus has a few planets hidden, mining naquadah. I’ll get them from him personally, when he is fallen into my hand. I’m sure this would solve our little problem over naquadah.” Anath grinned, leaving her companions uncomfortable and feeling sorry for the poor sot.


“BLAST IT!” Anath suddenly fired the ribbon device, and the telekinetic blasted a hole in the dense wall. It so happened that the very blast had missed damaging the control panel by a centimeter. Her servants knew she had missed it on purpose and none dared to move from their spots in the likelihood that she might fire another shot. Anath gripped the arm of her chair tightly instead of obeying her urges. It was unbecoming for a goddess to loose her cool. Even showing that she had completed control when she had redirected her aim at the last minute, if not she certainly would have felt like a fool now.

“Get out!” She commanded. “It also means you as well Nina,” she was amused at the girl’s bravery. ‘Silly chick, you have been getting ahead of yourself lately.’

“My Lady, let me serve you. What servant am I that I would run at the first opportunity when my master is in trouble?”

Anath was about to bite the girl off for her insolence but mumbled “Foolish child” instead. She knew well that to do otherwise would end the pretence that the situation was still within her control.

“It’s almost as if we have a spy in our mist.” Anath leaning back against the chair tiredly, thinking over events. It had been three nights since she had led them into battle. The tactic she had planned for seizing Horus’ Moon Base had failed and thus overthrown her game strategy for a quick decisive win. ‘There should have been no failure. It was perfectly executed. Yet, Horus’ army was there to ambush us.’

“Lady Anath, I think you not far off about a spy.” Nina’s voice penetrated her frustration though she had dismissed it earlier.

“No one would dare!” Anath gritted her teeth, “And even if that is the case, all the Systems Lords were with me at the time when I ordered the command for first strike. It took a few hours for the troops to launch but I had observed them like a hawk during the operation.”

“My Lady, I think you overlooked the Lotars, they moved freely during those times. Numerously, I notice them discretely blending in the background but actively gathering information. It was their job to spy for their master. I have done the same too.”

“I did not ask it of you; I would prefer that you do not interact with the others.” Sapphires darkened over the information; she had underestimated the servants just because they were slaves, they too played their part in the Goa’uld Empire.

“I couldn’t leave the chamber to catch the spy red handed but there were two Lotars who raised my suspicions from their body language. I’d wager they were up to no, my Lady. Grandaunt taught me those clues to serve you, my Lady.”

“I see. And to whom do they belong?” she never once thought Nina would be useful to her, “Speak!” She commanded noticing the girl shifting uneasily, “I’ll reward you when the spy is caught. The name of their masters will do and I’ll narrow down the likelihood of the traitor.” The sapphires glowed mixing with golden light and promising immense pain to whoever it was.

“Seth and Hathor II.” Nina knew that those two names would be the least suspected and unbelievable to suggest of betraying Anath, and that was why she had hesitated to report them. Nina did not care for the reward, serving Anath was like breathing. She was born to serve her master and her admiration for Anath from childhood tale from Grandaunt had turned into the real life worshiping of an idol.

“You’ve the wrong names, Nina. This very war has become more than merely greed to Seth; his name and position is at stake. Hathor II is my very own servant Lord besides Sekmet. I raised the girl and know her well. Hathor I, her mother, threw her out when she proved to be the weakest among the younger Goa’uld generation and she swore her loyalty to me.”

“Please believe me, my Lady. I swear to you upon my and family’s honour …” Nina cried realizing she was in no position to redeem herself through her words to her master, ‘what honour for one such as me?’ Nina kowtowed flat to the ground and waited for her punishment; she is a servant, a slave and she is accusing her betters of betrayal.

“Stand up, Nina. Although I usually enjoy others fearing and cowering before my godliness, but snivelling is an undignified act for my servant. You’d better remember that Nina. I’ll investigate this.” Anath exited her room and wondered who she should visit first.


“Retreat!”Anath lips twisted into a devilish smile, ‘you’ll see hell, Horus.‘ She promised.

The trap was set. They were too busy to see anything but her. Anath, the bait, was dangling in front of them. ‘It is unconventional that I used myself as the bait. It is certainly a strange way of thinking, and definitely not a typical Goa’uld approach to put oneself in danger. And yet I know this is the only way I will win because knowing thy enemies allows one to easily manipulate them.’

“Now, all I need is to hang on without being captured for 2 hours.” Anath muttered to herself, ‘the shadow of the asteroid belt would do it nicely as I had calculated.’

“My Lady, we’re in position.” Hathor II announced from Peltac control panel and there was slight tremor of fear emitting in the voice.


“My Lady, we’re sitting ducks like this.” Hathor II paused, hesitant to carrying on. “Our forces are outnumbered one-to-four. Are you hoping for the main fleet to arrive?” Hathor II was surprised that Anath chuckled at her query. “But, it would take at least 3 to 4 hours from the Operation Base to get here.”

“Seth should have received the message that I was ambushed a few minutes ago. He will know what to do.” Anath replied confidently. She noticed the servant and Jaffa within the room was attentively listening to their conversation. They became calmer at her response. Their Lady, Anath, had always led them to victory.

“I’m still not sure why we’ve only taken two Hataks with us. We would not have gotten into this situation of being outnumbered otherwise. ” Hathor II persisted on venting the issue, though she knew it unwise to attacked Anath directly. So she lowered her tone as if she were seeking guidance from her superior, but Anath was not fooled, ‘If you’re planting doubt on me or my servants then my dear child, I’ll see to it that your death is a very painful one.’

“It’s seemly a reconnaissance and surveillance mission. The mission would be impractical if we have a whole fleet trailing us. The mission was meant to be useful for military strategies. I find the reports from the System Lords to be terrible, I wonder what they have been doing in this sector for last decade.” The sapphires watched the younger Goa’uld intensively before her eyes twinkled without malice in them. Hathor II took a deep breath, shocked at how deeply the watchful gaze had affected her.

“We’re lucky to spot the enemy fleet before we got to close to outrun it. There is no need to be worried child; I’ll reimburse your losses when we return.” Anath spoke carelessly of the casualties that were expected; she knew Goa’uld do not care what vessels they had lost in battle, they held no attachment toward their slaves or servants only the loss of their power. It rang true in Hathor II case, and she was relaxed once more.

We shall see if you have betrayed me Hathor II.’ Anath griped the arm chair once more at the thought of betrayal; however, the likelihood that she may be capture that day never entered to her mind. Anath knew there was a chance that her plan would fail but she has always optimistic and had faith in her strategic moves.

“It had been over an hour, my Lady. Could I please return my quarters? It seems we are well hidden.”

“You may leave Hathor.” Anath nodded dismissing the Servant Goa’uld. The door closed before she turned to Nina and gave her a nod as well.

“My Lady, shouldn’t you have held her here a while longer, a few more minutes would be better.” Nina sighed, whispering for her ears alone as none other in the room were foretold.

“I have no reason to do so without looking suspicious. I hate being in such proximity to the traitor as it is. However, I already have a plan for back up with fewer casualties. You’ve your job to do, Nina.” Nina bowed and quickly left the Peltac room.

“Jaffa kree.” Anath stood up from her throne.

“Kree hol mel” The Jaffa group’s echoes responded, kneeling down, waiting for their order.

“Prepare for an Alkesh.” Anath commanded and pointing one of the Jaffa to proceed. She watched the leader take a small group waiting outside, into the hall with him.

Anath turned to the rest, “Mel nok tee!” they were a bit confused at her command. “You’ll lead your squadron to the other ship using the transportation-rings; the evacuation is to be done within ten minutes. There should not be anyone on board this ship except for the group which is preparing the Alkesh. I’ll announce my next instruction when the time comes.”

Anath was alone in the Peltac room when she sauntered away from her throne toward the control panel.

“Destruction sequence completed. 15 minutes to the count down.” Anath noted on the panel before leaving the room.

Anath took her time to cross the empty hall; the announcement for destruction should be on alert within a minute and then the count down announcement would start at 10 minutes. She had delayed the alert’s broadcast within the ship as her plan still was in the action. Nina should hold the evidence in her hand by now.

Anath opened the door, the scene was expected. Nina had the Zat’nik’tel pointing at Hathor II and her Lotar. Hathor II was glaring at Nina and exchanging unpleasant disputation. Whatever had happened, Anath’s appearance in quarter prompted Hathor II to stab her Lotar.

“Die you traitor.” Hathor II cried. The blood dripping off the knife as it dropped beside the dead body. The Lotar’s brownish eyes were open and there was a hint of bewilderment left behind from her sudden, quick death. Anath did not know the girl’s name nor did she care to learn, a worthless end for all traitors.

Anath impassively slithered snake-like across the room like a predator, then she picked up the communication ball device which had rolled on ground after being dropped by the slave, and studied it with great deal of engrossment. “What an interesting device!” Anath sarcastically commented to no one particular.

“My Lady, it seems I have unwisely chosen the wrong Lotar to serve me.” Hathor II trembled and her eyes were dashing to Nina.

“Well Nina?”

“When I arrived, Ayde Lotar was communicating with Horus. I told her to give me the device and it was then that Lady Hathor II returned to the room. She commanded me to drop the Zat’nik’tel and became angry at my disobedience.” Hathor II was relieved after hearing Nina’s testimony of the situation.

“Thank you for your unbiased testimony, Nina.” Anath was interrupted by the Count Down for Destruction announcement. Hathor II and Nina widened their eyes as both turning to her at once for instruction.

“You should take your leave now. The launching area is in section D.” Anath’s palm stopped Hathor II from stepping forward. “Not you, my dear child. Don’t be hasty to leave yet. There are still things that need to be cleared up.”

Nina bowed and ran out the room, leaving the two goddesses behind her. She knew with her human strength it would take her at least eight minutes to get to section D. She’d have to wait for her master there.

“We’re moving.” Hathor II stated the obvious, the window screen showing that they have drifted off into space again away from the asteroids belt. The course flight was heading toward the enemies fleet.

“Shouldn’t we get going as well?” She was getting nervous as the countdown continued to echo within the ship.

“There is no need to be worried; I should say thank you for killing the slave. I did not want to have my hand dirtied on the little mouse. However, the rat still needs to be executed.”

“You can’t mean me, my Lady. I swear; I am loyal to you. I, too, am shocked at the slave betrayal.”

“Your words are empty, child. Was it not I who took you out of the trash bin and gave you power and position today? And this is how you are repaying me! Did Horus promise you something that I have yet to give you?”

“No, my Lady. I…”

“Lets get straight to the point, shall we? I’m the judge, the jury and the executioner. Your Lotar would never act without given a direct order no matter what you said. The slave is absolutely loyal to their master until it is chosen as host. I had hoped it would have been otherwise, Hathor II. I did have my reservation before I set out on this trip. I see, you’re not agreeing with me. Well, let me giving you the final evidence, my dear child. Did you know that these quarters are designed perfectly to keep noise within the chamber? I’m an expert on Goa’uld architecture; it was my hobby so I would certainly know this functional aspect even though others are not aware off it…EVERY WORD SPOKEN IN THIS ROOM WAS HEARD BY YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE. Hathor II, you failed me greatly by rushed back inside the room and tried to intimidatie Nina. Your treachery is indicated by your actions. Does it hurt to have to kill your most loyal servant but in the end for nothing?” Anath ridiculed before she caught the younger Goa’uld’s body which slumped against her.

“How?” Hathor II fingers wiped the blood off her mouth, she did not see Anath’s movement, nor hear the ribbon device fire, only felt the impact hitting her symbiote at the last moment.

“Goodbye child. It is a pity I had once saw you with such sentiment.” Anath ignored the question as she swiftly standing up and ready to leave the ship.

“Wait, do you not want to know why…”

“The reason you had betrayed me, Hathor II.” Anath completed the statement for younger Goa’uld, “No, I don’t care for such trivial matters. Your death will be my answer for those others, to think twice before they contemplate treason in the future.”

“My mother, Hathor I, will have the last laugh for I’m not Ra’s child but Horus’.”

“You’re failing to get any sympathy from me child. My alliance with Ra had nothing to do with my biological parents and yours shouldn’t either.”

Anath knew the time of departure was fast approaching and could delay no further. She snapped the communication device in half with her bare hands. Hathor II was dying and could not verbalize that Anath did not even leave the device untouched. But she never was good at leaving things behind that could by some miracle be undone.

“I’m not sorry to die at your hand, Mother.” Anath read Hathor II’s lips, her final message as the eyes’ glow cut off abruptly. In that moment, Anath’s logic told her Hathor II’s message was for her biological mother Hathor I, but there was something whispering inside that it had been meant for her.


“Arik tree’ac te kek. Aray Kree!” Anath ordered the second Hatak once she boarded the Alkesh.

“Tal shak!” Anath’s broadcast the second message through wider channel and knew the enemies’ fleet would pick that up and discard the previous message as internal communication before the battle.

“Lek tol!” Abd-al-Karim, the Jaffa leader barked before cutting the communication off quickly and manoeuvring the Alkesh outside the ship, preparing hyper-jump as Lady Anath had instructed. They arrived at the new location and watched the explosive destruction of Hataks, a chain reaction for being too close to her mothership when it obliterated.

