Soul strayed to Xi-Rei (Vol1 – prologue, ch1, ch2)

Volume 1: Soul strayed to Xi-Rei


Author: Feng Nong

Translated from Da-Lac & chinese raw: mnemea

Editor: no beta (warning for grammar errors)

Warning: Soft Yaoi/Slash


Note: Firstly, the main characters name is from raw Chinese novel.

Secondly, Rong Tian inherited the title Wang (directed translation Wang is King); however this title does not means as “King”, for western title this should be equivalent to a Duke, the male ruler of a duchy. Duke title in China is higher rank of a Prince and only below rank of a King.



Feng Ming died.

It was never occurred to him that his life would be so short. For a nineteen years old, Feng Ming believes his life was just starting and should not have ended.

Unfortunately on the way home, he met a truck deviated from the road which about to crashed into a little boy. Immediately he rushed forward and carried the child back. It was for a moment he felt himself flying high into the sky, like an angel launched in the sky. He focused his eyes to the surrounding and found a crowd has gathered around him.

He knew he was dead.

‘So I am dead but what should I do now?’

Feng Ming shocked and surprised as he watching his own body was taken away and brought into the morgue.

No one saw him nor had heard his called. It was surreal like being freezing in the realm of dreams. In that moment, he did not know how but he suddenly heard a voice.

“Are you still there?”

Feng Ming could not believed that someone who was alive and could still able to speak to him, yet the tone sound was very serious and definitely that person was clearly talking to him.


Feng Ming was alarming, “You’re talking to me? Who are you? Deity? Or is a demon?”

Laughers erupted from the same source, “I am neither a god, nor is a demon; I am standing in front of the morgue.”

Feng Ming turned his head and saw a middle-aged man, the man arms were cradling the small child that he had saved from the truck.

The man opened his mouth as if he was talking to the air, “I am a spiritual scholar, and moreover I also have supernatural powers. I am here because I want to shows you of my gratitude so I’ll help you to get another life. ”

Feng Ming amazed said, “Is it even possible?”

“Positively possible.” He nodded. “Today is the right day for the portal of time to be open. I could help you to find a body which had just die, of course, this body will not be the same as your old body. It is just as well be so, since your body is seriously damage and I am unable recovered it for you. ”

“Does that mean I have to travel to another dimension?”

“Yes, this opportunity is one in a lifetime. You’re very fortunate, not only to have met me, but at the right moment when the portal of time is open. If not, when a body lose it soul, the soul can survive for only twelve hours, and then dissipated. ”

“I’m lucky? I thought anyone who died could be revived again?”
“Even if they are dying during the portal of times has open, it is unlikely for them to meet someone with my capacities and could not able to search for a new body. Evenmore, if you have not had rescued my son I would not be here to help you. Is there anything else that bothers you? ”

“What was there to be fretting about?”

“Let us begin.”

“Wait for a sec.”

“What is it?”

“ You need to find a body right, so could I choose one?”

“How do you want to choose?”

Feng Ming grimaced, “Of course I would hope for a very good family, a great noble family is even better. A thousands of times begging you please do not in any circumstances to put my soul into a body that of a woman. Also, handsome and a bit taller, I definitely do not want to place in a body that is short!”

The man sighed, “I will do my best.”

“What do you mean by trying your best efforts?”

“Not everything could be forced come to pass.”

The man suddenly swiftly into motion, “Oh no, the portal of time is open, we have to start quickly…”

A flash of light sparked in front of Feng Ming’s eyes, he felt his body thrown into the middle of a hurricane, and it was torned into many tiny pieces.

“A! A! A! Aaaaaaaaaa…!!!” Feng Ming screamed, ahead of him he saw spiral of coils twisted into each other.

Chapter I

Xi-Rei Kingdom; the Imperial Palace.

