The Lesser Twin: Prologue -Chapter 5

Title: The Lesser Twin

Author: Thano/Mnemea

Disclaimer: This fan fiction is not written for profit and no infringement of copyright is intended.

Warning: None…maybe occasion violent.

Rating: T

Paring: no parings, this is mainly a friendship/family fanfiction

Summary: AU. X-over Harry Potter & Stargate. Harry Potter has become a Goa’uld. It’s time for him to lead his life as he chooses or not…

AN: This is a repost of the story (minor changes on the first few chapters). First, briefly touch on why I have wrote the story. We all know that Queen Egeria, the Tok’ra’s Mother is the first renounce Goa’uld heritage/philosophy. Why not another one? A Goa’uld, who decided not to take host, I think Baal is the coolest evil Goa’uld so I research a bit about him, the mythical god and I found Anath. Anath/Anat Rohmaya is Baal’s sister in Canaanite mythology, though I’ve made her as his twin for my story.

Goa’uld is asexual, taken on the gender by the host. However, they sexuality often most influences by their first host. A Queen is special. How? I still have yet found the answer in Cannon. 

I would like to super thanks, Riddle Master 101 for reedited the chapter and hobbitdoitbetter who is previously beta-ed the chapter.

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“…speech…” speeches


Well, let get on with the story.


Anath Rohmaya, ‘The Merciful’ watched the typhoon trying to wrack havoc on her city. The storm was having little success, due to the layer of shields which had protected the city for thousands of years. Although the city was safe to be venture outside, the streets were empty: the citizens were all inside their houses. They had gathered together with immediate family, a traditional ‘human’ celebration that had been practiced since they first arrived on this planet. The storm always lasted for a week; the final day was always the worse. Today was the last day.

Anath stood firm upon the earth, outside the city and out of the protected dome. She was letting the storm pours over her, cleansing and renewal her spiritually. The storms had always brought peace to her soul and it was no exception this year. Strangely, many thousands of years of such storms had passed and yet none have completely quenched the fire raging within her. The anger of being an exile was a deep scar in her heart. The water soaked her clothes; the winds would have swept her away like those trees, uprooted her, if not for her inhuman strength. The typhoon occurred every year and, like the populace, she has made it a traditional occasion to be alone outside the city and make peace with herself.

Anath after all was known as an insane goddess, though no one would dare call her that to her face. The humans had even gone as far as to give her the title “The Merciful” in the hope of appeasing her, and to keep her from harming them. Suddenly, Anath felt a strong force reaching out to her. Immediately she felt herself dim out of existence. The feelings shook her. She opened her eyes and the sapphire colours flashed with a shimmering golden glow.


The SG1 watched the extraction of Baal’s last symbiote without incident. They left the Tok’ra temple, content that this last clone had been taken care of. Jack O’Neill walked cheerfully to the Stargate with Samantha Carter, talking to her about the new Lunar Base (a human outpost) and then with the others on SGC business. They were not concerned when one member paced behind: Daniel was always deep in thoughts.

Daniel was still wondering what Baal meant by his “failsafe” plan, and whether this was truly over. Because something told him it was not.


Everyone who had attended was dispersing after the ceremony, while one of the Tok’ra guards carefully placed the jar on an isolated shelf. It sat surrounding by others, a collection of the System Lord’s symbiotes. The Tok’ra guard gives a final glare at the jar before walking out of the room and turning on the shield.

Not surprisingly, the symbiote inside the jar was searching for a way to escape. Baal was amongst the oldest and most cunning of the Goa’uld and he knew his life was coming to the end despite his many fail-safes. He could feel the jar’s poisonous liquid working through his system and soon he would lose consciousness altogether. In desperation, Baal reached out his consciousness—if he could beg he would, but silence greeted him. His mind snapped back to the past; it was a backup plan that he had conceived when he had first rose to power and it was still in place. He still had a chance for survival.

Though he wondered if his twin, Anath, would help him, given to their past…Give into their past.


The hall of Ughar was empty. Anath sat upon her throne, watching wearily as the well-known figure approached—her twin, the Almighty Baal. Baal stopped over a meter before her, knowing better than to enter into what she regarded as personal space. She was known for her freckle nature.

“You’ve chosen.” He spoke sadly, indicated the empty court with a wave of his hand.

“And so have you, dear brother.” Anath glared, eyeing his new human form. Even though it looked much like his old body, she knew the difference. The twin could always tell.

‘We are no longer one.’ She shook her head bitterly. They were special, twins not just in symbiote but also in human form.

“I’m not here to mock you, Anath. This new body is finer than the old one. That is all.” Baal could see that she wasn’t listening, and he sighed dramatically. She was always so stubborn, his sister. “Everyone has done the same, Anath: why not us?” He walked around the dais, forcing her to twist her neck if she wanted to keep him within her sight. Anath knew he was toying with her but she could not stop herself from playing his game. It always had been like this between them.

When she met his eyes, he stopped. He smiled at her as if they were still friends. Only her twin would have mocked her like this and she knew it. “You’re too sentimental, sister,” Baal purred. “I do not want to end it here but your stupidity has forced my hand. You just had to issue that duel challenge…” He looked straight at her, his anger breaking through the surface for once. “I’ll not look a fool in Father’s Court.” He eyes glowed and sneered, “Little sister.”

Anath sighed. She had always hoped that they would never become rivals, and yet here they were. “I have always revered you, brother, because WE ARE ONE. Or at least, we were.” She stood gracefully, inclining her head as she did so.

“Now that is of the past.” She made her way to him, always ensures her eyes were on him.

“Let it be marked that we have agreed to battle today. Agreed that whoever loses the battle shall be separated from the System Lord Courts. Until the day when they admit their wrong-doing.” Just for a moment she felt her face slip, tears almost showing, but she fought them back. He would not cry for her, she knew. “So mote it be!” she intoned instead.

“So mote it be.” Baal echoed her words.

And instantly, Anath’s hand went to his neck, trying to snap it in half like any other enemy’s.

He blocked it easily, smirked. He was stronger than her and faster. “You’ve forgot I’ve always able to read your moves, little sister.” He danced out the way, spinning behind her to retaliate. A blade slid out from his glove, the metal tearing her skin and opening a deep hole. The agony of screams echoed through the empty hall, blending with manic laughter. Brother against sister, twin against twin.

Baal laughed. “It would not do well for our people to hear their goddess screaming like a Tau’ri, little sister.” Another blade appeared, this time from his cuff. He drove it deeply into her side, twisting it as he did so. Anath gave another scream and her eyes flashing golden, for the symbiote started to feel the pain.