“It should take a few of Horus’ Hataks as well.” Anath sighed, ‘I feel a bit irritated but it was a small loss. It is natural to feel this way as that was the first mothership I had ever lost on the battlefield. In the general overview of things, a Hatak is worth more than a thousand Jaffa. However, I feel quite the opposite. And, the bonus is Horus’ losses were much greater than mine, at the very least a few thousands Jaffa, included a few Hataks today. I’ll make sure a lot more by the end of the day.’

“Kree! Did you create a smoke signal in the hyperdrive engine room?”

“Yes, my Lady.” The Jaffa eyes were confused but he did not dare questioning their goddess.

“My Lady, wouldn’t the signal indicate our location? I’m sure there are at least some surviving from that destruction.” Nina observed the light had yet faded.

“If there is smoke coming out of the engine room at a distance, what would that indicate to you?”

“Engine is malfunction but…”

“Good. Do you understand why we only hyper-jumped such a short distance?”


“You’ll see soon enough.”

“Abd-al-Karim, the route for hyper-jumps and the distance between each jump have been input in the System. You should follow them exactly as instructed. I have faith in you sighting enemies’ ships as well as not getting us caught in firing range during this journey.”

“Yes, my Lady.”

The chase between Horus’ remaining Hataks and the Alkesh was like a cat and mouse game. Anath’s soldiers became weary as time passed and their ship was nearly annihilated as many times they jumped, escaping only by a hair’s breadth. The Alkesh’s advantaged over the Hataks was its flexibility and manoeuvrability due to its size. However, there was no hope for the midrange bomber to outrun the mothership.

“My Lady the last coordinate is entered. What should we do now?”

“Nina, you should get into the escape pod.”

“What about you and the other servants?”

“We should be alright with the heat, our symbiotes would take a little radiation but you would not.”

Nina shut the door when she felt the sudden heat rapidly rising while hearing Anath shouted to Abd-al-Karim, “Hyper-jump, now!”

Time was passed and silence remained like eternity, and Nina began to be afraid that she might be the only one who had survived whatever ordeal that had taken place. Suddenly, the door slid open from the other side and light flushed into the dark pod.

“My Lady.” Nina stumbled out, quickly thanking the Jaffa but her eyes fixed only to her master and couldn’t help relieved tears swelling in her eyes. Lady Anath was fine, though her complexion was bit under-the-weather while other servants were at worse stages but alive. ‘What could have happened for there are no external injuries in sight?’

Nina looked at the window screen and observed the bright sun was blindingly shining through. There were no other ships in sight in front of the window nor the monitor screen, only the brilliant raging enormous sun.

This is the first time and the last that I ever get this close to a sun.’

“The ship’s engines are completely malfunctioning due to the heat we have experienced in just a few minutes. The immediate danger is that we have less than an hour of oxygen and the gravitation of the sun is pulling the Alkesh in as well. However, we are likely to die before that happens.” Abd-al-Karim reported firmly to his master. Abd-al-Karim was ready to die and was pleased to witness such a great strategy that had unexpectedly played out.

“We shall be rescued soon.” Anath waved the data off, “The other Hatak is already on its way here. I’ve set the coordinate for automatic hyper-jump to this location before setting one ship on the destruction sequence.” Anath’s eyes closed and she relived her own moment of triumphant.

“We won.” Nina couldn’t believe it. She turned to face the crew, seeing the same reflected on their eyes.

“Remoc.” Abd-al-Karim spoke softly, as he and the others kneeling before their goddess and worshiping her in silent.


The room was a vast and empty space except for a table with two chairs as furniture sitting at the middle of the room. The chairs were occupied by a woman and a man, both were beautiful like sculpted statues. But maybe this impression was the product of their cold expressions.

“What are you thinking…you know, it will be your loss?” She was pointing to the piece on chessboard.

“Hmm…If it makes you happy, you could knock it off the board.” The woman companion shrugged indifferently, watching his pawn piece move.

“Too bad, the pawn would reach its goal if you had pleaded, my dear.”

“I knew nothing would become of it.” He chuckled, “However, I do have a surprise present waiting for Anath.” He taken his knight across, eyeing the white queen of his companion and was unconcerned, showing his killer intended at the piece.

“I don’t think I’ll leave my queen stood there for your amusement.” She scowled. “Will she fall for the trap you’ve set, I wonder.”

“No, my dear. Like your scheming, my knight will face death or, at least, injury with this confrontation.”

“Then why bother moving it there.”

“I’m testing her strength against mine. It has been a while I last saw her.”


“My Lady, it’s good to see you. I feared for the worse.” Sekmet strode forward to greet Anath, warmly for a Goa’uld. It would have been a bit unsettling if they have not known each other for many years.

“Did you encounter problems when you took this place?”

“No, everything went smoothly. There were hardly any guards around the facility and Selmak discovered a few experiments Horus had been working on. I think you’ll find them of great interest. Horus’ keen mind was not overeaten as was the rumour.”

“Have you heard news from Seth and the System Lords?”

“Yes, your plans worked out perfectly. After, your message reached the Operation Base regarding the ambush. Seth was ready to go after you as predicted, but I stopped him and replayed your order to him. He had followed it to the letter and wiped out Horus’ home base while Horus and his allies’ fleets were stuck in the middle of nowhere since they started going after your ship. Like you said, they believed that they would get to you first before our fleet arrived. It would have so if you hadn’t ordered Seth to ignore your rescue signal instead of attacking. Horus was unable to returning in time to help his home base as you foresaw…not only that, but word has gotten out that he is still wondering what has happened to his ships that had ambushed you. We did not hear anything regarding the matter either.” Sekmet was troubled and had spent better part of the day worrying.

“I’ll fill you in later regarding what happened to our reconnaissance and surveillance mission.” Anath eyes promised a good tale for tonight’s meal and Sekmet was satisfied with that.

“Where is Plah?” for those two were inseparable.

“He is making sure that everything is ready for Horus’ arrival.”

Anath chuckled wickedly, “Ah, yes. We could not really celebrate while the host is away from his lair right?”

“We only have a few Hataks in the area, should we not send a message for our allies to come here?”

“It would be defeating the purpose, Sekmet. This is Horus’ secret base. It could be very valuable for us in the future. besides the fact that we have no need for more power to secure the place. Horus will come here alone to recoup from his miserable failure. He’ll not bring an army with him, just a few trusted servants. We’ve everything we need to capture him and his allies will disengage as soon as I have his head on my silver plate.”

Anath laughter was cut off suddenly when she saw a dagger entering her personal sphere. She caught the assassin’s hand and broke it. Sekmet was thrown to the side as a result of the forceful movement of their fighting. Anath flicked herself upward, somersaulted in the air and stretched out her hands reaching the opponent’s neck as she landed, snapping it slightly to the side; her favourite way to kill in close range battle. She finally pushed the head using the momentum and the body slumped to the ground.

Sekmet was horrified, realising that in just a few consecutive movements Anath had killed a well trained assassin effortlessly. The head was smashed, like porcelain shattering beyond repair, blood and brains were smeared on the marble floor.

“Clean it up!” Selmak barked his order at the servant nearby, who had frozen in place. “I’m sorry, my Lady. It seems I’ve yet to have the place totally secured.” Selmak knelt down before them.

“Help your wife up, Selmak. Take her to rest, she is clearly very distraught at the sight.” Anath looked at the piece of trash, “When you’re done, I want that thing questioned at the first chance you get. It should be still alive.”

The evening came, and the room was quiet besides Nina playing the flute softly in the background. Anath played with the crystal, toying with it before Sekmet could help herself and snatched it off Anath fingers. A slight flush of colouring appeared on her face as she knew she had overstepped her boundaries, “Sorry, Anath but the crystal is not really that special. It was designed to make a tunnel underground. I’m not sure why Selmak was fascinated with it like you are. It’s been driving me insane.”

Anath shrugged it off, “Your mate understands the value of this knowledge more than you, my dear. However, I find it is not really useful for me unless I happen to have a secret operation that I require to set up in the future and then this toy might prove useful.”

Selmak entered the room and coughed to get their attention. “I’ve been able to learn a few things from the symbiote, my Lady. It called Kali. ‘Kali’ indicated that she was given a direct order to eliminate you from RA.”

Anath was faintly amused and nodded for Selmak to continue. “I, too, found that reason to be unbelievable as the intention of this assassination, but we have yet to enter the second phase of torture, and perhaps then she will spill the beans. However, I found something on the host body which contradicted her identity; it may help in identifying who her master was. The brand belongs to Shiva.”


The chess players were engrossed in the game; the mood was deadly as the battle came closer to an end.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll have to remove your knight.”

“Be my guest.”

“How? I didn’t see that.” The woman face contorted with malevolence before sighing and accepting the game had come to an official end.

“You should not be careless, my dear. I, too, am sorry, but checkmate!” The man stood up, leaning on his silver cane.

“Where are you going?” His companion fumed with anger, she was expecting them to spend some time together.

“I am preparing for my death of course.” He replied joyfully.

“What! Whatever, I’m sure your trap should work out in the end. I’ll be waiting for my next game.”

“It’ll be a while but we shall have all the time in world then.” He kissed her forehead and lazily sauntering out the room.


Lek tol

Chapter 15: Ch14:One Generation Plants the Trees

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AN: Warning of time travel again. There will be some historical figures (Isocrates, Alexander the Great & Eumenes of Cardia) in the chapter, please bear it in mind this is fan-fiction.

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Chapter 14: One Generation Plants the Trees; Another Gets the Shade.

Diagon Alley was very busy. It was a renowned British Wizarding Hub where the action centred. The assortment of restaurants, shops, and other sights were still as fascinating to Harry Potter as when he’d first set foot here. Harry’s emerald eyes widened as he as he was thoroughly engrossed by his surroundings which clearly amused Anath ‘The Merciful’ greatly. They finally reached their destination but Harry was undecided if this is wise move. He stood outside the old shop for quite some time, contemplating whether he should enter and make himself acquainted with a new-found family member. ‘Distant, maybe, but family nevertheless. Sirius does not count since he’s my godfather.’

The shop was exactly as he remembered from when he had bought his first wand. The shop was small compared to neighbouring businesses, with only a wand laid on faded purple cushion inside the dusty window. It was probably there as a reminder to any witch or wizard passing that this is the oldest shop in the Wizarding World, since 382 B.C.

Harry closed his eyes, following his Gryffindor impulsiveness, and pushed open the creaking door. The single spindly chair was still in place at the corner, along with thousands boxes that were piled up to the ceiling and almost filling up the tiny shop.

“Ah, Mr. Potter! What a pleasant surprise to see you again! I read in the Daily Prophet that you’re going to participate in the Goblet of Fire. I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Mr. Ollivander spoke as he silently moved out of the shadow, though Harry had already felt where the older man had stood when he entered the shop.

“I’m afraid I’ve cancelled that particular contract with the Goblins today. It should be made into tomorrow’s headlines, Mr. Ollivander.” Harry tones dripped with cynicism.

“That is unfortunate indeed. What can I do for you today, Mr. Potter?” Mr. Ollivander enquired pleasantly. He didn’t sound disappointed at the news but rather his eyes glinted in the dim light.

Harry found Mr. Ollivander was a strange wizard, the old man spoke to him as if he had only seen Harry yesterday. He hadn’t enquired about where Harry had disappeared for the last year or so. Harry handed the Heritage Test document over to the old man nervously. Of all reactions, the relief and contentment that washed over Mr. Ollivander usually composed face was least expected.

“It seems the long wait for my successor from Potter line is finally over.” Harry was flabbergasted and reconfirmed to himself that Ollivander, the creepy old wizard, was only one of their kind. ‘Yeah, I knew it. He did give me that abnormal impression when we first met.’

“It was foretold that a Potter will succeed to the House of Ollivander when our line comes to an end. This particular Potter would only know his relative as Mr. Ollivander and that is why we have a tradition that we should not to reveal our first name to anyone.” Mr. Ollivander mused aloud as he opened the door before inviting the boy to follow him.

“Uhh…that is very interesting…what’s your name, Mr. Ollivander or Lord Ollivander?”

“Didn’t I just tell you? You’ll only know me as Mr. Ollivander. Anyhow, Lord Ollivander is a title; it is used only when I attend the Wizengamot or perhaps at the Pureblood functions. It seems you have also inherited a few titles, Mr. Potter, didn’t the Goblin give you some books to help you to have a better understanding of your obligations and etiquette as the Head of Noble Houses?”

“I haven’t had a chance to read them yet…sorry but since we’ve become family, could you please give me your name?” Harry was very intriguing about Ollivander’s first name. He knew it was rude to probe but his curiosity got better of him.

“This may not be a prophecy Mr. Potter but we still need to follow the story precisely.” Mr. Ollivander sighed exaggeratedly, “Of course, there is one prophecy concerning you which is being held at the Ministry Office. If you should be interested in it, I recommend checking it out sometime in the future. However, we’re here to fulfil a self-prophecy for you, I dare say.” He smiled, though it did not reach his blue eyes as they watched the younger wizard intently.

“Our forefather, the first Ollivander, passed down the message for generations that, one day, a Potter, successor to our line would come to see the last Ollivander and claim his inheritance.”

“I didn’t come to claim anything, Mr. Ollivander. I’m here because you’re family.” Harry couldn’t help feeling offended at Mr. Ollivander insinuation.

The older wizard laughed, “You’ve no need to feel insulted. I actually give back what was belongs to you, Mr. Potter. You’ll understand soon enough.”