Inside the Crown Prince’s Quarter, tension had filled the air whilst everyone faces were draining colour with pale sickly shades. They knew the crown prince had an accident. The servants were patiently waiting as a group of royal physicians advanced toward them, the appearance on the physicians’ face were grimaced and it was enough lethal to scare everyone to death.
The misfortune sign has befallen upon the prince was detected from the physicians arms were hanging about (implied give up) and uncontrolled shivering. It means the crown prince has die, thus signified that his servants shall be forced be burial alive with him.

“Crown Prince! Crown Prince!” Mournful shrieks were heard from the inner chamber, not for the prince but they were frightened for their own fates.
Almost every heart for a moment stopped beating.

“Hurry up! Someone have to go and report to the Regent that the Crown Prince … the Crown Prince is … ” an old royal physician spoken, his anxiousness were causing his own teeth rattled and gritted against each other as he quickly dispatched a servant off to notify the bad news. However, before he could completed his command, he voice was drowning by howling cries echoed within the Prince’s chamber. ‘Burial alive, they will all be buried alive.’ With that thought, many chambermaids had fallen unconscious on the ground.

In that very instants; suddenly, a horrified utter inside the Crown Prince’s Chamber pierces through the desolation of their despairs.

“The Crown Prince … the Crown Prince is awake! Royal Physician! Royal Physician!”

The royal physicians were gathering in front of the Crown Prince Chamber,  their faces had been constantly changing in colours. They were contemplated how they will be facing the regent and questioned over the crown prince’s death. The old physician was first person reacted, he did not believe the news when it was broken out, he knew it was impossible to occur but he was hoping that the news is true so immediately started rushing inside. They once again passed the chambermaids, who were now also hope for goods news, kowtow on the ground.

Just a moment later, the prince’s personal attendant maidservant appeared outside the chamber almost merrily dancing shouted, “The Crown Prince awaken! The Crown Prince has awakes!”

Soundless was first greets the Prince’s Quarter but as soon as the servants were reassured of the good news, a loud cheer sound trembled the palace ground.
“The Prince did not die, the Crown Prince has awakes.”

Feng Ming tried to suppress the intense pain inside his head and gently open his eyes.

“Prince? Crown Prince? ”

He was surrounded by numerous voices, called to him; however, the first person caught into his eyesight’s was an old man with white hair.
So where am I …?’

His eyes opened a little wider and it had stopped on a pretty lady, stood behind the old man.

‘They dressed like those in ancient times?’

Feng Ming tried very hard to remember what had happened to him and finally asked, “… Where is this place?”

Those surrounded him were surprised and turned to each other for guidance.

“Crown Prince?”

The old man careful softly asked, “What are you asking?”

Feng Ming eyes’ grew drowsy. He knew, he has entered into another body, just as the middle-aged man said, this should be the body of someone who recently die…

Therefore, it would be stupid to tell them the truth; they may perceived him as a crazy person.

“I said …”

Feng Ming slowly turned his head and surveying his vicinity, “Am I a Crown Prince? The Crown Prince of which kingdom? ”

‘Tang, Song, Nguyen, Ming, Thanh? Whatever dynasty is still good, a Crown Prince is better than a commoner; therefore, would be happier right?’


‘Xi-Rei? Where is that?’

Feng Ming frowned but nodded to shows that he had understood them, “Yes, Xi-Rei. I knew that. ”

He closed his eyes for few minutes but when he opened them again, he discovered that a crowd had gathered before his bed, examination him as if he was sort of a rare animal, he felt angry, gloomy and shouted, “I want to rest, you’re all get out, go away.”

“As you’re commanded Your Highness …”

Soon everyone bows and departed from his side, leaving only three or two chambermaids, they are the prince’s personal maidservants which were chosen because of their excelled talents over the others, in caring for the prince.