“And here I thought you were prepared, dearest,” he snickered, his grin feral. His hand went across her throat, cutting off her air and she swayed on her feet. “This is why you’re known as the Lesser Twin,” he muttered. “You’ve never been my equal, little girl.” And then he drove the knife in again. And again. And again.

And all the while his little sister continued to scream…

End of Flashback

Baal’s symbiote twisted at the memory, his last thought on Anath, his little sister, his last and best-kept failsafe. For one miraculous second he was there with her, wherever she was. Their bond had reached across the universe and with it his only hope for another chance.


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Chapter 2: Ch1: The Planet Terra

Disclaimer: This fan fiction is not written for profit and no infringement of copyright is intended.

AN:Warning: time-travel in this chapter.

I would like to super thanks, Riddle Master 101 for reedited the chapter and hobbitdoitbetter who is previously beta-ed the chapter.

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Chapter 1: The Planet Terra

The place was dark, though the light from the machines was enough to prevent anyone from bumping into things. It was built deep beneath the surface of a non-inhabited, lifeless planet within one of those abandoned solar systems that were close to the original Goa’uld home world.

The Goa’uld left this solar system from their mapping charts, fearing others would discover their humble beginnings. The place would cause too many questions if it were discovered, especially since they pretended to be Gods. There was no Stargate on the planet and the eerie atmosphere had been created by the Goa’uld; this meant that the planet never attracted attention or visitors.

Anath, the Most Merciful and Benign, was amused.

‘Baal really went through a lot of trouble to building this base,’ Anath thought. ‘Everything about it seems designed to intimidate.’ Mentally she shook her head. It seemed her people had not changed for the last five thousand years. They were still pig-headed—to a man.

Anath had no doubt that this is Baal’s secret data servers’ facility, the only place where all his secrets had been stored. Anath would not have found the place, nor even guessed its location, if Baal had not sent the location to her. The transmission had activated only after his demise. It was coded in their twin language; to anyone else it would have been gibberish.

Gibberish—Anath closed her eyes at the memory of her brother, the person she had been closest to in the entire universe once upon a time. She was not sure whether it had really hit her yet, that he was dead. It didn’t really feel…real.

She was numb, and the only time she had felt this way was when she was ordered into exile.

She touched the screen, giving the final command, watching as the data storage began its final download. Soon everything would be downloaded.

Once that was finished she swirled around and left the compound. She didn’t want to be there when the self-destruct began counting down.

Safely aboard her small personal vessel, she watched the self-destruct from a long distance. The planet’s surface began to crack and the explosives began to take their toll. She shook her head and wondered if her twin had gone a bit far with the naquadah when he planning that explosion.

She heard the online communicator beep; her priestess must be waiting for her. It was not surprising since Lorraine was the only one who knew she was off-world. Sighing she pulled the ship around returning home, unwilling to leave her people for too long. She did not care for their opinion, but still…

She was a RULER, and she did have a responsibility toward her subjects.


“Yes, my Lady.”

“Lorraine, did you receive all the data?”

“Yes, my lady.”

Anath smiled, Lorraine truly was a gift from the goddess. “You know what to do, then,” she snapped, “Assemble a team and engineer the time machine immediately.” She added as an afterthought, “Modify it to our standard technology if you are able to Lorraine. I will reach home in three days.” She did not fancy having the technology to fall into another Goa’uld hands, given the fact that she was heading into their territories soon.

“As you’ve commanded, we should have completed the project before then,” Lorraine broke into her thoughts. “And have a good journey home, my Lady.”

She switched the communication off and started reading through her twin’s files. The reports seemed to be more of a journal than anything else.

She ploughed through the files, shaking her head as she did so. “Truly,” she reflected thoughtfully as she skimmed over the contents, “He had not changed since I last saw him.”


The Morning Room, otherwise known as the Great Chamber was very small compared to the Grand Throne Room. In fact it was about one hundredth of its size, yet, it still managed to intimidate others. Not even the bright colours of the flowers, arranged here and there in the room, could lessen the affect. Anath had conducted her daily sovereignty in the Morning Room for the last four thousand years, ever since she became the supreme ruler. The velvet purple throne contrasted with the room’s ivory and marble architecture. She did not rule as a goddess here but as their Empress, the head of their collective kingdoms. She checked the list one last time to ensure that everything had been included. Lorraine could not hide her amusement at Lady Anath, who had rarely put an effort into administration tasks.

“You’ve something to add, Lorraine?” She looked up in time to see her priestess making a face.

“No, uh…nothing, my Lady.”

“I thought not.” Her eyes glowed, and the priestess bowed and stepped backward. She knew better than to push her Lady’s temper further. Lorraine scurried away as another speaker approached.

“Senator Giles is begging for an audience, my Lady.”

Anath nodded absently to the girl, who looked far too young to be at court, still not taking her angry eyes off Lorraine. For a moment she considered punishing her priestess for such impudence, but decided against it. She had summoned Giles after all, and she needed to speak with him immediately. She could punish Lorraine another time.

“My Lady, Anath.”

The voice was thick and smooth; the tone requested her attention. Anath’s head turned slightly to see a man kneeling. Senator Giles looked middle-aged compared to a Tauri, though he was a few hundred years younger than her. Like most of the Norrea he had naturally grey hair, which made him look older than he was. His three eyes were pale blue, the colour proof of his blood-lines: the paler the colour of Norrea eyes, the nobler their owners’ blood-lines. And the stronger their gifts, she mused. The man had regal bearing, making his high office obvious, but she still let him kneel. She was the goddess, after all.

Anath ignored him for a few more minutes, reminding him of her supremacy. Usually she would have not done this, for Senator Giles had been a follower from the beginning, a native Lord and representative of the Norrea planet. But still, one’s inferiors must be reminded of it every so often, even if they were loyal.

“Good morning Senator Giles, you may rise.”

He straightened his back stiffly and kept his eyes on the floor. “Thank you for receiving me today, My Lady.”

His formality pleased her. “Let us not dwell on formality Giles; there is a memorandum for you.” Anath nodded to Lorraine, who also functioned as her messenger and the priestess handed over the scroll to Giles.

Senator Giles took the scroll before pressing a small button on it. A white transparent rectangle about forty by twenty centimetres appeared, covered with written instructions. Giles frowned as he read it, raising his eyebrows at Anath. Surely this was a joke?

“My Lady?” he asked.

“It’s straight-forward Giles; you’ll be my regent while I’m gone.”