The narrow hallway came to an end and the doorway opened showing a light green and white room. The decoration gave the room a sense of serenity, helping Harry to calm down as Mr. Ollivander pointed to a chair before taking the one opposite to his guest. When Harry sat down, he saw a pot of tea magically appear with a dish of cookies beside it without Mr. Ollivander using any magic.

“Here, Mr. Potter, have a sip and some cookies. It has been a while, probably forty years or more since someone has joined me for a cup of tea. Drink up Mr. Potter…we have all day for our little chat…after all it has taken nearly to the end of my life to see you so just a few more minutes won’t make a difference. Well, I had always pictured myself saying something astounding when the time came…oh, never-mind.”

Harry was confused by the conversation. Mr. Ollivander was not acting like himself, a creepy old wizard, but rather like a very old Muggle, who had lost their cohesive thoughts. ‘Should I make an excuse to leave and come back…?’ However, the thought was cut off when older wizard continuing his rambled, “The story was told by my father on his deathbed and his father before him and so on…perhaps it has become sort of a legend to the House of Ollivander, Mr. Potter.”

“Ehmmm, please call me Harry.” Harry offered as he sat up straighter and more attentively listened to the old wizard even if he would learn nothing of great importance from this conversation. He felt tingling of happiness since this was the first ever family talk he had had and it had come so unexpectedly. Harry felt that first name basis was appropriate since he would be sharing in a family secret.

“I’m happy to call you Harry.” Mr. Ollivander beamed at him but did not offer his name, though Harry had expected that from their earlier conversation. “Well…our forefather, the first Ollivander was known as Isocrates. I believed he is very renowned as Muggle World Philosopher. Isocrates was one of the few wizards at the time living a double life. Of course, that was not important or the fact he was the first entrepreneur wand maker is of consequence as to the secret he was foretold on his deathbed. Isocrates told his son, Theodor that in his late years he had came across and befriended a young man, a future descendant of his daughter, Margaret with whom his wife was pregnant at the time. It was a rare offspring even among wizard standards for Isocrates had already celebrated his 100 birthday. Isocrates was sceptical but a good friend of his had vouched for the boy.”

Harry would have laughed but he could see Mr. Ollivander was being quite serious; he gulped and asked, “You’re sure that Isocrates meant me, Harry Potter? I don’t think time-travel is even possible.”

Harry heard coughing snickers from Anath and, without realising it, he made a gobsmacked face, ‘It’s possible, I’ll be damned.’

“I think you’ve an idea how to do so, right?” the older wizard latched onto Harry when he saw the boy’s expression. His blue eyes shone brighter, making Harry feel the old man must have an unhealthy obsession with time-travel.

“I’m not sure but please go on.”

Mr. Ollivander looked disappointed but continued, “Hmmm. Isocrates gave Theodor his final requested; to have the story passed down the generations by word of mouth. It was something like “I’m looking forward to meet you” and it’s very important that you find him as self-fulfilment of your life journey.” Ollivander took a box out of his pocket and gave it to Harry. The box was tattered and very old just like the shop itself, “This is your inheritance.”

“Thank you!” Harry accepted the box gracefully and opened it. His eyes darken with recognition at the object laying there.

“You know what the key is for?”

“No!” Harry shook his head, his hand glossed over the crystal key, exactly the same shape as the one found in the Chamber of Secret in Hogwarts. However, the crystal was hot pink in colour instead of the greenish key he had owned from Salazar.

“But, I owned another similar one.” Harry smiled and knew whatever Mr. Ollivander told him today would eventually happen. ‘Nothing is ever coincidence with me.’

Anath replied mockingly to his grumble, ‘Yeah, Harry, the world revolves around you.’

“Good. Isocrates said that you’d recognise the key as it is yours.”

“Did he say anything else?”

“I’m afraid not, Harry; just that you’d be from the Potter line and I’m the last of Ollivander. I thought it was your father; it was about the time when I had lost both my wife and son. I knew I would never remarry so I’d be the last Ollivander. Then you were born…And I began to be afraid I’d be unable to fulfil my forefather’s request. I can find rest now.” Mr. Ollivander looked like he had added a few extra years to his appearance when the story ended. The thought that the old man was going to die saddened Harry’s heart.

“I’m sorry. Even though I just met you, Mr. Ollivander, I don’t have any other relative – well one that’s fond of me, anyway…I know this sounds selfish but please don’t plan to die soon, OK?”

The older wizard cracked up and bent over to tousle Harry’s hair like once he did with his son, “No, Harry. I’m waiting for you to come back after seeing Isocrates and tell me the whole story… like you’re wondering now; it is an unsolved mystery and has been for years. The House of Ollivander has been waiting every generation for you to come to their life and we’ll be here when you return.”

Harry was immediately seized by the family paintings; they all talked to him at once. It seems they had been waiting patiently for Mr. Ollivander to finish his tale and now it was their turn to get to know him.

Harry blushed at the scrutiny and personal questions but was happy to be getting along with his distant relatives even though they were no longer living, but portraits of their reminiscences. It was quite late into the afternoon when Harry decided Sirius would begin to cause trouble if he did not see his godson home soon so Harry took his leave.

“Thank you again, Mr. Ollivander.”

“You’ll always welcome to see me, Harry.” Mr. Ollivander gave the boy a hug before letting him out of his shop. The warmth was still wrapping around his heart as Harry apparated home.


The sunset was beautiful. The same as the last time she was here but the view was less appealing. Anath kept glancing over to see her old body, inside the pod. It was a painful sight. The reality was harsh.


Anath ignored Harry Potter’s intrusion into her private moment. ‘Why did I agree to take him back, it got nothing to do with me. Curious kill a cat.’ She sighed.

“If you do not shut up, Harry…this ship will be unlikely go anywhere soon.” Anath threatened her host, “Let me not remind you again about the consequences of failing the time-jump. You’ll have to wait for many days, months, years. I’m not even sure if we can get close to the date you have suggested and if it is even a feasible option. The technology was not studied in-depth by my people because I was in haste to return to this time.”

“Sorry but that’s your body…” Harry felt sudden burst of headache assaulting him, “ALRIGHT! I just wondered why we couldn’t bring Sirius.”

“… #$ %…” Harry fell silent when Anath swore at him.

Finally!’ Anath shuddered and wondering why she was stuck with a child host.

“I heard that!” Harry yelled childishly before retreating back inside the mindscape.

Their little journey through time was quite a trip, Harry was disappointed when nothing happened besides arriving at the new place without incident. ‘It’s No worse than going to the shop for milk.’

Harry grumbled at utterly boring journey and found his mind settling on their little conversation; it was one of their numerous quarrels lately, some were over nothing. Harry concluded that he was getting too comfortable with Anath. His behaviour had been outrageously childish and Anath had allowed him it as a way relieving himself, though on occasion she retaliated with an extreme migraine when his antagonising became personal.

They had arrived in Babylon 323 B.C. which was the coordinate and time that Mr. Ollivander had given to Harry. Isocrates had officially died in the Muggle World fifteen years before when Greece had lost its independence after the Battle of Chaeronea. Muggle History recorded that Isocrates, in despair, had starved himself to death.


Isocrates strode down the street in a leisurely fashion. The northern market was located a few corner turnings on his right but he did not have the time to venture there. The appointment had been set for three minutes ago and he hated to be late but it could not be helped this time. Babylon was one of the few cities that had a barrier for wizardry. It had been set up to detect when magic was triggered in vicinity. There was a great shift in the political trend lately regarding Wizard-Muggle interaction, zero tolerance for exposure. It maybe was the reason why an old friend had requested the meeting here, where the assassination was likely to take place. There was little doubt the assassination would happen because of the general outcry from the Wizarding community; for them this was not murder but the execution of traitor. The outrageous fact was that one of their kind was trying to unify Muggles and Wizards and in turn was exposing their world to the Muggles.

The Wizard Council was likely to pass the new law while he was away; he was one of the very few that stood against the complete separation between two worlds. Isocrates felt that Muggles were not their inferior brethren and one day they would likely rise up and stand equal to Wizards by other means of power besides magic. Well, there were those who believed in the possibility but rather negatively, and therefore thought Muggles should be controlled because of the danger they may hold in the future. The Wizards had been divided in their opinions regarding their neighbours but the threat of a unified Muggle world and exposure to Muggles had recently become a possible reality in the mind of one single man.

Isocrates loved both worlds, this due to the fact that Heduto, his mother, was a Witch and Theodorus, his father, was a Muggle; however, he devoted his life to the Muggle world for he felt that the Muggles needed him more. Isocrates had hoped his work would mould Muggle opinion and direct political action. He had done much without going over line that was drawn by the Wizard laws. In the end, he was very bitter when he was unable to help his beloved country. The Muggles loved war and domination too much thus very few students of his has taken his lesson to heart. Disheartened he’d decided to leave behind his life as a Muggle and that now was the time to do so without being suspicious, since he was approaching his hundredth birthday which was odd when a Muggle’s life span average was around 50 odd years.

Isocrates started travelling around the world in search for magical items to develop more powerful wand cores. He wanted to create a specific wand for a wizards’ saviour foretold through a prophecy. Isocrates had not expected to find pleasure in refocusing on his side business which he had opened in Isle of Man in the year 382 B.C. when he was fifty-four years old. He had always foremost been interested in teaching and leaving the tiny wand shop to the management of his son, Theodor Ollivander.

Well, my teaching days are over since wizards do not attend schools like Muggles do. They always hide their knowledge and only teach their family members. Wouldn’t it be nice if we have a school ourselves?”

Isocrates thought back on his accomplishments in the Wizarding world that had earned him a position on the Wizard Council. Their world was small and fragile and had only recently begun coming together.

The school idea is out of question; sure, they came together as a community; but it would take a few hundred years before one could be opened.’

Isocrates had no doubt that, although his development of many different wands, which, helped Wizards to have maximum control over their magic and this, was leading the community forward to become stronger but it would not change their attitudes overnight.

Isocrates was not really happy with the types of wand he had created so far. The wand he created was not a perfect one, a wand that was a match for all and for the strongest of all. Although, he had promoted “the wand chooses the wizard“, in reality, he actually produced many types that were generic and compatible to many different Wizards abilities and skills. The research of the wand’s properties was done in early years with a close friend, the very one Isocrates was visiting today. The man was brilliant and Isocrates had found it hard to keep up during the time they were together. Then the research had been completed and his good friend disappeared as well.

Isocrates was the one left behind and began to put their theory of using magical properties of certain items to enhance their magic in reality. The wand shop was opened much later when he had created a few hundred different types for the Wizard community. Ollivander’s shop was flushed with customers and the common standard wand that had been used since Wizards had come into existence had gathered dust since then. Isocrates looked forward to see his old friend after many years of separation. He looked down his pocket where he kept a present for his friend; the Goblins’ contract that he had brought with him to offer his friend, ‘50% earning from Ollivander business is a fair deal’, he smiled.


Harry shook his head and strode off quickly to get ridded of the silk fabrics owner, who had tried to sell his wares; it was Harry fault touching the fabric because the unusual pattern caught his eye. Anath watched the scene unfold without warning the poor boy. And Harry became prey, trapped and ensnared by the merchant. He barely managed to squeeze a few words into the conversation as the bargaining went along without him. Harry was lost, unable protest, and finally decided to take his leave before any damage could be done…such as being forced to purchase the item when he did not even have money on him. Anath sighed, ‘I had hoped he could have done it better, at least enjoy the bargaining challenge, but the boy is still green.’

Harry came abruptly to a halt and traced his thoughts back over the time since they had entered the city. Surprisingly he understood the man and everyone around them perfectly just like Paseltongue. ‘Why? I’m sure this nothing to do with Voldemort. We’ve walked around forever and not been lost once as if…’

“You used to live here.” Harry exclaimed positively, and picked up the pace when he noticed other merchants watching him closely. Once again they wandered through the busy vibrant market street. ‘Anath leads me around this old city like it was her playground.’


“It’s very impressive; I checked the history before we left but wow…” Harry stood dumbfounded and stared at the tall buildings. How could such feats of engineering be accomplished without modern technology? Harry frowned; it seemed Anath’s people were far more advanced than the Muggles even in his time.

Harry’s awe of the city reminded her of the good times and Anath felt it was time to educate her host a bit more about herself, “You’re correct. This city was once conquered by me. I did contribute in completing the city but I believe An had already had some buildings constructed before I killed him. However, the city is not the same as once was. I believe the Tau’ri have fixed it as best as they could, it was not is as glorious as once upon a time when we ruled this place.”


“Yes, my twin brother, Baal, and I.”

“Baal? I don’t think there was ever a King called Baal. ” Harry felt uneasy at the name; ‘Baal was also means as Lord.’ He’d heard it before while reading about Babylon.

Anath chuckled hard, “You’re correct, I think you skimmed over religion part at some point.” She reminded him.

“God Baal! Then you’re Anat, the Merciful!”

“Anat or Anath is my name; the pronunciation depends on the dialect. I think there should be a temple somewhere near the centre of city that is dedicated to me, it may have been destroyed.”

“A goddess?” Harry could not get his mind around this fact.