Feng Ming had just passed through the portal of time, his whole body was in pain and immense discomforted, even though he told everyone to leave but in the end, he could not found rest. He tossed around, moved from left to the right, finally give up the quest for sleep and opened his eyes, to locate a chambermaid stood at his bedside, he asked, “What’s your name?” with an afterthought he hurriedly explained, “I have woken up, the mind is still foggy. ”

The maidservant smile replied, “Even if you were not just awaken from your sleep, the Crown Prince would not remember your servant name. Your maidservant is Chiu Lian. ”

“Even if I’ve not completely awake, I would not know? Why not? ”

Chiu Lian replied softly: “Your highness does not like to talk, your maidservant have been with you for two years and have never heard you called any servants by name.”
‘Is that so!’ Feng Ming felt relieved, he knew now that he needs not to shows recognition with any other servants, as it would be reasonable to assume with the previous prince’s attitudes, the prince would not have anyone close to him. Feng Ming pleased; he knew it was not the time to reveal the truth.

Nevertheless, a quiet reigned prince like this surely was not a good thing. History books records which he had reads, the vast majority introverted Princes always had brought their countries to their knees.
“I don’t like to talk?” Feng Ming laughs and laugh, “I must be severely ills; I probably will try to chat more in the future…”

Chiu Lian astonished looked at him.

“What’s wrong with you?” Feng Ming guessed something was not right thus, his tone become unnatural pitches.

“Crown Prince, Your Highness was not sick. You had fallen into the river; we were all very scared when we carried you back here. The royal physicians were assured that they were unable revived you. ”

“I fell into a river?”

Feng Ming forced laughing softly, “Yes, yes, I must have want some fresh air, hence wandered near the river bank, and was not careful and fallen into the river; it was fortune that you’ve promptly detected my mishap.”

Chiu Lian carefully evaluated Feng Ming, her watchful eyes causing Feng Ming discomforted.

“What’s wrong?”

“Prince, you’re acting very oddly today!”

‘How am I to act normal when I don’t know how this body old self was behaving?’ Feng Ming felt dishearten. ‘I have never thought I would become your kingdom’s Crown Prince when I decided to depart my time-space. Who told him to have a short life span like me? I’m the one who at the short end of a stick here, passed through the portal of time. In which, I knew nothing of the period and cultures, most of all, why it have to be a noble prince body…

‘Crapped …’

Feng Ming laid on the bed and kept sighing at his fate, nonetheless became a prince compared being dead at the age of nineteen was much better, after great reluctant with the later thought he becomes cheerful once more.
“Chiu Lian, get me a drink.” Feng Ming sluggishly sat up; he could felt where his bone joints were setting up against each other, which cause him constantly pain.

Feng Ming did not tried to act like a prince, given order to Chiu Lian, anymore than he would wish to reign this country. When he did not understand anything about this kingdom, especially in this instant, he concerned about what sort of utility the people here used to drink, he scared if he make a mistake then they would believe that he had gone mad.

Chiu Lian gracefully strode back to him; she carried a silver vase, poured a cup of water and placed them on Feng Ming’s hands. He carefully observed her actions and tools she used, he sighing relieved, it was not far off from his imagination. He concluded that he should treat this period as Tang Dynasty.

Feng Ming’s throat was burning and sore so as soon as he received the cup he immediately bottom up.

He felt a burn sensation started within the nose spreading down to the throat and continue thrashed it ways to his stomach. Feng Ming was hugged his chest and desperately hope that he could vomit the liquid outside of his body, tears and running nose joined together smear his face.
‘What the hell was that? Do not tell me this is everyday drink for the Xi-Rei people…’

He was struggled to raise his head from the fits, his eyes were full of raged direct at Chiu Lian. ‘This little horror dared to tease your Prince?!’ Although Feng Ming was a fake prince but he still not deserve to be treated like this. At last, he suppressed the cough and demand an answer, “This … What is this?”

Chiu Lian stared startlingly at Feng Ming, “This is wine.”

‘Wine?’ Feng Ming looked at the silver vase on her hands. He was nineteen so he was not even at the legal age to drink alcohol.

Feng Ming shook his head, he decided to forgive her negligence, and “I want to drink water, why did you brought wine to me?” He was still very angry but trying very hard to sound pleasant. He did not know if this country followed customs like those of ancient period, which means obey the king was the absolutely obligation, if so, given his hot temper, Feng Ming fears that if he was to show his disposition the little horror before him may fallen unconscious from gripping of fears.