She paused, watching the man like a hawk. Weighing him to judge whether she’d made the right choice. She was not disappointed: immediately he bowed.

“You honour me, My Lady.”

“Yes, I do.” And then she smiled. “Of course you’ll need Lord Amyth’s final approval on any decree changes that take place during my absence, but that shouldn’t be a problem.” Her smile widened and tried to make her face to look innocent. She knew the two of them hated each other with a passion, mostly due the misunderstandings created by her. She could not allow them to be friends. Senator Giles held the Council whilst Lord Amyth upheld two thirds of her armies. That was a potentially lethal mix. She had never had cause to doubt either man’s loyalty to her but she was a Goa’uld: she could not trust anyone.

Lord Giles cleared his throat and she turned her dragonish gaze on him. “I’m sure nothing major will turn up while I am away,” she snapped.

He bowed his head. “My Lady, you have never left us without indicating how long you would be gone for.”

Anath thoughts she heard a childish wince in the Senator’s voice. Surely he would not miss her?

“Well, Senator. There’s a first time for everything.” Her tone was clearly dismissive.

“You may go, Senator.”

“As you has command, my Lady, Anath.” Giles backed out from the room and Anath fought the urge to roll her eyes.

When the door shut, she turned to her priestess. “Watch out for them, Lorraine.”

“Am I not coming with you?” The priestess was shocked; she had not thought her ladyship would leave her behind.

“I have no wish for you to have contact with the Goa’uld, Lorraine. It would be…distasteful, to have you learn my people’s dirty tricks.” She let her eyes flash gold. “Not that a loyal priestess would ever do such a thing, eh?” And with that sneering comment Anath left, while her priestess stood in the Morning Room regaining her composure.


Anath had never thought that she would set foot on the planet Terra again. The Tauri had caused her people so much trouble that Terra had been abandoned. The Goa’uld home world was the place their race had started but Terra was where it had begun the universal conquest, and its loss had cut the Goa’uld deeply. Even Baal had been affect by its loss.

Baal and Anath, the twins were the first Goa’uld born on Terra. Baal had discovered their beloved Father’s treachery: he had been modifying their memories. Baal was upset when he found out that their relationship had been destroyed because he had believed the man, who he trusted most. Anath was angry, her pain and hate all was because of one. They had never been anything but experiments to their father, after all.

“They’re Hasesis,” Father had said. “The first and is the last of their kind. The consequences would be too dire if that were not the case.” And it was just those “dire consequences,” which had justified her and Baal’s modifications. They had no other rights.

Anath tried to remember how much Father had hurt her and Baal, but only the memories of Baal’s hand spearing into her flesh rose to her mind. She decided she’d settle the scores with both of them.

She turned her mind back to the task at hand. She had not come back to Terra to remember, she had come back to see her brother again. The time-travel machine was the only way to do that, and it meant for her to return to the time before he was killed. She began bringing the machine online, carefully setting its coordinates. She was aiming for the Tauri year 1991 AC. It was the closest time she could get to 1994, when the Tauri’s Stargate Program established.

Anath have no idea where the Stargate was at the moment, but it didn’t matter. The only person she wanted to see again was Baal. And soon she would. It didn’t matter to her that the Goa’uld had fallen; she cared nothing for the rest of her race. She just wanted to see her brother. She smiled, both joyful and devious. It was with mixed feelings that she returned to watching the sunset and remembered Terra as it once was. She waited for the time machine to come online.


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Chapter 3: Ch 2: Harry Potter’s Day

Disclaimer: This fan fiction is not written for profit and no infringement of copyright is intended.

AN: I’ve used a bit of Torchwood in this chapter, it not really x-over, since I’m not really planned to add anything else in the future. I just need an agency dealing with alien for this chapter (Men in Black is not possible, it’s an USA agency). Yes, Anath is not like Egeria, she’s Goa’uld, an insane goddess if you’ve read about her mythology. The story is dark.

I would like to super thanks, Riddle Master 101 for reedited the chapter and hobbitdoitbetter who is previously beta-ed the chapter.

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Chapter 2: Harry Potter’s Day

London was buzzing. The tourists’ high season had starting over two months ago and the amount of cameras’ flashing had begun to irritate some of the locals. Although, today’s good weather made the season more bearable. Many locals were walking about, smiling, it was noon and the streets, restaurants and shops were filling with peoples. It would have been another perfectly a normal day if not for an alien walking among them.

Anath mingled within the crowd, trying to lose those humans that had been following her. They were seems to be bolder today and closing in onto her. She not sure what had happened but for the last month or so they had been trailing after her.

She had landed in Wales, on the coast of England, and that was where the spaceship was presently is hidden. She had travelled around, adjusting and understanding the new Tau’ri. That was how she had picked her “stalkers,” up.

She was very curious and wondering The Tau’ri was completely different than those she had remembered. They were independent, assertive and even sometimes aggressive individuals. She concluded that the changes may have resulted from the Tau’ri burying the Stargate and the lack of Goa’uld interference, which had allowed them to advance in technology.

She ducked into a doorway, trying to give her pursuers the slip. She would have attacked her stalkers but she was enjoying watching the Tau’ri from a distance and a frontal assault would probably get her too much attention. The whole thing was more trouble than it was worth, especially since she would have to stay in hiding until she could make her way to the Stargate. That was across the sea, far away in a place called “America.” She would hardly make it there if she gained too much attention.

So she ignored her pursuers and walked the streets, listening to the conversations. During her time-travelling, Anath spent a lot of time reading, updating her knowledge of the Tau’ri’s history. It seemed that the Goa’uld influences had become a mythology. This was a bittersweet knowledge. Her people were now only ghosts, memories to those who had once worshipped them. She wondered who they worshipped now. The Tau’ri was divided and easy to conquer but she suspected they would never accept her people as gods again. She pondered how much things had changed as she browsed through a tea shop, enjoying the scents. She was sniffing a particularly lovely brew when she realised that a gun was pointing directly at her heart.

Anath was shocked.

It was unbelievable that they would attack her in this crowd. Her eyes glowed angrily at their insolence. ‘How dare they!’ She prepared to fight and then she felt a sensation go through her body. Suddenly she fell to the ground. She could feel her mind shutting down like a computer program. She tried to bring up her defences to the fore but it didn’t work. She just fell deeper into the coma.

Her last thought was: someone is going to pay for this.


August 1991

Harry Potter was counting the days until 1st September, when he got to see Hagrid again. However, no matter what he did, it was still ten days to go.

“Mum, you promised.” Dudley yelled and slammed the kitchen door, pushing Harry (who was dusting the cupboard) aside.