“Not exactly, though there have been times I have been called that. Baal and I united and ruled over Canaan for many years.” Anath said wistfully and surveyed her once-domain on Terra. Here she had stood upon the soil she had fought for and won by blood, but the present Tau’ri did not recognise her. The world had moved on without them. Anath felt that the title they had installed for themselves was not right one. ‘A true god would not be forgotten by his people,’ and knew it was time for her to let go of the past. ‘Anyway, I had not seen myself as a child of the gods for a very long time.’ Anath smiled and finally truly thought that whatever bitterness she harboured from her exile was gone, ‘it is good to be home again, should I visit my birth place before we leave here?’

Anath indulged Harry with the history behind of some buildings as they passed, recalling entertaining stories that took place thousands of years ago when the Tau’ri were ruled under Goa’uld. Of course she edited out the minor details of the blood and gore that the Tau’ri were treated with. In truth she was rarely the one who punished the Tau’ri, and torture was Baal’s department but kill them she did. She was merciless with traitors and even less tolerant of those who disobeyed her. Anath barely remembered any of her slaves since she never interacted with them, except her personal attendants whom she treated well.

They both were too pre-occupied to notice that they had been followed for some time. It looked like they were not the only one who were able to travel through time.


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Chapter 16: Ch14b:Another Gets the Shade

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Chapter 14b: One Generation Plants the Trees; Another Gets the Shade.

[Approximately an hour ago]

The palace of Nebuchadnezzar II was quiet. This was unusual as all six hundred rooms were fully occupied. The source of the problem was that the King hadn’t arrived in the Throne Room and this could only mean trouble. The occupants – nobles, generals and the like – were worried. They had locked themselves inside their chambers, and some feared for their heads given the King’s mood lately. One could still hear the echoes of ‘off with their heads!‘ from recent events. Well, the King was not an unreasonable person but some of them had been stepping out of line and the King was known for his stringent nature. The nobles’ and generals’ attendants were waiting patiently outside the hall, hoping for a sign of the King to report back to their masters. Everyone was on tiptoes and their foremost thoughts were: ‘Where is he? Why hasn’t he received his guests today?‘ and so forth.

No matter how anxious they were feeling, no one dared to find the King or even considered looking for the King’s quarters as they were well hidden within the palace. The palace of Nebuchadnezzar II was like a giant maze but an artistic one. The ceramic bricks of the inner palace were a colourful mixture of deep blue and green instead of plain sandy-brown on the outside walls. All the inner quarters were built with layer of tiles depicted animals and were impressively laid out. It was a pity that the imposing palace was only renowned for its magnificent size.

Two sentries stood adjacent to a door of the largest chamber. They were relaxed in their postures but alert at the same time. They were not expecting an attack from within these walls but duty required their vigilance and of course they took their job seriously. These guards were of the few that had ever set foot in this hall other than the King and Queen and their personal attendants. The guards tried not to show their fragile stage but it had been a long night and they were ready to be relieved of their duty.

They had briefly glanced at the door once in a while to see whether the King would leave the chamber soon for the sun had risen high for some time ago. It was unlike him to sleep this long. Suddenly, they heard a loud crash and were already rushing towards the door when a rumble called out from the other side, “IT’S ALRIGHT! Stand your ground.” They immediately returned to their post. Whatever had happened inside, the King didn’t want them to be in there. It was probably some artefact that had fallen to the floor, they concluded. It had happened before especially when Alexander the Great was very angry.

“ARE YOU SATISFIED?” Alexander rubbed his red cheek and his bluish eyes flared with anger for no one had touched his face since he was at a tender age and training to become a soldier. Alexander stomped deeper into the chamber and stood before his guest who waiting in the lounge lazily, surrounded by broken vats and artefact treasures that Alexander had collected. ‘This was the first time my place got trashed without my helping.’ Alexander eyes twisted and his face was appalled when he saw the other man dangling his priceless elephant gem, taken from an India expedition, ready to be tipped over the man fingers.

“NO, I warned you.” The other man sneered. He was older than Alexander, probably by a few years from his appearance but his eyes seemed wiser a hundred years, not just a decade. There was nothing of exceptional resemblance between the two men but their messy hair which seemed to have a life of its own, “Your death has been assured by the end of this month.”

“Don’t I know it!” Alexander spat, sat down and quickly snatched the elephant off the older man before he could attempt to smash the gem.

Alexander continued guardedly, “I realised it as soon as I hear of Hephaestion’s death and then Roxanne fell pregnant. Though I had not expected it would be within the same year.” He paused as his eyes darkened and glared at his companion who had kept that tiny bit information from him, “You told me I would not see my son’s birth. Not to mention the doubly shocking news when Hephaestion promised that he’d watch over my son in my stead that you blurted out he was a goner too. His death was an omenof my own death… I WAS INSANE for a while.”

“Well don’t blame me, Alex. It wouldn’t have happened if you had heeded my warning. What I told you that day, naught changed. Your path is still concrete like the day I walked into your life. What could you possibly be thinking? Oh yeah, something like ‘I am The Great Alexander, I could changed the future to my liking’.” The older man ridiculed Alexander in a way no other would dare.

“How could you expect me turn down a glorious life and to live a long but mundane life?”

“I expected better of my descendant.” The older man scowled, a staring contest ensued for a while before the younger man admitted defeated but rolled his eyes childishly.

“WHATEVER! All is not yet lost. Our line will be sure to be continue if all goes well. I’m sure that’s all you care for.” Alexander sulked, “Roxanne will be entering labour in the next few days. I have carefully arranged to have the baby taken out of the palace and to hide the child with Eumenes.”

The older man was astounded at this information, “I was sure the history records showed that she gave birth about three months from now.”

Alexander replied with devilishly grin, “Thanks to you, I announced her pregnancy two months later when she actually into her fifth month. The little queen was small and it was easy to hide her growing belly. I kept her away from the public, stating that I feared for her health. Of course, there will be a child replaced for Alexander IV Aegus.”

Alexander’s gloating got cut off immediately by his companion. “That is very cruel Alex! That child would surely be killed in your son’s place.” The older man chided but his weary heart knew that it must happen to ensure their line to continue. He knew he would not able to make Alexander change his mind, even after he had told the boy of his death it had not altered the lad’s decision once it was set. It was useless to contemplate rescuing the victim when he was not even aware where the child was kept. It was probably the child of some unfortunate slave who had fallen pregnant.

Alexander waved his hand carelessly, forgetting who he was speaking to while picked up the wine glass, “He’ll live a life of a prince before he’s slaughtered, better than…” Alexander gulped the wine and trailed off when he saw the older man was ready to smack his face again.

“I only hope your son will not inherit your coldness and temperament. Eumenes, he’s from Cardia, right? A good and worthy man you have there but he’ll be betrayed by his men.”

“Poor sod, should I warn him? Ah! Now my plan is wrecked, there are only a few that I trust with my son’s life.” Alexander whined but his eyes were shining and those that knew him they would presume that he’d already start improvising another arrangement.

“Why not hand the child over to me?” the older man interrupted Alexander’s train of thought, “I’ve someone in mind that will raise the child properly. The man has a good position in the Wizarding World; I’ve plans to meet him later before going home.”

“Are you sure that would be wise? They’re out for my blood and no doubt are the ones that lead the assassination.” Alexander sneered and sudden felt a bitter taste in his mouth.

“I have no doubt they had every reason to do so since you continue to make a mockery of their laws. Your conquering plans are exposing their world, it is not helping either.” The older man frowned. He did not want the lad to be killed. Alexander was charismatic and a great King though quite ruthless.

“They’re fools to go on hiding, just like Father, who came from a squib line. He too has felt very bitter towards the magical world. But he was a coward and was bullied by them. While Mother was a seer but a Muggleborn* that not fitted into that society either. What they expected me to do?” Alexander scorned,” They fear me and that made me very happy…doing what I want. Why should I let them dictating my live? Have I not success gathered magical artefacts and treasures as I conquered the world? They scorned at mine ambition but deep down they wanted my treasures and power. I hate them…They going to murder me just because they knew my empire wills soon swallowing their own.”

Alexander was breaking down. He knew what his future would hold and it was not pleasant to know his death could not be prevented. And he hadn’t expected that talking about his impending death could affect him this much. He felt weak and powerless for the first time in his life. To be so broken down was impossible for a man like Alexander; he was very strong both in appearance and character. He hated to be seen as a weakling, even in the presence of his family. So Alexander spun around, trying to hide his emotion, but not quickly enough, for a hand gently patted his shoulder.

“I blame this on your Mother. She said you’re the Chosen One, didn’t she? She was hopeful it was you. But you’re the not the one, I’m sorry. Do not be bitter son. I had hoped that our talk would steer you to another path but…” Alexander’s companion tried to comfort him, but it seemed the words did not reach Alexander. The older man decided to impart more knowledge upon seeing the lad’s frustrated face. “There will be one in the distance future, from our line. No,” the older man shook his head to Alexander’s unvoiced question, “As much as I want too, I was forbidden to travel that far into the future. They feared that I would interfere with the prophecy. I was only allowed to come here because your life is at a crossroads which could lead to the destruction of that prediction path. There is also…” The older man stopped suddenly as if someone had just communicated with him.

Even though they were long gone, they’re still a demanding bunch, the Council.’ The man gritted his teeth but complied with the unspoken request.

“I’d better to be on my way now, Alex. I’ll see you later. One last thing, give me a signal once your son is born. My dear friend, your future son’s godfather is likely already at the meeting place.”

“Should I meet him too?” the older man raised his eyebrows at Alexander’s request, “It was worth a try anyway.” Alexander laughed drily but his tone turned deathly, “I will still be meeting the man before I hand over my son.”

The older man hadn’t expected Alexander to give up his son so easily; “Fine!” he agreed and disappeared as soon as he replied.


The man reappeared some distance away from the palace to find himself in the busy market place. The given coordinates were near the inn where the meeting was to be held. ‘I hope this would not take long.’ He scowled.

The man had not travelled there by port key, or appearated. His teleportation definitely had nothing to do with magic. Istead he’d beamed himself from one place to another, used Alteran’s technology. His name was Janus, an Alteran scientist, and recently he had become the fourth High Council member. Janus found it was very hard obeying the Alteran’s laws, ‘what was relevant yesterday does not mean it would be today,’ and he often bent them when he considered it necessary for Alterans’ survival. ‘Travelling forward in time is one of them. Meddling with the past is dangerous but meddling with the future is a on an entirely different level.‘ Fortunately, he had the backing of the younger generation.

It was much easier to influenced younger generation because the older High Councillors had become reclusive and lost themselves in their meditation. The older High Councillors felt very tired after being beaten by the Wraiths’ War. They had saved only around 1 percent of Alteran, a huge blow for them. The hope of rebuilding their great empire in Avalon (Milky Way) now seemed an impractical dream when arrived back to Terra. The planet’s conditions had become harder to survive and it had been populated by the native humans. The High Councillors felt the natives had evolved to the point at which their code of honour made it impossible for them to interfere the natives’ development.

The Alterans were divided into two groups. One headed off into space trying to rebuild what was left of their empire. The other stayed and recuperated, integrating with the native humans to increase their population. Since they weren’t interfering with the natives, those who lived on Terra were forced to use the bare minimum of Alteran’s technology to survive.

It was a disastrous decision they had made. Janus learned of the crisis as soon as he rebuilt his second “Puddle Time Jumper”. Though Janus tried to change the course of history, he was stopped by the Ascendant beings. He remembered it clearly like it was yesterday. Great white lights had appeared before him and an endless mist surrounded him, obscuring his vision. The white mist is the Ascendants. It seemed that the Ascendants were the Alterans and they were satisfied with history’s current path. He recognised them immediately, especially the Councillors. They chided him for rebuilding another time machine when he had been specifically ordered to destroy his invention. They told him that most of them were ascending like they had always sought to do, and the rest were quite happy in their mundane lives with the native humans.

Janus’s raged and he lashed out at them; “How could you be so selfish?” Janus was hurt and he felt deep sorrow at their betrayal.

“You do not understand, Janus. At the time in which we ascended this was the best choice for all,” Mos (Merlin) tried to justify it all but Janus turned away and shut the older Councillor out.

“I would never accept any of your reasons.” Janus swore. “It’s like Pegasus all over again.” he cried. And, in his distress, Janus was lost in the memories of many loved ones that had faced horrible deaths because he had been unable intervene. Janus was embittered and his mind was concerned for the future generations, the descendants that were living with the native humans. His thoughts filled the mists and the Ascendants remembered. Some of them tried to free themselves from the painful memories that were locked inside them but found it impossible as they were bombarded with Janus’ mindset: ‘What sort of life will they have, forgetting their own heritage? How can the Council possibly be considering failing these people? What about the promise to return to Pegasus? What about the sacrifice of those we had to leave behind? Most of all, what would become of our Alteran Empire?’

The Ascendants felt their power slipping as guilt gripped them.

Oma, the oldest Alteran was the only one able to break free of the guilt, for she had done much over time, influencing the progress of remaining Alterans without the other’s detection. Oma touched Janus’ consciousness and whispered; “I agree Janus, wake up. You’re not helping anyone when you lose yourself in your own grief.”

It was then that she told him of one foreseen path, the one that he was looking for. “I see a path Janus. A descendant of yours will liberate the remaining Alterans. This path has many branches but you’ll able to set it in the right direction. I would like to help you Janus, but I am restricted by my oath. I must have the consensus of the others to do this and the Ascendants will not all agree to the plan. However, if you are able to get the Councillors of your time to accept this decision, I’ll be able to help you and give you the timelines that you must visits. In doing so and you will be able to ensure the chances are increased in your favour.”