‘You dare to provoke me…?’

Chiu Lian dumbfounded staring at the vase before tilted her head in disbelief, “But Your Highness never drink water, only wine was preparing for you.”

“What?” Feng Ming his eyeballs rolled. ‘He only ever drinking wine, not water.’ Perhaps this prince was an alcoholic? It would not be far off if he had fallen into the river after being intoxicated…

“Well … the doctor said, no, no that is not right, the royal physician said alcohol would harm the body, today onward, I shall not take any more wine.” Feng Ming was emphasis his desires as he directly speaking to Chiu Lian, “From now on when I said that I am thirsty, just bring water is enough.”

“Quit drinking?” Chiu Lian carefully scrutinized Feng Ming again, almost seeing him with a new light, maybe more like a demon, then twisted her curvy lips, “Yes, your maidservant understood.”

Chapter II
Feng Ming taking a big gulp of water brought by Chiu Lian, as another maidservant brought forth a bowl for him to rinse his mouth, preparing himself for meal. Feng Ming’s head unexpectedly become dizzy; he thought it might have been influence by earlier alcohol consumption. He reluctantly yawned and laid back down on bed.

Chiu Lian stood beside the bed and softly asked, “Your highness would you like to have your meal now?”

Feng Ming slowly become drowsier, his fatigue body was constantly pains but now the drowsiness had eased him to peaceful mood, he did not replied, and soundly asleep. When he had awaken, it had darken outside from the window views. He was not sure how the people here reading the time but for him he probably had slept for three or four hours at least. He just awakens, felt quite relaxed and eyes were only half opens. Usually at home if he was to take a short nap for an hour he would be scolded by his roommate, now by fate that he had become the crown prince, of course he want to take advantage of the newly status and treated himself well so he decided to stay in bed a little longer.

Feng Ming dozed off dreamingly but he heard a voice nearby, “Well, I thought he was really dead, it just likes him wanting to scare us.”

Feng Ming instinct told him the voice was speaking about him and immediately was attentive to the conversation. He was new to this world, and impersonate another person, on top of that a prince so to reduce the chance of being discovered, he needs to know everything as soon as possible, especially about the prince old self thus even if it was eardrop,  he was straining the ears and listened.

The person who talks was standing not far from the bed, begin to sound very clear, the tones filled with disrespect and contempt toward the prince, “If it happens again, just bestow him a poison wine should be enough, better than cluttered the palace.”

Chiu Lian said, “Master Tong, the Prince has not regained consciousness,” the tone was evaded and patience.

Feng Ming was listened and his heart could not help but terrified at the insinuation of the conversation. The crown prince should be extremely precious to his people. Who was Master Tong, powerful enough to challenge the prince position and dare openly be disrespectful? Just by listen to the voice and his tone, without any apparently fearing that the prince may awakens and heard them. Not only that the maidservants just stood there, giving little support to the prince and did not dare to forbid and reproached what this person had spoken.

Master Tong continue, “I’ll take my leave, tell him not to be full of himself and less quarrelsome to other.”
Master Tong heels turned and about to set off, immediately a chilly order was calling out, “Stop!”

Feng Ming slowly rising upward from the bed, it was his command; everyone within the chamber shocked at this strange behaviour. The Prince tones was very familiar to them; nonetheless, it have always been submissive pitches to date, yet the order that had given today came out was extraordinary unyielding.

Master Tong make a mocking noise, “Oh”, and turned around to see Feng Ming, he narrowed his eyes at the prince before sarcasm replied, “So you just escape death’s door, and had grown some backbones no less.”

When Master Tong turned around that allowed Feng Ming to have a closer look at him. This person was young around eighteen or nineteen years old, with cherry blossom pale skin, and quite a rare attractive young man. However, his rudeness speeches had leaved Feng Ming a little desires to be pleasant, “I’ve grown some backbones, are you afraid?”