Aunty Petunia immediately snatched the door open and followed Dudley while Harry tried not to get squashed. The scenario was not new to him and he already knew the outcome, Dudley always won.

Harry went to the children’s book where he kept his money. He had earned it by helping out an old lady near his school. It was pitiful pay, barely five pounds, but it was better than nothing. He would able get some lollies today. He could spend it on whatever he liked and the Dursley’s couldn’t say anything about it. It was enough until he could get his hands on his parents’ money. If, of course, they brought him out to spend it.

He walked into the living room and waited. He watched the clock ticking, Dudley and Petunia arrived five minutes later, just as he’s known they would.

Petunia blinked at him. “Oh, there you are.”

Harry tried his best to look innocent nevertheless his aunty still gave him a dirty look. Petunia was about to comment about his abnormal habits but she decided it would be better to get to the point before her husband got home.

“We’re going to shopping for Dudley. He needs a few things for his new school,” she sniffed. “Mrs. Figg has informed me that she is out today and not able to babysit you, so you’ll be coming with us.”

Harry nodded and strode to the garage where Dudley already waited in the car, sulking. ‘The pout did not really suit him’, Harry thought, but what expression did? However he was grateful for the bratty sulk as it made the journey relatively peaceful. The journey engrossed him and he found that they had arrived earlier than expected. The Dursleys left him at the shopping entrance and instructed him to wait for them there. Harry nodded vigorously to all the demands, hoping it would get rid of them faster. Finally alone, his stomach rumbled and he realised that he would have to get lunch. He smiled at the pleasant thought as he’d never gotten lunch for himself before.

Harry’s nose led him to the food hall, but he was not used to being near strangers. He began to panic, retracing his steps, but his stomach won. He’d had a little dinner last night and the food court aroma had increased his hunger.

‘I could do with a hamburger’, he thought. He almost fainted at the memory of the taste. Harry had never had the whole burger for himself. The very thought he could afford one now made his stomach insist on being satisfied.

Harry searched the food hall until he found a burger stand. He stood waiting in the queue, imagining the taste of the burger. Suddenly someone fell on him, squashing him. Harry was sure no one would see him fall given how small he was in comparison to the person on top of him. Harry was smart enough to staying still and hopes someone would shift the body above him. He concentrated on the noise around him. The place was in chaos, but surely someone would see him?

He could make out some voices nearby.


“Someone’s fainted.”

“Oii are you OK?”

“Hey, have you a mobile there..?”

“It’s OK, my husband is calling an ambulance…”

“Don’t touch…”

“I’m a doctor, please move aside.”

“You heard him, please clear the area.”

“Did her eyes…”

There is a dead silence around them.

And suddenly BANG! BANG! BANG!

Harry was shocked when the above body began to budge and then stopped. He heard screams, footsteps running and then things getting quiet. However, he suddenly felt jolt of pain and immediately his body seem to get a life of its own. He pushed the body above him aside and was astonished that it moved as if weightless. His body automatically leaned into the other body; his fingers touched off something, maybe a belt button, and then to his astonishment the body disappeared.

Harry was disappointed. He would have liked to have seen what the other body looked like. He was not sure how but his body seemed to be back under his control once more. Maybe he was just really famished and had lost comprehension of his actions? He looked around and saw two other bodies lying nearby. He approached them but abruptly something flared in his mind, stopping his movements completely. He could only think one word, ‘ESCAPE’.

Harry knew danger was coming. It was the same feeling as when Dudley played “Harry hunting.” He started running as fast as he could and finally, losing himself in the crowd. He was almost in the middle of a sea of shoppers when a hand spun him around. He heart almost stopped beating. His eyes widened as a middle-aged man in a black suit glared down at him. Another man was still gripping his arm and Harry felt his eyes watering. “Hey lad, why are you here by yourself?”

Again he felt that thrill that had warned him danger was near. Harry decided to play for time, answering helplessly like any other child his age when away from their guardian. “I’m not sure. I was with my aunt…she’s somewhere. Could you please help me mister?”

The middle-aged man looked unconvinced. “Did you see…” he began, but his partner interrupted him.

“Leave the boy alone, he’s small and easy is leaving behind. We have our job to do.” The man dropped his arm instantly and Harry felt the sense of threat evaporate. He waited for a moment; letting them disappear around the corner before he relaxed. Harry wasn’t sure why, but he lips curved into a smirk as if he had enjoyed playing with them. He was almost sad they were gone. That’s not like me, he sighed, wondering what had gotten into him.

Harry’s decided not rejoined the crowd but concealing himself nears the toilets. Something told him this wasn’t over. He didn’t have to wait long, soon the two men reappeared. He decided to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“Is the premises secured?” one man snapped.

“Yes sir, the guards have Amnesia Pills ready as well.”

“Good, have London headquarters get in touch if there’s anything else.”

The other man shook his head. “I doubt they will. We’re following standard procedure…”

The conversation was cut off when they had passed him. Harry did not like of the sound of that at all, and he decided to follow them. They had gone through the emergency exit and he would have to follow them.

“Now, how in Merlin’s name am I going to open this door?” He swore softly beneath his breath. He touched the door and gave a little push, not really expecting it to open. To his great surprise it did. Harry found his way to the car-park, to where his aunt Petunia’s car was and waited there. He saw people milling about, getting into their cars as well. Harry waited for the Dursleys. They looked in a bit daze and said something about a gas leak in the shopping centre. Harry was relieved as they had driven safely home. He did not want to question himself about what had happened. It was enough that he was alright now.

He passed the rest of the day quietly, doing his normal chores and counting the days before Hogwarts. Sometimes, he felt as if someone was observing him quietly nearby. He pulled the blankets over his body; he was not cold but he needed the sensation of being wrapped in warmth, protected. It was not long before Harry lost in land of Morpheus.


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Chapter 4: Ch 3: The Tug of War

Disclaimer: This fan fiction is not written for profit and no infringement of copyright is intended.

AN: Anath is a Harsesis and a Goa’uld, she is not a host. Therefore the memories she had were her own. The symbiote and host are one. This is why I used the idea of the conscious (the symbiote) and subconscious (Harsesis).

A few may wonder why Anath was killed in the last chapter. Anath had not lived on Earth for over five thousands year and she had other cultures influences. It would not be difficult that her strange behaviours were pickup or the technology used caught the attention of Torwood. Therefore, Torwood’s team decided to take her in, to studies but she was retaliated and got accidental got killed.

I would like to super thanks, Riddle Master 101 forreedited the chapter and hobbitdoitbetter who is previously beta-ed the chapter.