Janus returned home shouldered with the burden of Alteran’s future and started gaining approval to be the next candidate for High Councillor. The period and opinions at the times were in his favour, and he won the election. Janus replaced Melia, who had made a few mistakes during the war with the Wraith which had resulted in the loss of many thousands of lives. Janus proceeded with his project immediately but when he obtained the High Council’s powers and he nearly lost his seat doing what he believed was right. It was an unbelievable victory at the last minute. The older High Councillors had all voted for him, some changed their decisions overnight. Oma visited his dream that night for she’d left a hidden message within his brain that could be triggered once the Councils had approved the plan.

Janus first went to Athens and befriended Isocrates. He was surprised that the remaining Alterans had evolved again and separated themselves from the natives. Their descendants found it was easier to access their power. And they called it magic. However, they had completely lost their scientific heritage. Janus concluded that the evolution had taken another path and a step forward to ascension but in using their power and becoming dependant on magic, they had prevented themselves from understanding the world around them through a scientific outlook and thus limited themselves to almost as primitive a state as the natives. He was afraid that, in time, their fates may be much like the Ori fraction. But what Oma foretold give him hope. After he studied with Isocrates and combined his scientific knowledge with the process, they had created better, more suitable wands. He then took a second trip to see Alexander, when the lad was thirteen and getting to bond with his heir. This would be his last jump.

It was unbelievable that Gonos Lal (Morgan le Fay), known as a law endorser, had contacted him instead of Oma. She told him to come here immediately as if whatever event that was supposed to happen was very important to this excursion. His light blue eyes watched the area carefully but he couldn’t detect anything out of ordinary. He ruffled his sandy hair and started to feel frustration.

Why it was always like this? Whenever Alex needs me, I am called away. If I could just talk to him, maybe we could come up with other solutions.’

Luckily, he was spared from being approached by the nearby merchants. Well, it helped that they felt a negative force emitting off him.

Janus was about to give up. ‘Damn, I’ll be late.’ Suddenly, the distress signal from his scanner’s sensor began to peep, alerting him to the presence of an enemy, when a teenaged boy passing him. He stopped himself in time from reaching out to capture the boy.

Janus mind raced at the implication of the signal, ‘The boy is a host.’ He was not sure what to do but hurriedly followed the boy, ‘what on Earth is going on here… Goa’uld were supposed to have left Terra at least three thousand years ago.

Janus was relieved that he didn’t act upon his instinct after having studied the boy closely. The boy baffled him. His behaviour was not Goa’uld like, nor did he resemble the To’kra resistants. The boy was acting very much like a human. Janus knew his censor was correct and did not once doubt the boy was a host. Especially since his observation showed clearly that the boy was communicating with someone telepathically the entire time they strode through the street, ‘that implies they are on equal footing at least.’

Janus decided it was time he should approaching the boy, but first he needed to scan the area to ensure if there were no other aliens and determine the likelihood of this being a trap that was set up for him. It was mindboggling when the scan pointed out the boy as an Alteran with a parasite Goa’uld living in him. Janus knew this was practically impossible. Both identities could not coexist in the same body, for the Alteran immune system would automatically detect parasites or viruses and destroy them, sometimes with the help of vaccination. Thus Alterans never fell ill. Their kind was unique, they operated at either 100 percent optimum health or they died because their life force would automatically shut down, just like the last virus attack which had almost wiped out their civilisation. Luckily they had found the cure in the Pegasus galaxy.


The boy in question was known as the ‘Boy-Who-Lived’, that should explain why he could survive anything.

Harry Potter had had a wonderful day. It was the first time Anath had truly acquainted him with her past. It had unexpectedly given Harry an insight into her feelings that she’d carefully avoid. “What did you do?” Harry asked excitedly and Anath treated him with the memories of how she had killed An, her triumph over Babylon’s powerful god. The intangible feeling of accomplishment touched Harry’s own and made him to feel the need to experience the deed.

“Cool!” Harry spun around trying to repeat the movements, imagining he’d just slashed an enemy’s throat but in reality he had crashed into an old man. The impact of the collision resulted in both stumbling down. The problem was neither had seen the other as they were at an intersection. Since Harry was trying to defy gravity with his moves, he was the one who landed most heavily.

“Are you alright lad?” the old man helped the boy up.

“I’m fine and you, sir?”

“I’m fine too, it’s my fault. I was in a rushed to a meeting”

“No, I think it was mine…” Harry didn’t know how to explain what had happened. However, his attention was drawn to an object that flashed into his line of sight while the old man was dusting off his clothes. The old man had accidentally revealing his wand. “You’re a wizard, sir?” Harry grasped the wizard hand automatically shaking it happily. Harry was so glad that this misfortune had brought him to meet one. “Do you know where I could find the Wizarding Community around here? I’ve been searching the entrance for some time, wandering around the city…Is it close by, sir?” Harry fervent questioning had left the old wizard breathless while he tried to recover from the fall. The old wizard’s features contorted with many expressions until finally he composed himself and pointed at Harry. The teenager was left to flush as Harry realised that he had yet to introduce himself, “Sorry, I’m a traveller…”

The old wizard sighed and knew he should do the talking as the boy was apparently too hyperactive and not quite right in the head. “I take it you’re a wizard as well, lad. I just arrived here, myself. It’s good to see a young man out exploring the world. If you walk another block, there is an inn called the ‘Phoenix Inn.’ It is the entrance to the Babylon Wizarding Community. I’m actually heading there now. Why don’t we walk there together if you have no other appointment?”

“Thank you, sir. I would like to tag along.”

“My name is Isocrates and my family are the Ollivanders.” The old man beamed at the teen, waited for his introducing but the lad had just frozen before him.


“I think you must have had hit your head, lad. We should enquire if a healer is available at the inn.” Isocrates concluded and pulled the teen, who had yet to snap out of his bewilderment, along with him.

By the time they arrived at the inn, Harry had recovered. But he was not sure how to approach the man. ‘Yeah, I knew I’d forget something alright.’ Harry sighed.

“It seems the healer is out of town at the moment. What a primitive city! They should build a hospital.” Isocrates scowled and sat down.

“I’m afraid our community are mostly elderly; the youngsters don’t like it here. There were no jobs available in this city. Most have moved and congregated in Rome, Athens and Britain.” The barman replied. He didn’t seem to be offended at hearing Isocrates’ offensive remark and put down the drink, “There used to be a hospital too but…” he trailed off sadly.

“I’m sorry. It was rude of me. I was very concerned for this young lad here, who needs to checked over by a healer as soon as possible.” Isocrates blushed.

“It’s OK. I’ve a son a bit older and my boy is living in Rome. I am worried if he’s sick and able to look after himself.”

“Is he visiting you soon?”

“No, maybe he will next summer. Hope this lad here will not be moving so far away from you when he’s older.”

“Huh? Oh, no, this lad, I just met him a few minutes ago.”

“Really, you bonded very quickly. Sorry, to jump to conclusions, I thought you could be his father or grandfather. It looks like he has your nose and ears.” The barman left quickly when he felt tension crackling the air around them.

“Really?” Isocrates turned and studied the lad, who was quite as red as he had been few minutes ago. Isocrates’ eyebrows raised, it was a bit disconcerting. ‘Well sure, in the Muggle World, there was always a chance that someone looked like another in their family, but in the Wizarding World, a family’s unique features always passed on to their children. The Ollivanders have a uniquely shaped ear; slight narrow and elf like. Our hearing is amazing as well.

“Would you believe that we’re related?” Harry smiled nervously and felt a bit uncomfortable under the old man’s scrutiny. It was a good opening chance the barman had given him and he snapped it up before he could think it over.

“I would have believed it but I’m the Head of Ollivanders, we only have a few members and my son’s children. I know quite well.”

“What if I come from the distant future? How about I’m a great-great-something grandson of your daughter?”

“That’s a bit far fetched young man. I don’t have a daughter.”

Harry frowned, ‘Oh, she has not been born yet.’

He decided to get serious; it seemed he would get nowhere with Isocrates if he did not state the truth now. “You’ll have a daughter, you’ll name her Margaret and I’m descended from her line.”

Isocrates narrowed his eyes, he was angry and disbelieving, ‘No, my wife is pregnant and we had decided if it is another son, we would call him Isaac. And a daughter we would call Margaret. We discussed it privately and have yet to inform our son either. Did he use Legilimens on me?‘ Isocrates’ frown deepened at the reflection and his hand twisted against his wand ready for attack.

“Isocrates, have you limited yourself again? The boy may be speaking the truth.” Janus decided he had waited long enough before joining them and by now Isocrates’ irritation clearly showed. “I could help to prove the boy’s identity if you both give me some blood.”

“Janus.” Isocrates smiled, forgetting the boy and wrapping his arms tightly around his friend. “I scarcely believed it when I received a letter from you. Where have you been disappearing to, you rascal?”

“I did drop off the Earth for a while” Janus shrugged ambiguously, “It’s been a while but this young man just told you something very interesting.”

Crap, where did he come from?‘ Harry was annoyed that they had been overheard by someone.

“Why did you put glamour on? Thought I wouldn’t recognise you?” Isocrates glowered but nodded to the boy, acknowledging Janus’ comment.

“Hahaaha…I’m afraid this me, I know I look gorgeous.” Janus winked at Harry.

“Tsk, same as before, I thought the years would mellow you into a finer man.”

“The barman is right, you know. He has your ears and nose.” Janus pointed out the features.

“Hnn… Now, that I’ve had a closer look, he resembles you too, rascal. No-one else I’ve ever met has that same gravity-defying hair.” Isocrates retorted.

“What?” Janus’ pale blues flashed back to Harry, “Ah, you right Isocrates! Wow, it seems the boy may be related to us both. I always knew we’d be closer someday.” Janus smirked. ‘Is this the one? Those damn Councillors! They knew he’d come to this period.’

“Well lad, what’s your name?”

“It’s Harry.” Harry replied, wary of the new comer.

“What do you say, Harry; want me to prove your relationship to Isocrates? He never was very good at looking at things from the outside box.”

“YOU AND THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! There are things that simply are not possible.” Isocrates fumed.

“Here.” Harry quickly pricked his finger and let a drop of blood fall into a small bowl before them. Instead of a wand, Janus took out a silver-object from his pocket and dipped the object head into the blood. The object was small as a needle but it was well crafted. However, Anath was the most surprised out of them all. She took a deep breath and whispered frantically inside him, “That’s advanced technology, Harry. Did you see those pulse glows? The energy flow created was definitely not magic.”

Harry was dumbfounded at the news and queried back, “Its fusion reaction?”

Anath nodded and chided him immediately when she realised that Harry had not really understood what had been happening before him. She was amused that Harry’d been able to pick up her thought but she needed Harry to fully comprehend the knowledge that had been given to him. It bothered her that her host was ignorant, ‘I seriously do not want Harry to be a ‘monkey see monkey do’ type, like Goa’uld Hosts have been. Is it something I missed? Have I been neglecting him? Maybe I should take closer interest in his education,’ Anath concluded and warned Harry, “You better be studying other fields besides magic when we’re home.”

Isocrates immediately followed and did not once question his friend’s method of how it was done. Janus had his own blood examined as well after Isocrates’.

They sat silently and yet eagerly waiting for the result.

A scroll zapped into being before them. Janus quickly spread it out. It took Harry a while but he was able to grasp some understanding of the language. It was written similar to Latin which they had been using to communicate. Harry was pleased that he had studied the old Wizarding language for his research. It was unexpectedly useful.

“Good grief. The lad’s inheriting your line.” Isocrates swore and was the first to break the silence. “It’s expected that the mother’s blood is not as strong in his genetic makeup as the father’s line.”

Janus and Harry both studied each other perturbed over the event. They had not expected to meet each other. The results were a lot to take in.

“Harry, we have confirmed that you’re family and related to us. Why don’t you help out with a brief story about why you are here and how we could be of assistance?” Janus crooked his head and attentively focussed on the young man.

“I’m not quite sure, it all started….and here I am.” Harry concluded watching as his many-greats Grandfather Isocrates pointed at himself still not believing that it was on his instruction that the lad was there.

“Harry, by any chance, does your key is look like this?” Janus held out a crystal of exactly the same shape and colour.

“Yeah!” Harry was ecstatically pleased that he was not insane and hadn’t come back for nothing. He quickly took his out and brought it near to the replica key.

Janus cried out loud and hid the key away again. “No, Harry. That was bloody close, young man! You’re nearly destroyed my key. I could have a heart attacked with that stunt you did.”

“What do you mean?” asked Harry.

“The problem was it’s the same object, right? This principle is applied to both organic and inorganic things. When you put them close together, the past self and the future self, the universe automatically reject this and combine them. Thus the past self would literally disappear.”

“Does that mean you’re the one who gave me the key?”

“Yes, but I need it back. I’ll give mine to Isocrates and you’ll return that one back to me.”

“That’s a bit unreasonable. What is the point of returning the key back to the owner when it was given to me?”

“It was given to you so that you’d come to this time. However, I’ll put your key in a safe place so when you return to the future, you’ll find it. How about it, do we have a deal?”

“I don’t think that it’s a reasonable deal but it was your key so…yeah, OK. I have no idea what they key is for anyway.” Harry sighed; watching Isocrates take the original key and Janus pick his own up.

“What the key is for is something we shall discuss later,” Janus replied.