Feng Ming did not like to being defenceless, imitated Master Tong frosty disagreed sound “Hn” retorted, before leaned back to the head- bed, crossed his arms and inquired loudly, “Chiu Lian , you’ll tell him, what’s crime punishment for those who disrespect to a prince?”

When he finished, Feng Ming redirected his gazed to Chiu Lian.
Feng Ming actually did not know what the law of this country, whether the monarch ruling in history was the same as here. Therefore, had some sort of decree for desecration against royal, when asked, although he expression was confidence but his abdomen filled with butterflies, he was hoping that Chiu Lian would tags along and then he will know how to set off from there.

Chiu Lian knew the prince had changed, he was particularly livid, as his eyes locking onto her, waiting patiently for an answer. Beside her, Master Tong who also stood nearby, his black face was not much better either. These two were detesting each other presents and it was unwise to displease either of them, she hesitating for a while, grieving that she was put into this situation, and nervously replied, “For disrespectful to a Prince, based on the kingdom law, should be decapitated. ”

That was implying to put to death.

Feng Ming was please that this country law is upholding dignity of the sovereign. It had settle his mind, as he smiling and affirmed, “This person attitudes, should he not be beheaded?”

Master Tong had never seen the crown prince mounted to anything. He never scolded for being disrespect before. The prince had always avoiding him rather than faced humiliation, yet today the prince shows overwhelming strength, not only he had openly challenged and had deems that his guilty to be brought before a trial.

Master Tong thoughts like usual he could oversteps the prince, he raised his head ready to pick a fight, as his eyes piercing into Feng Ming’s black bottomless eyes, he knew that the prince is still the rightful ruler of the kingdom and disrespectful a prince, indeed, be decapitated. If the prince shouted now, the outside guards would immediately execute him on the spot; no one would able to do anything until it was too late.

Master Tong never saw the different in ranks between them, for the first time realised it and greatly distressed, he face turned green and choked a respond, “please pardons your subject’s ill-manners, Your Highness.”

The maidservants amazed by the responded.
Had the crown prince finally shows his might?

Feng Ming did not know the consequences, he was waiting for something to be done but no one had moved. He knew he could not carry out the executions by his hand hence weakly nodding, “Forget it, I shall forgive you today.”

Master Tong was trembled and finally able to breathe after being discharge. He noticed Feng Ming’s pompous tones, immediately looked up and glared. He could not understand how he had lost to a worthless crown prince, unexpectedly had to bow his head, make himself a laughingstock before the servants, he knew he had lost his ground and dignity, without a word he quickly ran out of the prince’s quarter.

When Feng Ming saw Master Tong had gone, called Chiu Lian to him, “I am hungry, did you not said the meal was ready?”

Chiu Lian was flitted between the door and Feng Ming, felt insecure and warned, “Prince, Master Tong is very angry.”

“So what? He had offended me, I should have been very angry with him.” ‘Based on our status, the person who aggravated should be me!’

“But …” Chiu Lian concerned for him, she knew the prince had always been suppressed, although he shows strength today,  tomorrow he will surely be paid a price for this. She have been with him almost two years, hence felt a little sympathy for the prince, worries was showing on her face, “If Master Tong is dobbing on you with the Duke Rong, what to do?”

“Duke Rong? Who is Duke Rong? ”

Feng Ming saw Chiu Lian sharply glanced, knew that he  had inquired a very stupid question, he couldn’t do anything but outright lie, “I had fell into the water, my mind is like water, have forgotten everything. ”

Chiu Lian looked bewildered at Feng Ming for a long time, before replied, “Ah, so it must be true that Your Highness have forgotten everything … Duke Rong’s reigning as the Regent of Xi-Rei kingdom, he currently is the one who holding all the authorities and armed forces. ”

‘So that how the way it is, of course, there have to be a Regent somewhere.’