Thanks for reviews and supports.

This may help with the confusion.



Chapter 3: The Tug-of-War

June 1992

He felt Quirrell’s arm wrenched from his grasp, knew all was lost, and fell into blackness, down…down…down… (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, p. 214)

The year had gone quickly, and the end of school was soon only four days away. It was time for students to relax after the heavy load of exams, to celebrate quietly together with friends while they awaited the last night’s feast. The quietest place at Hogwarts during this occasion should be the Hospital Wing; yet surprisingly it was not empty. One unconscious student remained, wrapped up from head to toe like a mummy.

Madam Pomfrey frowned. She hated it when the little one like this was injured, and not just anyone but Harry Potter. She sighed; one could always blame the whole incident on the Headmaster. She had warned him that the Philosopher’s Stone would only mean trouble but the Headmaster had thought it was best for Harry…

“Well, look where it had got the boy. Poor child!” She shook head and clucked her tongue, continuing with her diagnosis. She had managed to FINALLY throw everyone out, the child need rest since she had suspected that he was magically exhausted. Of course, one must always make sure, no matter what the physical appearance might have be. She continued with her examination. Checking his vitals, magically scanning the boy, ‘All seemed to be normal’… then Madam Pomfrey stopped, gasping at the chart and the boy. She trembled, her eyes dashing back and forth between the chart and the boy. She was not sure what to do, maybe it was best to inform the Headmaster of the situation but before she had completed her thought and progressed to the door, a beam light hit her.

It woke Harry up. “Oblivate!” the boy yelled, sitting straight up, on the bed.

He glanced down at his wand, shocked, the magic was still warm and tingling on his skin. What had he done? How was he able to cast the spell when he had not heard it before? It had come right out of his mouth. He knew what the spell was after it was cast, but…His thoughts become jumbled and he once again felt someone else was with him.

But Harry could not find anyone visible in the room, except Madame Pomfrey.

Harry studied the old woman. She looked OK, the memory charm should not have harmed her, and once he was out of the bed he tried to rouse her. “Professor..?” he asked. The woman moved, dazed, standing up beside his bed. He saw the linen white sheets and knew he was in the Hospital wing. He felt tired, the blasted Oblivate charm has taken all the energy he had regained. However, he forced himself to be stay wake. Heknewsomeone was there, no longer invisible and now taking an active role in his life.

In the last year Harry had felt something or someone with him, helping him to find his courage. It was making sure he didn’t give in to hopelessness as he often felt. He had tried to convince himself that it was Dumbledore, he had even thought once or twice that it might be Voldemort but deep down he had known that it was something else.

Something was in this room with him and Madame Pomfrey now.

Harry felt a wave of nausea, lying back on the bed though his stubbornness would not let him rest. Suddenly he felt the thing inside him rear into life, and he couldn’t keep it quiet. “Close your eyes,” the voice in his head whispered in amusement, “We must have our discussions in your subconscious.” It was like magic and Harry felt himself dragged into unconsciousness.

Immediately he was firing questions.

“No needs to shout, I can hear you,” the voice began dryly. “I’ll start off with my tale, just give me a chance to speak!” Harry tried to answer back but immediately his mind went blank. He began to afraid of this person, who could shut him up so easily and probably able to squash him out of existence. So he stayed quiet.

The silence was long. His consciousness was trapped and it felt like he was in an endless abyss. The other entity was in control. It knew Harry accepted the reality and understood his helplessness. Finally, the voice broke the silence. “My name is Anath,” it announced. “Or rather, technically I am the subconscious mind of Anath. My conscious is comatose, a result of that nasty incident you witnessed last year. I think you remember? I was shot dead by a human, a humiliation for which I (of course) took their life.”

“That was you? And you’re still alive?” Harry could not help but chip in. “How?”

“I was about to explain that…” The voice sounded irritated.

“Sorry, please continue.” Harry’s interest had been aroused. He loved stories, having lived a dull existence until a year ago.

“Thank you,” the voice retorted caustically. It reminded Harry a little of Severus Snape for some reason he couldn’t work out. “I am not entirely sure how this was done to us. I did not intend to be trapped here in your unconscious when I took my revenge, and yet here I am. Here both of us are.”

“Us? As in you and me?”

“Yes, as in you and me!” Again the voice snapped. This time it reminded him of Aunt Petunia.

“My body had returned to the ship but because you were the nearest and I was so damaged, I was forced to move to you. I have tried to persuade Anath to accept this arrangement, but so far she is unwilling. And without her consent I cannot take control of you.” The voice paused. “So now I am trapped here, within your unconscious.”

Harry waited but the other voice let the silence stretch out. Eventually he realised that she was not going to offer any more explanation, but he couldn’t just let it rest.

“It sounds bizarre, you’re living inside me,” he muttered. “How could that possible?”

“Our people called those we take a Host. You are our host now.”

“I am? Don’t I have any choice in this?”

Once again the voice grew angry. “We are Goa’uld. We have taken humans as hosts for centuries.” Her voice grew condescending. “I had never taken one. Baal will laugh when he sees this. We were fallen out, fought nearly death on this ideal.” She sighed.

“If my death were under normal circumstances with our full mind intact, I would not have taken you… Harry.”

It sounded strange when she said his name…”That does not answer my question.”

“I do not need to answer your question,” Anath sneered. “You are lucky, were I any other Goa’uld you would no longer have any control of your precious body!”

“No one will take over my body without my consent,” Harry countered. “And no one will force me to use magic without my consent either.” And his anger flared as he remembered the Oblivate spell.

“BE QUIET CHILD!” Anath shouted. Her voice became dark and malicious. “The woman would have discovered me if I had not done so and I will gladly destroy your existence if you continue to scream like this.”

“Leave me alone, you’re a monster.” Harry felt pressure as if someone had wrenched the air from his lungs. He started to panic. “Get out, GET OUT!” Harry cried. He tried to think of some way to force the thing out of him, but he couldn’t. Why his magic had not done anything? Is it because she had been living inside him and his magic did not recognise her as a threat. He thrashed in his (their?) head trying to get air, trying to break free, but it did no use. Anath was laughing now, and he couldn’t breath, and suddenly his nightmare with Quirrell and Voldemort seemed like a walk in the park.

His last thought was of Fluffy’s snoring. Then everything shut down.

Harry Potter watched his friends leaving the train platform. The good part had come to an end, and he was not sure what to expect with the Dursleys this summer. It had been a year since he last saw Uncle Vernon and he had not changed a bit; still a nasty man with a quick temper.