“I would not mind hearing this as well.” Isocrates said.

“Sorry, Isocrates, it’s family business…” Janus was interrupted, his face turned to a grimace which diverted the conversation immediately, “Alex had just called me. His son must be born. We should be going there now.”

“Alex…and who’s Alex?” asked Harry.

“Alex is my great-grandson or something. That makes him your great-great something Grandpa Harry.” Janus smiled softly at the boy.


Harry Potter paced back and forth inside a very large and beautiful room. “Where could Isocrates and Janus have gone for such long time?” He twisted his thumbs in annoyance. “Why do all adults always hide things from me? Damn! Why am I locked inside this room?” He swore again and again as the clock ticked forward. Anath blamed it on Sirius Black’s choice of vocabulary.

“Harry, don’t even think about it!” Anath grimaced when she got a glimpse of his plan. She had no control over the situation in which they had found themselves. Anath would like to have some time to analyse the situation but Harry’s emotions constantly affected her train of thought. Everything was too coincidental and the trip had become uncertain for her. They were supposed to only meet Isocrates but snap!, there appeared another called Janus. ‘Almost like someone is playing with me.’ There was something about Janus that bothered her constantly. The way his eyes searched Harry and there were times she felt as if he was speaking to her and knew that she was there inside Harry. Her sixth sense warned her repeatedly that going off to find him was certainly the most stupid idea Harry could have come up with. Anath felt she should take over and return them to their timeline. ‘It may violate our agreement and I’ll probably have to put up with Harry sulking but it’s for the best…‘ Anath’s inner squabbling had not reaching its final decision when she was disrupted by Harry again.

“I have to find them! They should know better to leave a teen unattended.” Harry snorted and turned the knob to go outside.

“And how would you find them in this maze?” Anath tried to foil Harry’s plan.

Harry merely grinned cheekily and replied, “Point-Me spell”.

Anath sighed, ‘Clearly I’m loosing my touch. What happened to the time when everyone trembled in my presence.

Harry strode carefully as he headed to where his relatives were located. Surprisingly there was no guard on site. However, his confidence was misplaced as he stumbled into a man. ‘Really, how much does it suck to crash into someone twice in one day?‘ Harry rubbed his face where it stung slightly from the impact.

“WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING, MORON! Do you not see? You bumped into the great General Eumenes!”

“It’s OK.” Eumenes soothed his subordinate. The captain was too enthusiastic when it came to rank and order, but he couldn’t bring himself to discipline the man.

Harry stared at the General and couldn’t stop himself commenting, “The Desk-General!”

“How dare you?” The captain moved forward and drew his sword menacingly but his hand was caught by Eumenes.

“It’s OK. You may leave us, Captain. The boy is here in these quarters which must mean he’s a guest of the King. I think we have found the reason why His Majesty did not arrive at the Throne Room. Please advise the others that he’ll be busy today and they should carry on with their daily duties, Captain.” The nameless captain bowed and left them hurriedly, as if he’d received a piece of candy – likely to gossip about the news.

“Desk-General!” Eumenes laughed as he faced the teenager, “I wondered who’d called me that. It’s likely to be Alexander.” Eumenes responded to his own question.

“You’re look familiar…ah, yes, I see it now.” Eumenes decided that particular knowledge was better kept hidden. “Is Alexander in that direction?” he pointed to where Harry was heading. The Desk-General was known for his great observation skills.

“I believed so; my… grandfathers were with him.”

“Shall we head on over there?”

Harry dumbly nodded and they walked in silence. Harry was astounded that he’d met a few famous historic figures in just an hour of being here, first Isocrates and now Eumenes. ‘Out of all Alexander the Great Generals, Eumenes was his favourite.’

Harry’s carefree attitude gave Eumenes the chance to observe the teenager. Eumenes noted again all the features he’d recognised at first glance which bore a likeness to Alexander and Roxanne and sighed. It was impossible. But many things that happened around Alexander were impossible. So he had stopped questioning them a long time ago and had just accepted these unique circumstances as fate.

“Eumenes.” Alexander happily called out, “Just the man I’m looking for!”

“My lord.” Eumenes “We were searching for you!”

“I see that you’ve found my guest.”

Harry shifted his eyes between the two men, and there was only one conclusion that could be drawn from the conversation: The man who he knew as Alexander, his great-great-something grandfather was Alexander the Great. ‘Great, Janus should have warned me.” Harry groaned and wondered how to talk to him.

“I think it was the other way around, this young man called me, the ‘Desk-General’…” Eumenes paused when Alexander erupted with laughter that filled the courtyard. “I take it you hadn’t called me that.” Eumenes shook his head, thinking ‘I’m digging my own grave.’ while he stared accusingly at Harry.

“Eumenes don’t glare at Harry. I’ve a job for you.” Eumenes’ attention went immediately back to his lord, “I need you to escort my guests to Gubla (Byblos). Their safety is of the utmost priority and please be discreet about it.”

“When should we be setting off, my lord?”

“As soon as you’re able, Eumenes.”

“Understood, my lord! Please follow me. We’ll leave Babylon within the hour.”

“Harry, I would like to have a word with you.” Alexander called out. The others said good bye and left the boy behind. They knew he would catch up.

“Janus told me but seeing you reassures me, greatly!” He smiled while his blue eyes intensely memorised Harry’s face, “I entrusted my dream into your hands, Harry.” Alexander spoke firmly but the tone was emotional. Alexander was not sure how he would bid the boy farewell.

“My son looked like you. It’s good that he inherited his mother hair. Black is a striking colour and the gravity defying quality looks better dark.” Alexander mused. “Take this. Don’t show the map to Isocrates or Janus. It’s my gift for you, son.” He quickly wrapped the boy into his arms in a tight grip then swept away just as fast.


“Eumenes, be careful, alright? Don’t trust…” Harry’s warning was interrupted by a kick to his ankle given by none other than Janus. “…your subordinates, OK?” Harry ignored the pain and continued to call out. The General nodded acknowledgement while waving as his stallion sped away.

“What? I didn’t give any names out, did I? Not that history recorded the names of the traitors.” Harry fumed.

“You knew better. Damn, why do none of my family members ever listen to me?” Janus cried.

“Ha! Said the man who’s bending rules just to suit himself. Like father like son, I say.” Isocrates sniggered and patting Harry shoulder. “Don’t worry, lad, you did what’s right. The world could do with some more like him.”

“It wouldn’t be any good, you know, Harry. Eumenes is a man of honour and his tragic end – trying to support the right course of action – is set in stone just like Alexander’s life.”

Janus turned back to his old friend, “Isocrates, you and the young Alexander should be leaving as well. Your ship is waiting for you.” A strong gale swept over them from the sea and Janus tightened his hold on the little baby, barely over a month old.

“Ah, yes, I too must be on my way. I hate goodbyes. This is the last time I’ll see you, Janus.” Isocrates sighed while Janus remained silent.

“No one would able to connect the baby with Alexander after the route we travelled and have planned.” Janus touched the child’s face regretful that he’d not see the boy again, before handing the bundle over to Isocrates reluctantly. “Please take good care of the child for me.”

“I shall, Janus. The child is my future son-in-law.”

“This contract would do me no good, Isocrates. Why don’t you give him this” Janus hand the contract scroll back to Isocrates, “when the boy is older as wedding present? Tell him it was from his family who loved him very much.”

“I’ll comply with your request, Janus. We never discussed his surname… it should not be something grand.”

“Ordinary huh…I think there was a trend that a family name came from the family occupation; perhaps we could use that to our advantage…a humble beginning.”

“What about Potter? A potter is an honest worker and an inheriting skill.”

“Alexander Potter.” Janus rolled the name over his tongue in delight.

Harry was quiet, fascinated and finally disbelieving as he realised these men just had have given his family a name. Harry cracked up laughing insanely, leaving his audience disturbed and turning to him.

“What!” They yelled in union.

Isocrates was a bit put off as Harry become teary, “Are you able to come up with something better?”

“No…no, it’s OK. I’m Harry James POTTER.” It was the first time he introduced his full name, which, for some reason, had slipped from their previous conversation.

“I see, well Harry James Potter, we’re holding up Isocrates departure.” Janus grinned.

“Harry, take care lad. It’s good to have met you.” Isocrates hugged Harry. He’d miss the lad greatly after spending over a month travelling with him. However, they all knew the time would come to said goodbye and this was it.

Isocrates clasped his friend’s hands, “Take care of Harry, Janus. I know you’ll spend some more time with him before Harry returnes home.”

“I will. You take care too. Goodbye, dear friend.”


The sun rose and the boat had been gone for the better part of the night but the two figures silently watched as if the boat was still within horizon.

“We should be going too.” Janus waked Harry from his solemn mood.

“Where? My ship is still in Babylon…Oh! I could summon it here.”

“That may be a good idea. We’ll take the ship with us.”

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea.” Harry could hear Anath screaming inside him and, well, it was her ship.

“Don’t worry, I’ll not touch your ship unless you give me permission. However, I need you to come with me. I thinks where we’re going will explain everything to you.”

“Alright, let’s go.” Harry agreed, ‘I don’t want to go home yet, this might be fun.’ He tried to cheer his counterpart but Anath had retreated deep inside his mind. ‘It’s almost as if she’s given up on me.’ Harry thought it was odd but he had too much on his mind to pursue it further.

“Good, Harry, I’m glad you agree. We’ll be going back to my timeline and that surely would shut the Council up for once.” Janus smiled devilishly and clapped his hands together gleefully.

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Chapter 15: Interlude – The Children of Gods

Part Four – Exiles

(3090 BC)

Horus’ mysterious death brought the war to an abrupt end, leaving Anath a hollow victory. Like any bloodthirsty Goau’ld with an inflated ego she had howled for days. This might explain her rampage to crush Horus’ allies to vent her unresolved bitterness and of course to humiliate many high ranking System Lords, forgoing the unspoken laws to treat prisoners of war differently due to their rank.

Well…”What Law?“‘ and hence her action became an example for the System Lords on how to deal with their (deadly) rivals. The little trend swiftly sent a ripple across the Milky Way – no longer was there a sanctuary agreement – and destabilized what fragile peaceful coexistence there might have been between the Children of the Gods.

Anath’s name had always been feared the fear ratcheted up a notch when a disturbing grape-vine spread that she had killed Horus and the symbiote with her bare hands. There was no evidence of this except that the truth was Horus’ host body and symbiote had been found close by each other, soaking in blood. The messy evidence could have been attributed to Anath with her infamous merciless killing style. Horus’ realm crumbled as quickly as his dead symbiote. It was a hectic time, leaving the Merciful Goddess too busy to notice or concern herself with the impending doom that darkened her horizon. She may have forgotten an unwritten law specifically for those of Higher Ranking of System Lords, otherwise known as the Domain Gods/Goddesses; ‘Thou Shall Not Kill Thy Brother lest Thy Blood Shall Spill As Well’.

There were a few secrets that came to light upon Horus’ death. It was not unusual that Anath’s Servant Lords were able to discover secret bases, wealth and technology from Horus’ protected database with their unparalleled skills. They had kept this knowledge within their circle while making public announcements such as Heru-ur was Ra’s child with Hathor and had been kept prisoner since his birth for gathering information against Ra.

It was a welcome piece of news for Anath about her arch rival Hathor, for the betrayal of her surrogate daughter was still a sore blow to her pride, ‘Ra sure takes care of her, one less enemy to deal with.’

Anath sent Seth to escort Heru-ur to Ra for verification while she dealt with the aftermath of war. Seth was unwilling and it unsettled him to leave his new domain, which was promised to him by Ra after the god had claimed it. But Anath reassured him, “None of the System Lords would dare to claim the domain unless Ra said otherwise.” It is true that the domain had been given to Seth, she mused; however, Ra had included extra clauses in the decree with the intention of rewarding Anath with her choice of any solar system within Seth’s domain as a reward for her contribution to ending the war.


The monitor was still flickering and a long silence filled the air. Anath forced a smile which changed to a sneer as she passed her endurance in waiting for the boy to move away from screen. The transmitter still held the clear image of a handsome young man of an almost feminine likeness. His fair features, golden, silky, long hair and blue eyes with long flashes that any women would envy resembled a female Cronus lookalike.

That Goa’uld was a mistake‘, she thought bitterly. Anath did not like to share but the boy was pleasing to Baal so she had been ignoring him. Anath firmly believed that she had only one family member, and that was Baal. Anath understood her brother wanting a larger family. And, unlike their biological father, Baal had embraced his fatherhood. She was surprised that he has not considered more children since he seems enjoy playing the father role so much.

Anath was too busy seething and decided she must have misheard the boy who had finally spoken. Anath gritted her teeth, almost abruptly stood up but forced herself to be calm. She spoke slowly, disregarding the fact that her pitch was dangerous enough to reduce a Jaffa commander to tears; “Repeat that again, Adon.

Adon otherwise known as Athtar to his father, Baal, almost stopped breathing when her sapphire eyes, flared with unholy rage, focused directly on him. His face become a few shades paler, almost sickly, as his body shook and his voice trembled, “Pardon me, my Lady. I was saying that we had received news. Lord Baal has perished in his battle with Lord Mot.”