It seems faking another identity was not as easy as seen on the TV’s drama comedy, let alone forging as a figure head of a kingdom. Feng Ming did not want make any further blunders, so he acting bored and turned to survey his surroundings.
It was not long before dinner brought up to him.

The meal setup was exactly as his imagination, the set was displayed many luxurious food, dozens of different dishes, very finely displayed, at the edge of each disk were exhibiting fruits that had elaborately carved with decorative styles.

Feng Ming was uncertainty what to do with chopsticks.

If he knew this happened, he would have read several books on ancient rites and imperial customs. There no point on crying over spilt milk, so he starting to take whatever he fancy.  He comforted himself, ‘It is also true that I am the crown prince, though even if not fulfilling the meal rituals, no one would dare to censure him at this instant.’

Feng Ming ate a piece of fresh bamboo shoots when he felt Chiu Lian standing next to him, he could feels the watchful gazed which, enclosed over him, he felt odd, tilt his head upward and asked, “Chiu Lian, you’re not eating?”

“Please consume faster, why are you asking me?”

Feng Ming wanted her joining him for the meal, but he was worried that this gesture would be a mistake, smiles replied, “Eating by oneself is unpleasant, please talk to me.”

He patted the side chair, indicating for her to sit down there.

Chiu Lian did not dares to sit down, gave him a formal salute, “since the Prince would like to converse, your maidservant will obey,” she tilted her head and inquired, “What would you like to be discussed? ”

‘This is a good opportunity!’ Feng Ming jumped at the chance, “There nothing really, how about a chat regard about me. I would love to hear it!”

“How could not your own story? Why are you asking me? “Chiu Lian amused at the prince’s eccentric characteristic, since she was still young she could not help but to smile.

“This is …” Feng Ming’s eyes set like a pairs of black pearls whirling around, explained, “I just want to know, what the servants’ opinions concerned about me?”

“Uh, OK, I’ll talk.”

Chiu Lian have been working in the palace for two years, her responsibility was preparing meals and clothes for the prince, she had never been close with the prince due to their status, so for the first time she could not help but delighted spilt everything to him. She prattled on many gossips that situated inside the palace, the country and stories of the neighbouring kingdoms.

Feng Ming concluded that currently every kingdom were quarrelling against each other, the bigger fish swallowed the little fish. Officially, there are twelve kingdoms. Feng Ming sighed and quietly retracted his tongue, ‘it looks like what history known as Spring and Autumn Warring kingdoms chaos reigning period?’

The prince was the only child of Xi-Rei’s ruler; consequently, when he was born he ordained as the crown prince. Xi-Rei’s king had suddenly fallen ill seven years ago and had not regained consciousness. The current person who had the authority in Xi-Rei is the regent, acknowledged as Duke Rong.

When Chiu Lian was hearsay about the regent, her face showed fears and awes of the man, like a modern girl staring at the silver screen idols, although her expression was more discreet.

Feng Ming first had imagined Duke Rong was someone obesity, overweight, but seeing the look on Chiu Lian, could not help but thought, ‘perhaps Duke Rong is a very handsome man?’

“That Master Tong guy, who is he anyway?”

Chiu Lian was excited talking but upon heard Feng Ming’s question, she become paler, there was weird light flared inside her eyes, stammered, “Master Tong … he is from an aristocrat Xi-Rei’s family, he and the Regent…” there was awkwardness in her tone suggesting a deeper bond more than friendship, ” … with the Duke Rong are in a very good relationship.”

Feng Ming surprised murmured, “Duke Rong and him in a good relationship? They have a very good … ”

‘Master Tong have such an arrogant attitude because he was some sort of treasure to the Regent or he must be a relative.’

“That was what I’ve heard from gossip though I have no evidence.”

Chiu Lian suddenly changing the subject, “Dear Prince, it is really late already, it best if you are to take a bath and rest.”

Feng Ming started to eat his meal after Chiu Lian refused to converse further, when he finished, other servants arrived and cleaned the table.