Harry contemplated the dream once again. He was a… HOST to a Goa’uld, though he did not know what a Goa’uld was. Was it a weird dream? He had not told anyone about it either, like when the Hat had chose him for Slytherin’s House. It was personal.


July 31 1992

The summer holidays had passed quickly. Only a month to go and yes, he was still being treated the same by the Dursleys, doing all his chores before being allowed get back to his room. Hermione and Ron had not sent a single letter to him, but he had excuses for them. He started to become bitter and wondered if it was all a dream. He had hoped he would receive something at least before midnight. After all, surely they would not forget his birthday!

Harry was not sure what had happened, the day seem to be OK. Well until Dobby turned up, a house-elf apparently, (as the creature had informed him) and everything started to go downhill from there. Shaking, he dropped the letter, and prepared for the verbal abuse to come. He expected it as the giant palm swung down to smack his cheek.

His hand immediately grasped hold of his uncle’s hand in midair. Harry did not expected to be able to defend himself. He could feel the other present now, Anath.

It was not a dream, after all. HIS LIFE DID SUCK.

“I may not able to use magic outside school but that does not mean I have no other way to defend myself, you big over-grown BUFFOON.” The words rolled out of his mouth smoothly, coldly, leaving Harry afraid for his uncle.

“Please let go off him.” He pleaded with his thoughts when Harry saw his hand about to crush his Uncle’s hand. His slim fingers would break the bone any second.

Anath ignored him completely.

“I said, released him.” Harry yelled and his magic flared up again.

Anath’s subconsciousness did not want to go back to sleep. She knew she could not keep control forever. Harry fought and after a moment she gave in. “Fine, you may be happy taking his abuse but I’m not.” She huffed and let Uncle Vernon’s arm go, leaving the other man frozen. “Stay away, buffoon!” Anath snarled at Dursley before giving Harry back his body. “Or next time I will not be so forgiving.” And then finally she quietened down.

There was silence in the room.

“I’m going upstairs now,” Harry muttered, embarrassed as he strode off. “Sorry, Uncle Vernon.” He said weakly and glanced back, and saw the horrified look in his uncle’s eyes. It was the same expression he had when they were abused him. He did not fancy becoming like them.

“Boy, how did you beat me?”

Harry did not bother to answer back. He was not happy. ‘MY LIFE IS OVER’, he thought dramatically.


December 1992

Harry Potter ignored the entity inside him, Anath. He had months to practice. He was grateful that she had not taken control of his body since his uncle incident, although he had to admit that that did not make the situation any less worrisome. Harry thought it might be because she was sulking but he wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure of anything. He wasn’t even sure whether there was a difference between Anath’s conscious and unconscious selves. Not that he really cared. He just wanted to get rid of the entity before it could manifest into something dangerous.

His thoughts of defeating Anath only earned a mental sniggering reply.

However, Anath had become a minor problem, an irritation, nothing as profound as what had happened today. Harry rubbed his bridge of his nose, where the line of his glasses was imprinted deeply. How could he deal with it? His return to Hogwarts was like having a banquet in his honour but the reality was different. None of his friends understood him, and he had been truly frightened by the things that had happened to him this year. He laughed and joked about his adventures, they said he was a true Gryffindor, but nobody really understood. He was alone, again…

Ron’s words after the Duelling Club had troubled him greatly, him possibly being Slytherin’s great-great-great-great-grandson.

“What wrong about being a great-great-great-great grandson of Salazar Slytherin?” Anath probed gently then. The boy was in a lot of trouble and she had ignored the situation. ‘It was not my problem but…’

“Didn’t you hear… they’re all evil. No one decent ever has spoken Parseltongue!” Harry exploded, “What do you know anyway?”

“I know more than you, little boy,” she huffed. “Regardless of past history, and the prejudice that I have seen in this world, I doubt that you being a Parseltongue instantly makes you evil.”


Anath cut him off. “I’m an expert, child, in the acquisition of evil. You definitely are not qualified in such an area.” She shrugged, “If you want, I could teach you to be evil. It would open your eyes on the possibilities.” Harry choked horrifying at the thought as she laughed at his grossed out face. “No? Then perhaps you should remember that evil is not inherent. It is about what you choose to do and what you do not choose to do.”

And with that she left him to his thoughts.


Publish Date: 01/10/09

Update Date: 22/09/10

Chapter 5: Ch 4:Give me your faith, not your doubts

Disclaimer: This fan fiction is not written for profit and no infringement of copyright is intended.

AN: Run for cover…it’s a bashing story of Dumbledore, Ron & Hermione. I like them too but it’s fitted my story this way.

I would like to super thanks, Riddle Master 101 for reedited the chapter and hobbitdoitbetter who is previously beta-ed the chapter.

Thanks for reviews and supports.

This may help with the confusion.



Chapter 4: Give me your faith, not your doubts.

Harry Potter had always lived in the shadow of distrust and ever since he had discovered that he spoke Parseltongue, his distrust of himself and his new life increased. Nevertheless, in Hogwarts he had friends who defended him, and whom he trusted. He was happy, and had even recently begun chatting with Anath, losing some of his fear of her. He was bored since Hermione often went off to research and Ron disappeared somewhere else, so Anath was the only one to talk to. And she wasn’t so bad, he thought.

Or at least he did until she made a little bet with him.

“You’re really naïve, little boy,” Anath sneered. “You think they’re doing all this because they care about you, don’t you? Your friend: Ron and Hermione.” she laughed.

Harry rolled his eyes. “They do care about me. That’s why they watch out for me-”

Anath grinned. It was almost too easy and soon she would have Harry right where she wanted him. This time it would be the truth that brought the boy to her, not some manipulation of hers. “So you’re saying they have no ulterior motives?” she inquired innocently.

Harry nodded. “And would you be willing to bet on that?” The boy didn’t answer. “Would you?” Still he didn’t respond. “Well that shows how much faith you have in them,” she taunted.

“What? Just because I’m not accepting a stupid bet..?” Harry stamped off. How he hated her condescending tones, like a devil’s advocate. She knew which button to push him. In his head she still didn’t answer, just smiled. Let him stew in his own annoyance. Then, it’s all falls into place.

“Ok, fine!” He yelled. He blushed when the students nearby snickered at him, though they also looked scared of him as well. They’d probably heard the stories about him…only Ron and Hermione didn’t believe the stories.

Did they? DIDN’T THEY? In his head Anath was smiling, playing the innocent.

“Alright,” he finally snapped. “What’s this bet of yours?”

“Good boy!” Anath replied sarcastically before proceeding to tell him what to do.