I really don’t need this right now. Why me? Why did this unpleasant task fall on me?’ Adon groaned inwardly and hoped fervently that he would get out of this meeting in one piece. Adon might have been a few million light years away from the Merciful Goddess but if Anath wanted him dead, he certainly would be as soon as she spoke her command, which would warrant his death instantly. Adon knew Anath had tolerated his presence due to goodwill for Baal. There was really no indication how he would survive now that his father was gone.

“PERISHED…WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY ‘PERISHED’? Is he Dead! BAAL IS A GOD! WHO DARES KILL HIM?” Anath ranted and then, losing her cool head, she aimed at the communication device and blasted it to smithereens.

“NINA, WE SHALL HEAD BACK TO ZAPHON.” Anath swept quickly out of the room, giving the others some space to breathe again since all within the vicinity had been afraid for their lives when the news had suddenly broken out. They were all grateful that the goddess has not gone on a rampage.


The architecture of Bubastis Palace was all open spaces and simple design. It hardly seemed to be a dwelling place for a Goa’uld; no defensive walls or weapons hidden from sight. Two canals branched off from the river and ran as far as the entrances of the palace. The city was surrounded by water and the banks were lined with palm trees. The palace, like the rest of city, was sparsely furnishinged but for the exception of a few large sculptures of cats adorning the sidewalks to signify its owner.

Bast was like his palace – an enigma. The Empire knew little of the Goa’uld called Bast, although closer acquaintances would describe him as no man’s friend and the enemy of no man. Bast was a Servant Lord and many believed he faithfully served his father, Lord Ra, the Supreme System Lord. Yet no one knew in what capacity he was serving Ra. Bast held very little forces of his own except a few bodyguards in Jaffa and, apart from his Bubastis home world, he had no other known domain. It was uncharacteristic for a power hungry, scheming Goa’uld.

Bast, barefoot, was gliding silently across the palace and surveying his city proudly. From anywhere within the palace he had a 360 degree, panoramic view of the surrounding area, so nothing ever escaped his notice. Bast knew his fortune was about to change. He was excited, not for the gain he had achieved but for the recognition that he believed the Empire owed him. Bast decided it was time to leave the Shadow World and stepped into the light. Bast attentively assessed his possessions and found he had everything he needed.

It looks so bare, but what importance is secured and hidden from prying eyes,’ he mused. His case his gaze down toward the ground. Beneath the ground level was a hidden building complex, where his trained assassins lived.

Ah, it looks like my guests have arrived.’ Upon seeing them, his lips twisted a ghostly smile as he pet the Egyptian Maus wandering around his feet. The cats dutifully followed their master; however, instead in a straight line like their master, they strode through the transparent white fabric, not knowing that it was supposed to be there in place of a wall. ‘Even if they are well trained animals; they still are animals and have no artistic sense.’ Bast sighed dejectedly at his favourite cats.

Kali and Sobek waited patiently for their host to arrive. It help that they were being kept occupied with Tau’ri dancers entertaining them, and servants with wine.. The dancers’ movement were flawless and gentle like a stream of water, their unearthly beauty had begun to captivate the Goa’uld and was something that only Bast could provide for the Empire. It was not that surprising since one Goa’uld was in the market for the Systems Lords’ amusement. The Goa’uld sneered and joked at Bast’s slaves for what good was a dancer compared to a Jaffa? Even though it was a ludicrous idea that they should own dancers, they still bought them. ‘What one System Lord possesses, another should have as well.’ The music immediately stopped with single clap and they all disappeared in a blink of an eye, and leaving only the three Goa’uld in the room with the Egyptian Maus.

“Greetings, dear Kali. Your new host is very impressive.” Bast purred and kissed Kali’s cheeks before he nodded at Sobek, “And it’s good to see you, Uncle.”

“Bast!” Sobek growled, clearly was not amused at have his entertainment cut off short.

“Now, now Uncle. We have business to discuss first before leisure.” Bast spoke lightly and steering his companions back to their cushions.

“I’m glad that you’re alive Kali. I, I was uneasy when I received news that you were captured. I shouldn’t have worried, since this is you, my dear.” Bast smirked as the corner of his eyes saw Sobek become irritated that the younger Goa’uld was ignoring him.

“As you see Bast, I am fine, but for my wounded pride.” Kali spoke coldly and gave Bast a quick, meaningful glance.

Bast nodded acknowledgement that he shouldn’t be playing with Sobek since they had little time, “Uncle, you must meet Anath as soon as possible.” Bast pleaded and added a snide remark hopping to goad Sobek on, “We can’t precede with our plan if you run away.”

“Watch your bloody mouth Bast. I have it all taken care of,” Sobek grumbled. ‘I don’t like this plan one bit, but from what Ra has told me about the bitch, he’s surely out of his mind.’ Sobek tried not to shudder, for he would show no weakness to the other, only to explode; “I’m not afraid of her! What could she possibly do to me? I’m Ra’s favourite!” his rant continued.

He surely is delusional,’ Kali tried very hard not to laugh. Instead, she gave the other Goa’uld a warning. Not out of kindness but to push him over the edge. “A worse scenario would be for her to kill your host like she did mine.”

“Hn, I have already prepared another host, though I’ve never experienced dying before.” Sobek tried to laugh it off since he couldn’t back out of this plan. “She has risen too fast, and someone has to take her down a peg or two. I’ll not take commands from a little pup.” Sobek nodded. He usually never bothered himself with anyone but Anath was becoming a threat to him. ‘Ra told me his future for the Empire. I swear I will not have her as my Queen.’

“We are all in agreement. We’ll strike where it hurts most.” Bast laughed heartily at their plan.

“Yes, let the Game of Gods begin!” Kali chuckled, echoing Bast’s mirth.

Sobek did not join them. He felt uneasy over his expected death in this game and thus was more sober; there was still a flaw in the plan and he enquired, “Where’s Baal?” Sobek did not notice the odd glances were flitting between his companions and would have walking away if he had.

“Baal’s held in a cell. Don’t worry, Uncle. We’ll make sure you do not die from Anath’s hand.” Bast tried to reassure Sobek and steering the simple minded Goa’uld away from that dangerous track. Bast decided that indulging the other Goa’uld should do the trick, “I almost forgot to mention, Uncle, did I say I’ve an exotic slave for you tonight?”

“No.” Sobek troubled frame of mind vanished as the gleeful thought of his gift took over. “Do we have other business to discuss, Bast? I would like to retire early.”

“Uh… no Uncle, I have a particular plant that I’ve recently found to show Kali. It has a very poisonous property. Would you like to join us?”

Sobek scoffed, “I’ll be leaving now.”

Bast waved his hand dismissively, “OK, Uncle.”

“Have a good night, Lord Sobek.” Kali nodded, seeing the other Goa’uld hurrying out of the room, bidding them farewell.

“I pity the Tauri that you given to him tonight. He is the worst torturer in the Empire.” Kali whispered.

“It can’t be helped. We need him. It’s nothing when the end is so near. He has cost me a few good slaves already, one more is nothing.” Bast winced, ‘Another well trained assassin is going to be broken tonight.’

“Sobek will pay tenfold when this is over.” Bast scowled darkly and his onyx eyes flashed dangerously.

“Let a slave butcher his host, its fitting ending for those like him; especially use the one that he had hurt most. I’m sure that would be entertaining.”

“What a good idea! I’ll be sure to invite you.”

“Sure, dear Bast. I would be in your debt if you would give Sobek’s symbiote to me.”

Bast was taken aback at the request “Whatever for? I thought we’d put him in a jar for eternity…well after thoroughly torturing him.” Bast smirked at the gruesome thought of what he could do to his uncle.

“What can I say? I’ve acquired a taste for cannibalism.” Kali spoke nonchalantly leaving her company wondering if it was a joke or not. They certainly never had eaten their own kind before. Bast swiftly decided he did not care and idly scratched the feline cat nearest to him. “Has all gone as plan?” he asked, his face stern as the thought over Kali’s recent escape. “How did you get out?”

“I’ve a cohort in Anath’s Jaffa” Kali boasted, knowing how hard it was to plant a spy within a System Lord Jaffa, especially in the invincible Anath’s Army. “And yes, I have captured Selmak and thus control Sekmet completely. Don’t worry; I’ll not harm your little sister Bast. It was brilliant that news of Baal’s Death reached them at the time and, with all the commotion, no one has noticed both of us missing.”

“Good, did I ever mention you’re the best mentor I ever had?” Bast complimented his companion.

“Hahaha…good one Bast, I’m the only one you ever had, my dear.” Kali mocked gently.

Bast turned the conversation away to a more pleasant topic. “As I’ve said before, I got a plant to show you. It’s excellent! Just what we have been look for the last century. I found the plant growing on Myrrh. It has very deadly properties, and it reacts extremely with blood.”

“Excellent, exactly what we need. Our collection is doing well, and the assassin’s job will be easier with these at hand.” Kali smiled warmly for the first time and Bast felt tremendously pleased that he had Kali’s approval. Bast was secretly in love with Kali but never actual realised it. The rare sentiment may have blossomed or withered overtime but since it was an absurd emotion of the Tau’ri, the latter was a more likely outcome.


Anath awoke, for the first time in her life, from visions filled with darkness. Her breathing was shallow and she knew something was not right. Immediately she was assaulted with recalled events that had lead up to her symbiote being injured and maimed. Anath would have liked to stand up immediately, but instead did her best to sit up slowly, trying not to tear the wounds any further. It would have been nice if she had a wall to lean against but she knew there was none. She neither grunted nor moaned at her pitiful state, her symbiote was clinging to life instead of healing the host body, and reducing the pain was the least priority in the moment. ‘The bastard had done it, he had gutted my symbiote.’ She forced composure with what dignity as she could afford for her instinct told her she was not alone.

She heard a chuckle and readied herself to face the worst scenario, ‘It seems I am surrounded.’

“She has awaked. Hear Ye! Let the trial begin.”

Ah, great so this is how it will be!’ Anath sighed inwardly, it seemed her fate was sealed. Ra had washed his hand of her. ‘At least hurry up. If I must suffer before I die, I’d rather it be in better company.’

“The Empire’s Supreme Court of Ra is now in session, who is brought before our brethren to be judged of their crimes?”

“Anath Rahmaya of Canaanite”

“What charges had she committed against her brethren?” Ra spoken for the first time, surprisingly, it was toneless.

“Murder, my Lord”

You’re all hypocrites! As if none of you ever killed your brethren.’ Anath would have shouted if her vocal cord were not smashed. It just proved how badly they have really wanted to shut her up. She felt like she was drifting off, the pain too great to be ignored no matter how much machismo she displayed…the trial was one sided anyway. It would have been great if she could dwell on pleasant things, but bad memories always resurface when you are dying.


“Is it really his body?” A voice wailed behind her then turned to sobbing noises when she nodded her head.

It is strange, but I do not believe he is dead. This body is exactly alike, from what I could recognise any way. The tattoo on his left forearm is the same.’ Anath felt angry that she could not figure out what the missing piece of the mystery. There is something nagging at her that this was a hoax.

“OH BAAL, MY LORD.” A terrible screamed socked her back to reality and she swung around to see Ishtar crushing a symbiote in her arms. In her haste she had taken a stance very close to Ishtar, whereas normally she would stay well clear of the other Goa’uld. ‘It is uncanny to be standing next to your look-alike and more disturbing when your double is your twin consort and mother of my nephew, Adon.’

Whatever doubt she had about the host body was gone instantly, her blinding rage so intense that she never questioned that Ishtar would lie to her. There was not really a way to enlighten the situation, since Ishtar’s symbiote was intimate with Baal’s symbiote and hence would recognised her consort in his true form.

[End Flashback]

Anath coughed and vomited, and she knew it was blood. She could not see the crimson colour that she loved. ‘It’s good that my eyes have been blinded, I do not care to see my own blood smeared on my face.’ Anath chortled, then focused back to the present and heard her crime echoing through the chamber; however, it came off like she was having another fit.

“…She split his host with her sword, throwing his body into a fire, then grinding his bones and scattered the remnants to the animals for food. I heard the Jaffa talking among themselves about how Sobek was screaming in his host Mot’s body.”

There was silence for a few minutes over the claim, the assembled Goa’uld nauseated at the thought. They loved torturing their prisoners, a favourite pass-time, but this was over the top.

“As you have all concluded, my Lords and Ladies, our brethren Lord Sobek suffered grossly and has not seen since that day. It is true that we do not care what happened to Mot’s remains as he was just a lowly host, but we cannot say the same thing for our brethren Lord Sobek.”

“Anath Rahmaya is clearly as insane as she renowned to be. Did she not declare before the Court that Lord Sobek owed her a debt? With the killing of her twin, Lord Baal, we sure could understand this vengeance. But my Lords and Ladies, she is liar. Who is standing before you today in this very Court, beside Lord Cronus?”

“If we look more closely at the recent Empire War, Lord Horus’ death was a mystery as well. One can not help but draw the conclusion that Lord Sobek was not the first of our brethren to have fallen by her hand. Are we going to leave an insane Warlord on rampage? Freely destroying our very existence and culture? Did we not all swear an oath that we would not kill our brethren as filthy animals like those that we had taken hosts…”

Anath was utterly amused. Who knew she would die of laughing instead? ‘I would like to see who the accuser is? Clearly someone I have not known before. I am hardly able to guess who it is just by the sound of his voice. A few more doses of that would surely neutralise my pain…’she grimaced when her cynical thought did not ease her suffering thus decided to concentrate on her surroundings, limited as she was by her lack of sight.