He got up and stretched, suddenly frowning and use a hand to lean on the table. ‘Time-travel is detestable; it making the whole body aches constantly.’

“Please Prince it times to take a bath.”

Feng Ming surprised seeing that the voices was from two beautiful women appeared out of nowhere, He nodded quietly, but still stood on the spot and did not move.

He lost in his thought. ‘I told to take a bath, but where to go for the shower? Where is the changing room? Is it like those in the television’s drama, when the crown prince takes a path, and the maidservants stood aside to assist? Am I hitting a jackpot?’

‘Ah, Chiu Lian just finished clean the table, where had she run off to.’

The two maidservants stood waiting, Feng Ming trying to delay the time so he thought he should better asking questions as a strategy.

“Ah, what should I be calling you?”

It was the first time that the prince wanted to chat with them. The two maidservants glanced at each other.

“Your maidservant called Chiu Yue.”

“Your maidservant called Chiu Xing.”

Feng Ming was thoughtful over the name, “Chiu Yue? Chiu Xing? It’s very nice name, very nice name. ”

Chiu Yue found the prince gestured was entertained, bowed, silently laughing then looked up and said, “It is quite late, please take a bath Your Highness, if not, the water will quickly be cooled.”

The crown prince often very cold and reserved person, his personality suddenly changed had amusing them and quickly they were getting on like fire:  talking and laughing. Chiu Yue and Chiu Xing, was very young, seeing Feng Ming friendliness could not help but be playful with him and gently pulling his sleeves, led him to the bathing place.

Feng Ming pleased that his concern had taken care of, Chiu Yue and Chiu Xing had guided him there. He continued laughing and followed them.

It had turned out that the bathroom and his bedroom was adjacent to each other, just a stonewall away. He saw the steams rising and taken a closer looked, revealing a medium sized pool. The four sidewalls building discreetly built from prying eyes, there were thin silk veils inside the bathroom, flapping around by the air pressures. Not far away there are folded clothes neatly stacking on white jade table, next to the pool. Feng Ming guessed it was clean clothes to be use for changing after his baths.

“Please take a bath.”

Chiu Yue, Chiu Xing stooped formally bows, smiled and departed.

Feng Ming saw them leaved, sighing a little. Fortunately, it was not the same as on TV’s drama having people watched over him bathing.

Seeing the bathroom, he felt much better and want to fling inside the pool.

It was his first time taken a bathe in this era, so he want thoroughly clean, especially anything that remained from the old prince body.

Since childhood, Feng Ming had been orphan, so he has nothing to be bothered. The most important things in his life was reading which, he had spent most of his times, he have never even considered dating, this matter would natural would be happened after he is graduate.

Feng Ming had patiently taken off layer after layer of clothes down. He thought if this was the usual garments for Xi-Rei’s citizen to wears; it would take them half an hour just for dressing. Feng Ming felt frustrated, eventually able to remove the last layer down.

‘Finally end! Start bathing!’

He sighed, Feng Ming tilted his head down, immediately his eyes widen opened and swallowed a sip of cold air.

He suddenly discovered, right on his lap, on the chest, visible bruises were trailing around his body.

There were small wounds like a long whip had slashed down on his skin, there are traced of teeth marks, also marks of many different, bizarre shapes, he was not sure how those little wounds could be come from.

The wounds were everywhere, there no place leaves unmarked on his body.

Saw the traces of abuse on his body, caused him greatly distresses, his heart was fluttered with fears.

Feng Ming parted his thighs, retracted his tongue and hastily closed his legs. It just as he had supposed, the thighs were full of bruises.

‘Could this prince enjoying abused his own body? Is he not the Crown Prince of Xi-Rei?’

‘Or perhaps, had the prince no powers and abused by the others?’

‘No wonder I’m constantly ached, so it was not result from time-travel that have been causing me pain…’

“Waiting for me?”

He could not contemplate what had happened to the old prince, behind him sudden soft baritone resonances from a male.