Harry told everyone in the common room quite loudly that he was going to bed early, and not long after he sneaked to the library under his family’s cloak. Harry felt lucky he had not encountered anyone; this was really stupid. ‘Why am I doing this again?’ Harry questioned himself. His case would be more doubtful if he ended up near the next attack.

Harry knew the answer to Anath’s question, didn’t he? He berated himself whilst Anath waited silently in the background humming a song. It was not unpleasant but soothing, the notes were strange. Harry forgot Anath when he saw his friends though. One had her bushy head down in a book and the other trying to look like he understood what she was reading. He smiled turned around, about to go back.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“I won.” And he tried to sneak back out but he had to stop. He clutched his head. His brain hurt like hell, Anath had found a way to torment him without a backlash from magic. She had control of his body systems functions and now she was punishing him. It seemed magic agreed with her. No matter how much he shouted for help nothing happened. She had gained complete control, and the punishment was causing a bloody migraine.

“You’re a bitch!” Harry almost screamed it aloud but his voice was locked and not a sound came out. “Alright, I get it, I haven’t won YET.” The pain disappeared as quickly as it came. Harry proceeded to the table quietly and stopped within hearing range. ‘Really,’ he thought, ‘it sucks to eavesdrop.’ But he still waited silently.

“Hermione, you’re sure Harry is not the Slytherin Heir?” Ron muttered.

“Positive.” She hadn’t even taken her eyes off the book. “Really, Ron! The Headmaster is the most brilliant wizard alive. If he said Harry is not one then he’s not.” Her tone indicated that she did not want any arguments and Harry wondered how long they’d been at this. Ron closed his mouth and didn’t push but it was obvious from his expression that he didn’t agree.

The silence stretched out.

“Ron, you’re not helping.” Her eyebrow lifted, questioning him. “Why are you here anyway? Your job is to be with Harry, guarding him.”

“I said it before, I checked on him before coming down. He’s sleeping.” Ron winced. “I hate to babysit him. Why am I the one to do it?”

“If you wanted to change positions, why don’t you go and talk to the Headmaster? I’m SURE he’d be happy to see you.” Hermione stretched the words, wondering why she was humouring him. But then she never seemed able to help humouring Ron Weasley. The Headmaster had specifically requested they spend time together, actually more like hinted. She could see where this was leading, though, she would let it run its course. After all, if Dumbledore saw a good union between them, then it was worth considering.

“Fine, you made your point!” Ron sighed. He reached for another book and scanned through it. “But I still say anybody can be wrong,” he muttered under his breath. “Even, Albus Dumbledore.”

Harry stiffly walked out of the library. He did not have a particular place to go. He just wanted to get away and forget it all. Harry was not sure what all that had meant, the implication…Though, right now he hated Anath very much.

‘Well, you’ve always heard that ignorance is bliss’,her voice chimed in his head. ‘Now you know it’s true.’


“I can show you if you like…you don’t have to take my word for it.” (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret p180)…

Harry’s life did not get any better. The latest victim was the Ravenclaw Prefect, Penelope Clearwater. Harry had nowhere to go when he heard the news, the Common Room was unbearable. He left the others and snuck off, unable to believe that the gentle giant, Hagrid, was the culprit. He intuitively knew it, though his instinct would not able to stop the Minister taking an innocent into custody.

Anath enjoyed her little victory and ignored him after their bet as if she was biding her time. He still owed her a favour since he’d lost, but she didn’t try to collect. The only time she made any noise was when Riddle showed Harry his memories and she laughed coldly at the background, mocking the young villain. Harry took the whole things as one of those weird Anath moments. However, without realising it Harry’d doubt and questioned Riddle’s story just because Anath saw Riddle as a bad guy. Anath had shown him that she able to read people more easily than Harry. He had kept himself busy so that he would not get the chance to reflect on the whole situation, but he had wondered: were he, Ron and Hermione are still friends? Had they ever really been friends? He felt so hurt.

“Why were you right about them, Anath?” he cried.

She smiled mockingly at his acknowledge. “I have lived longer. I have always questioned everyone’s motives.” She shrugged. ‘It’s a Goa’uld thing.’

“You’ll learn soon enough.” She started imagining this powerful little boy as her personal puppet. She just had to keep manipulating him… “You’ll learn that even your precious Dumbledore has an agenda when it comes to you.” She left that piece of information for him to chew on.

“What?” Harry’s eyes widened.

Anath smiled nastily. One step at a time and the boy would belong to her.

Not Dumbledore.


“Speak to me, Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts Four.” (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret p234)…

Anath gawked at the enormous snake slithering across the Chamber toward them. She had seen many things in her life time but not that bloody monster…’The King of Snakes,’she mused bitterly, ‘That Idiot Headmaster is definitely right about his enemy’s obsessions, which probably means he’s right about Voldemort’s plan too… If only I cared’The snake hissed, drawing her mind back to Harry’s danger. She couldn’t let her puppet be destroyed…’Harry, run!’She screamed inside him. ‘The Great Anath will not fall in some unknown chamber.’ The boy listened and suddenly they were dashing around blindly, trying to escape as the snake approached. She tried to tell him to let her take over but the stupid boy was busy being deaf with fears, and well, doing his best to survive. It was turned out he did not need her help. Harry cried with relief when Fawkes dived toward the Basilisk and cleverly attacked, until it plucked the beast’s eyes out.

They watched the blood spurt everywhere, the beast screaming in agony. While the Basilisk struggled, it swept the Sorting Hat from Fawkes into Harry’s arms. Anath glimpsed the sword being pulled out. It was as good weapon as any, but Harry stared at it and she realised that the poor boy had no idea what to do with it.

“How the heck he could be so damn useless…”

‘Leave this to me Harry, will you trust me? It is my life as well as yours.’Anath did not realise that she had pleaded, it would have shocked her if she’d had time to analyse the situation but then she never felt out of control before.

The boy nodded and she took control.

It was too late.

“You’re dead, Harry Potter.” Riddle ridiculed the boy, while Anath ground her-their-teeth in frustration. She had not been able to take over fast enough, only after the beast had stabbed his fang at them! It looked like they were going to die after all. She could not heal the boy, her symbiote was comatose, barely alive.

‘It is the end, as Riddle said.’ She sighed. ‘Is this what Baal felt when he died?’She had always wanted to experience everything Baal had gone through. Well, maybe not everything, especially if it went against her principles. ‘But still…’She had had some good times with the boy, scheming. It had been a while since anyone had able to fully entertain her. It is good to know you, Harry Potter, she told him.