Anath tried to visualise what the chamber’s appearance was like but failed miserably, ‘Damn, I never felt the need to memorise the building, but being blind does make one vulnerable.’ It was not long ago when she was last here in this chamber and yet she could not remember clearly the surroundings, just intense emotions which had been emitted by the occupant.

Ah, the last time I saw him and it was rather awkward. How many times I have recounted the event? It was strange that we were the only ones who were there. He must have told the servants to clear out of the chamber. I guessed he desired the confrontation to be private. It is true he offered a way out for me; it does not escape me that he had foreseen this and acted according to his own advantage…Hahaha…so I am a gullible fool and have played into their hands. Serves me right! I guess I deserved this since I am as blind as he had told me I was.’


It was in the same chamber, the last time she saw Ra before this trial. The chamber otherwise known as Ra’s Court was empty with the exception of the two. It escaped her at the time, but much later she realised that it was rather odd that they were, in fact, alone. Ra was never alone.

“Where is he?” the commanding tone expected obedience from his subordinate.

Anath was in an irritated, foul mood and the tone finally set her off her rocker. She gave the Supreme Lord a deadly glare even it would means certain death for her if he chose, ‘you must be deaf and don’t expected me to repeat myself.’ She swore mentally.

They eyes locked in a battle of wills before Anath turned away with a huff, “I’m leaving, you can investigate all you want, my Lord, but I have nothing to do with that coward’s disappearance.”

“Anath Rahmaya I commanded thee to stop where you are. I’ll not have a half-baked answer from you. What am I suppose to believe when it was you who were the last to see him. And it is not only that fact alone that has made you accountable, you killed the host, Mot, in full witness of his Jaffas.”

“Vengeance was my right, even if this displeases you, my Lord. And must I swear left and right I don’t know where he is? Why are you detaining me when I am taking my departure from your side as you had decreed? Am I not complying with your order, my Lord!” She mocked, “Well, until further notice I’ll be under House Arrest as you commanded and that is all I’ll be saying regarding this matter.”

Anath marched out the chamber but before she reached the door she felt his presence beside her. So close that she almost lost her serene posture. ‘I knew he was a sleeping leopard but this is ridiculous. Is it even possible to be in motion with that speed?’ She broke out in a sweat, frozen, and unable to swiftly run away from the coming strike. Anath could see the motion but it was beyond her power at this stage to counteract it. ‘Another lesson I’ll learn from him.’ She cried, frustrated ar her powerlessness.

Anath did not expected the lethal strike to turn into an affectionate touch lingering on her face.

She was stunned, this was not Ra’s usual teasing. His face very close against her ear, his breathing stirring a portion of her black hair, he whispered more gently than he ever did before, “Anath Rahyama, what must I do to win your devotion?”

Anath ignored the innuendo in the remark and replied scathingly, hoping he would take the hint, “Have I not sworn my loyalty to you, my Lord? How many battles must I face before I prove…?”

“Stop! If I must spell it out then I shall, my dear Anath. I am asking you to be my Queen. Hathor and Egeria are gone. I cannot see any one else who could take up the position as my equal.”

I doubt you ever saw anyone as your equal.’ Anath fumed, she really forgot recent events have shifted the entire Empire into Chaos, not just domains.

“I…You flattered me, my lord, but I must decline this request. I have made a vow…”

“I understand you are in mourning for your consort. I’ll wait for my answer.”

Consort? Is he means…? Oh, that is gross.’ Anath hid her disgust, ‘…where the hell did he get that fact from?’

“If you mean my brother, Baal, he is not my consort.”

“My dearest, I saw your little twist with him a fortnight season at Rhea’s Court. Lady Rhea told me that you wish not to disclose the news, for you do not want mischief aimed at him since your enemies could not take it out on you.”

Mother…why would she have had told him that? Saw me? Does that mean Ishtar attended as me at Mother’s Court? Oh, this is too confusing.’ Anath was puzzled and decided it is best to be remain silent until she knew more.

“I shall wait for yours reply. My dear, I assure you, you’ll find pleasure in my comforting arms.” Ra paused and caresses her cheek. “Our alliance will be very fruitful. I look forward to it very much.”

Ra chuckled, “Breathe, my dear.” Anath did not know she had stopped until he told her. She blinked and stared, trying not to sneer at him. She was trapped and knew Ra would not take a “no” for an answer.

In this battle I may not come out as a winner.‘ Anath sighed and found she was alone in the chamber.

[End Flashback]

Ignorant, jerk!‘Anath felt like smacking herself that just for a second earlier she had regretted not accepting Ra’s offer. Anath was so angry at her own foolishness that she became fully awake to reality. Although it would have been better if she had passed out, for the accusers had started on the tactic of attempting to darken her character. The Goa’uld cunningly provided information that he would twist to his benefit.

“…Anath Rahyama is well known as Queen of Canaanite; nevertheless, she has never given birth to any of our children, one must question her gender? As Queen, her foremost duty to the Empire is to boost our population and yet centuries had passed and we have yet to see this development. Is she disguising her gender, specifically using a female host so that we will underestimate her? Have we all fallen for her charms? Why were we not on our guard, and why did we forget to question how rare it is for a Queen to be a Warlord. Not just any Warlord but the youngest Warlord in our Empire’s history! What is she, or should I say ‘he’, planning for our Empire?”

The low life! If I could gain just one ounce of energy I’d surely kill him.’ Anath swore, ‘How dare he imply that my prowess on battlefield was a mere trick?’ Anath jerking up quickly, forgotting she was deeply wounded and consequently immediately lost consciousness.

“….my Ladies and Lords, what is left for us to do at this point but denounce Anath Rahyama, leaving her with no rank, and judge according to her status?”

Anath’s fever became worse and took its toll on her host’s body. The fragile human mind was inflicted with nightmares; it was replaying scenes of the last battle and Cronus’ torturing in the prison cell. In her delirious state, she could not have identified her attacker and became more deluded from images flashback.

[Flashback] {Recap from Prologue}

Anath saw another blade appeare, this time from Baal’s cuff. ‘No, I was sure it was Cronus…How many weapons did he hide within his robe?’ she wondered before he drove it deeply into her side, twisting it as he did so. ‘What am I thinking at this time? Shouldn’t I manoeuvre out the way? Everything is so slow…’

Cronus face was blurring and Anath heard screams torn from her own vocal cords unwillingly. Her eyes flashed golden as the symbiote started to feel the pain. Anath tried to wriggle free from her captivity but his strong hands held her throat, cutting off her air and she swayed on her feet.

She was drowning.

I am hearing someone talking? What….Who’s there?’

“…Lesser Twin…”

I’m not….Who’s there…’

{Scene – Cronus Prison}

Is that you?’

Who’s there?’


“Ah, you’ve awakened again; very good, shall we have more fun, my Tauri’s daughter!”

“Is that the best insult you could come up with, Father?”

Anath gritted her teeth when he blasted a sock wave into her abdomen. Her sapphire eyes glared with hate at her father.

“You’re nothing but a failed experiment. You know what happens to faild experiments? They should be terminated. How dare you betray me, your Lord?” Cronus smacked her face. “I should have killed you when you were a toddler…” Anath tuned out his mad ranting and willed her symbiote to heal her injured left hand. The fingers for both hands were all broken by Cronus sometime ago. It was not long before she felt tingling sense on her left palm and knew she should knock him out before he became aware of her recovery.

Unfortunately her bruises had blinded her to her surroundings, include another presence in the cell. The Jaffa or Goa’uld had prevented her from escaping or doing further damage to Cronus. However, she was pleased that she did manage to punch Cronus in the gut as she had planned and forced the old Goa’uld to tumble backward since his stance was not secure. Anath shook her head for her skull was still ringing since whoever it had been that had whacked her on the head, had almost severed her neck bone as well.

Cronus pulled her hair up and aligned her face with his enraged one, “You’ll pay for that before I’m through with you…”

Anath spat at him then laughed merrily, “Whatever, Cronus. I would have said the same to you. I regret only that I didn’t kill you after Horus’ battle.”

Cronus took a knife on the table, his blue eyes darkening with glee, staring at his daughter, “Let us see how your symbiote tolerates pain.”

Anath was traumatized as the knife pierced her, slicing and peeling off part of her symbiote’s flesh. The symbiote quickly shut down its connection with the host effectively allowing them both to pass out cold.

[End Flashback]

Ra’s Court was silent and Ra announced his verdict, “Anath Rahyama, the Empire sentences you to forever drift in outer space, at the edge of Milky Way. Your personal servants will be on board with you and accompany on your never ending journey.”

Anath never heard the decree for she was laying there, dying.

A few Hataks (motherships) were anchored around the outer solar system, at the very edge of the Milky Galaxy, to ensure Anath’s exile. None had ever ventured this far, for the Goa’uld that is, for the technology that enabled them to go no further and around solar systems was useless for habitation or mining for resources. Although, they knew for sure that no other race had lived beyond this point for eons, they had patrols in the area, none of whom had ever seen anyone passing through here. The Asgard’s galaxy (Ida) was opposite and unlikely to aid a Goa’uld even if they found a Goa’uld in distress in space. Those who attended the farewell party to Anath Rahyama fussed with many emotions; some felt triumph that their enemy was finally exiled, and others were starting to perceive the emptiness in their life that will never be filled by anyone ever again.

“Are you regretting this game?” her sapphires, which had been inherited by her children, finally shifted away from the tiny ship which had drifted off into the dark space and out of sight. Her companion’s eyes were hooded and gave nothing of what he was thinking away.

“I do not have regrets, my dear. Anath is not fit to be my Queen, and she would not accept the very idea of me as a consort. After all, was she not being brainwashed to serve me as her beloved brother, someone she must protect with her life?”

The beautiful woman shrugged and sat down on the sofa reluctantly; she could not help but feel the wrongness that had lead to this. “I admire her strength.” She smiled thoughtfully, “a daughter I never wished for, but a daughter I am proud of.”

The younger man, who had still not taken his eyes off the darkened space, simply nodded at the statement. He knew Anath would love to hear it even though she would never admit such thing even with him, her twin.

“If I had known I would have modified her to be suitable Queen for you. Nevertheless, you are right! My daughter and your sister Hera suits you much better. She and your brothers shall be free soon. I’m sure they will help you to fulfil your dream.”

Baal ignored the exchange, he knew no one could replaced his twin no matter how much he wanted it to be so. But Anath’s days were numbered; she was not part of his plan for the future. The next stage was set and he would rule Olympia.

Baal’s games were deadly and Anath was a mere pawn on the chessboard, who was about to become Queen. Her death would bring him victory. And like Baal, Anath would rule alone. ‘They’re twins after all.’

He closed his mind over the matter, ‘It is done and it’s done for the best’ and impassively changed the subject, “Let us have another game like I promised, my dear.’

“As you’ve wish Baal. Should I call you Zeus now since Cronus has acknowledged you as his heir?” She smirked at the realisation of her plan come to fruitfulness. Cronus hated Anath so much that he would do anything to get rid of her, and it had never crossed his mind that he was manipulated into the situation. ‘Cronus has no power to harm Baal even if he were to discover their treachery, but it would not be the same with Anath,’ Rhea paled at the thought and quickly looked at her son and feared for his life, “Has it occurred to you that she might survive this, which she usually has done in the past against all odds. What would happen if she were to learn who had betrayed her…?”

Baal’s fingers shook at Rhea unfinished chatter, it stopped in mid-air and the piece he had been holding dropped to the ground, rolling a few times as the atmosphere became gloomy, “I’ll have to destroy anything that connects me to this betrayal, won’t I?”

Rhea, for a second, feared for her life, the malevolent intention was leaking off him but she hoped it was all her imagination, and that her beloved son would never harm his mother.


Anath Rahyama was like a tornado and as quickly she came into the Empire, she left the same way. She shone more brightly than any other Goa’uld in the Empire and many remembered her not for her hideous crimes, but for how much she had revolutionized their way of life.

Anath Rahyama, the second and the last Child of Gods, was sentenced to Exile as recorded in Goa’uld Empire History.


Who’s there?’ her silent thought echoed through the empty space as she drifted in its darkn vacuum. Anath did not expect anyone to answer, nor that they might be sentient enough to reply for she was still delirious.

A strong voice spoke and swiftly broke all the darkness away with it words, ‘My child, there is still much for you to do. How long must I be waiting?’

Who are you?’ Anath finally gained consciousness and never felt more alive than in the presence of this being.

You’ll learn of me if you are worthy.’ The voice was gone as suddenly as it had appeared but it left behind the knowledge that everything would be OK.

I’ll live.’ And she knew it is true as she thought the words.

Anath opened her eyes, conscious she was inside a coffin but it was not a sarcophagus. The Systems Lords wanted her to be dead, although it must have amused them to put her in an imitation one. At least Ra did not separate her body and symbiote; she could not have born it if he had. They are one, unique among the Goa’uld. ‘Baal is not one with his body anymore’ she sighed ‘I should not think of him, as promised I would not appear before him again’.

Anath opened the lid and heard a distance noise, mostly sound of weeping but this was the least of her concern.

Who helped me?’ Anath wondered, still puzzled that she was miraculously resurrected.

Anath started smiling and it was genuine, childlike, ‘It is like being born again.’ The meeting reminded her of the same feeling as the deep space that had called to her and it had sung a mysterious song long before she had begun to walk.

END… Interlude – The Children of Gods

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