Feng Ming terrified, he instantly recalled the nake displayed of wounds on his body, in his confusion, he tangled with the clothes which heaps on the foot and thrown them over his head; however, his floppy legs gave way, flipped straight forward and was sinking below the pool.

Foams and waters splashed everywhere, Feng Ming fought against a bunch of clothes and from being sunken under bottom of the pool.


‘It has all messed up!’

Very quickly, Feng Ming risen from the water, eventually make angry snorted “Hn” coldly to the one who had dared to make him fallen into the water.

“You’ve some gutted, dared to intruding on the Prince’s bath!” the tone was not forceful chided since he was not in good health, Feng Ming had pulled those wet clothes off and using them covered his nakedness.

However, no matter what he had done, the wet fabrics were sinking below and his body was still visible to the naked eyes.

The other man appearance was very handsome, arrogant, and his eyes flashed with wickedness. Now, those eyes looking down from above of the pool were as sharp as light, the projection was pierced through the water and straight at Feng Ming’s body.

“Hn, your guts is not small either, calmly dared to use those terms with me.” The man raised his eyebrows teasing, “I heard that you had fell into the river, you’re surely not well, even daring scolded Tong -er. I guessed since you had an accident that you truly must have gone mad, and even who I am, you had quickly forgotten.”

‘Who is he? He’s daring to be this disrespectful?’ Feng Ming thoughts quickly reached to a conclusion, shouted, “You are Duke Rong!”

The man lips softly twisted into a smile make him even more attractive, “You’re still remembering me? I thought you faked as a crazy and wild person.”

In a second, the other man jumped into the pool, leaved no time for Feng Ming to react, held him within the man arms.

It was like to have a greater forces striking on the surface, Feng Ming could only gaped wildly, when the mountain crushed down onto his body, leaved him unable to breathe. The clothes were in his hands that trying to cover up the body, was grabbed and thrown aside.

“It seems the Prince had improved, deliberately looking for death?”

Feng Ming shocked, disdained thought gloomy inside, make him voluntarily to shrink back. Nevertheless, the strong palm of the Duke Rong immediately grabbed for his neck.

“Up until now, have I ever allowed you to seek death.”

“Uhh …”

His airway was blocked, causing Feng Ming to grimace of pains, he hastily grabbed the hands of Duke Rong, and the ideal was to have the other man hand loosen so he could breathe. No matter how much he tried, it was useless, those fingers that stop him from breathing must had made from steel, and he did not even have the strength to shake half of it off him. His lungs had started painfully impair, soon the landscape gradually become blurred.

Feng Ming felt his life was threatening, ‘perhaps this Rong Regent really chocking him to death?’

It was funny that he should just regained a new life but now he was about to die again.


Chiu Yue (Autumn Moon)

& Chiu Xing (Autumn Star)

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  1. This is beautiful. I believe another person named Sooky is also translating this, right? I have read both version. Your translation is truly beautiful. Are you planning to continue? I would like to read! I can’t read chinese. I searched all over the net and not even summaries of the 27 volumes (or is it 28, now?) of this story is available anywhere. Sigh. Please continue. If not translation, then at least brief summaries of the chapters/books will do. Something is better than nothing at all, right? Please take pity on us poor fans who doesn’t know chinese or korean or japanese or…..

    • Thanks Gaya, I already finished 3 Volumes and stuck on V4 as I has been busy for last two years, the little time I had I spent on reading as this is more of my passion. I’ll working on to finish V4, I thought Sooky already working/complete them. The other reason I stop translating is my online friend was busy to edit them as she promise but this understandable, everyone is busy with their own lives. Anyway, here is the website I have all the links of 3 Volumes, I’ll post V4 there as well when I finish it…you may already found them. Thanks for comment on my wordpress. Cheers.

  2. Oh. Thank you thank you thank you for pointing me towards aarinfantasy. I never even thought to check there! And thank you very much for doing this for us. It is impossible in my country to get BL books or mangas. Without you guys we will never even get to read a single piece of good works in this life time. Please keep up the good work and thaks a million time!

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