“Yeah, dying with someone beside you is not bad at all.” He was slipping away and she felt it.

“Hmm…no, not bad.” Perhaps she would even find some peace, with this host.

She felt the burning phoenix tears. Feeling (and pain, lots and lots of pain) returned to her host’s body. Anath was a bit angry when she realised she was not dead after all; the moron bird had healed them while she was preparing herself to die. ‘What a letdown.’She focused back on their opponent when Riddle reached for her and Harry but she did not have to do anything. Harry had taken the Basilisk’s fang and stabbed the book forcefully, taking no chances until all the ink spurted out like blood. It flooded the floor as they exhaled a deep breath.

For a moment neither said anything.

“Well that’s finally over!” They both muttered at the same time. Harry laughed nervously and then pulled himself up, the pain in his leg becoming too horrible to ignore. ‘I needed to get out of there.’ Harry thought. He staggered around, slowly gathered his wand and the Sorting Hat before taking the sword out of the Basilisk’s mouth.

Harry checked Ginny. She was alright, and her breathing was getting stronger. Her life force had returned to her and it seemed that she was just sleeping. He sat down, too bruised and tired to carry her out of the chamber. He would have to wait until help arrived or she woke up.

A light glinted inside the doorway, where the Basilisk had first appeared. Harry was curious. He walked closer but the shadow disappeared again. If he wanted to know what it was up there, he needed to get closer. He just wasn’t sure how to go about it.

“Any idea what might be up there?” he asked Anath. And then his eyes went back to Ginny. “Or maybe I should wait-”

He could imagine her rolling her eyes in his mind’s eye.

Anath could feel the boy’s reluctance to leaving the girl by herself. Nevertheless, neither she nor Harry could contain their curiosity for long. She would just have to give a little push for the boy to see things her way. “Ginny should be OK there, I’m sense there is nothing here except us and we can do nothing for her at the moment. It’s worth investigating. I doubt the stupid beast was left guarding the chamber by itself, unless Riddle had acquired the treasure already.”

“You’re right!” The boy thought the word treasure with glee, she observed. “Let me,” he asked eagerly, and nodded dumbly. It was an irritating habit she vowed she’d soon cure him of.

Anath cast a “Redeograviton,” charm on them, letting Harry’s body become weightless. Up they floated, until they reached the entrance and walked through the round hole. Harry was surprised once again that Anath had a knack of pulling spells out of thin air, spells he had not heard of before. ‘Where did she have the time to study them?’ he had his suspicions.

The tunnel was long and they found a round door at the end. The door was a snake, with the head is as the knob. It stared rudely at them.

“What?” The snake hissed, watched them like the thing would have loved to swallow them.

“Open!” Harry hoped that his command would work.

“Speaker,” the snake rasped, “You’d killed the Basilisk, stupid speaker, had you talked to it you might have saved yourself the trouble.” The snake’s expression grew smugger. “All you have proven, foolish human, is that the heir of Slytherin was not worthy of controlling the beast. You however did defeat the King beast, that counts for something in my opinion.”

Harry looked at it and dumbfound. The snake right, he did not even think of speaking Parseltongue.

“Riddle controlled the beast,” Harry sulked.

“Excuses! Perhaps you just enjoy killing your fellow creatures,” it muttered mockingly. “In you go. I hope you get what you deserve, Salazar’s dim-witted heir.” And the door immediately swung open.

The room was small, nothing as glorious as he had expected. The only furniture was an equally small table, on which sat three objects: A book with the word Knowledge written on it, a scrap of cloth with the word Treasure stitched into its surface and a box, which had the word scrolled across its side.

The casket caught Anath’s eyes, it was almost the same craftsmanship as Pandora’s Box… but that was not possible, she remembered it had been destroyed. A trusted source told her so. Maybe she should have investigated it but no one had spoken of it after the story spread around System Lords.

“Pandora’s box?” Harry voiced interrupted her thoughts. “The legend is real?” Anath ignored him. Something told her this was about to get very interesting. Harry scanned the table, looking for traps, until he noticed something carved into the table behind the three objects.

Choose One, My Heir, he read. In his head Anath smiled. ‘Oh yes,’ she thought, ‘this did just get very interesting.'”Well,” she prompted, “Let’s get on with this.”

“But…” Harry looked at the three objects. He didn’t want to choose, and yet if he didn’t… He knew enough about magic to know that he would have to if he ever wanted to get through that door again. “What you think, Anath?” he asked, playing for time.

She shrugged. “It looks like Salazar left a game for his descendants: ‘Knowledge is equal to Power.’ ‘Treasure is equal to Wealth.’ And last but not least is ‘Luck is …Luck. The ability to control luck is what humans have always desired.”

Harry nodded. “Someone once told me, “An ounce of luck is better than a pound of wisdom.”

“Hm…” Anath wasn’t sure she agreed with this given her experiences. Luck was superstitious in her opinion and not something she could count on, yet, there were times she could not explain even with her superior knowledge.

Harry gazed at the objects, weighing them up. Anath did not really care; she doubted Salazar had anything earth-shattering to offer her. However, she also knew that they would have to get out of there. Someone would look for them soon, and if they were caught in here… it would not look good.

“I would choose Knowledge, Harry,” she said eventually, trying to speed him along. “It would be good for you.”

The boy nodded thoughtfully. “I would never want power. I think Riddle would choose that one.” Anath’s lips curved, the boy was right. She would have connected with Riddle well… “But what kind of knowledge does this give?” Harry continued. “Maybe I might not want to know all this stuff after I find it out. I’m not Hermione.” Anath rolled her eyes at the mention of his friend. Harry sighed, as if he hated to disappoint her, and she smiled. “I think maybe I should go with…luck?” He paused. “Is that alright?”

“It’s OK, Harry. You can choose what you want. It’s your adventure.”

Harry took a deep breath and made his decision: He touched the box. It glowed as if it were charmed to recognise its new master as he opened the lid. Inside there was a small crystal in the shape of a key. Beneath the key was a small piece of paper. Harry took the paper out and immediately a clear, baritone voice sprang out.

“DIMWIT, I should disown you. YOU’RE MY HEIR?You’re probably in the House of Gryffindor…THE SHAME!… But I’m glad that my heir has inherited this key. My Master, Merlin, did not explain what it was when he entrusted it to me, except that only my true heir would ever choose it. Now go forth with my blessing! The door will close in ten seconds, so get out now.” The paper suddenly burst into flame, as Harry ran.

He just made it out on time.


Publish Date: 14/10/09

Update Date: 22/09/10

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